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Thread: Club Mahindra ... Making False Promises...& Not standing to words !

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    Lightbulb Club Mahindra ... Making False Promises...& Not standing to words !

    o Sir . Sorry to bother you ... but I am in a serious problem ... & require your immediate attention to this...
    In july 2011' I alongwith my wife filled coupon at Big bazaar regarding some offer at Club Mahindra...
    & the 2-3 days after that I got a call on my cell from your office at sector 35...

    Where I my wife & my son met Mr. Rohit Dilta & later Mr.Manoj Dahiya...
    we were shown all the plans about Club Mahindra holidays ... & we were willing to join ... but on the promise by Mr. Rohit &
    Mr.Manoj that any moment we cancel the Membership we will be given back all the amount we have paid till date ...
    may be in cash or in kind...
    So we joined & the membership (number is 2360619.) on 31 Aug 2011 on my wife's name ..."Jaswinder Kaur Gill"
    & my son Parmveer singh Gill (whose names spellings are wrong in the membership certificate which I received a few days later)...
    as the co-applicant. & Made on spot payments of Rs.27500/ (Rs 24500/ from my wifes CREDIT card ...
    & Rs. 3000/ in cash ).
    & your staff gave us Promotional offer voucher (No. 234583856) for 2 nights & 3 days for stay and
    3 complimentary ticket vouchers (No. 008258, 008259 & 008520) of PVR cinema chandigarh....
    [which I have not used till now & do not wish to use in the future...]

    Due some personal financial problems ... I found that I will not be able to pay any further installments.
    ...so on 5th Aug 2011 I went to Mr. Manoj Dahiya & told him that I would like to dis-continue the membership...
    Mr. Manoj Dahiya asked for a written application ... which I immediately wrote & handed over to him ...
    (Here Mr. Manoj Dahiya told me .. today is friday & tomorrow & day after being sat & sunday are holidays ...
    please do not write the date on the application ... Mr.Manoj Dahiya himself will write the date on monday I.e. 8th Aug 2011
    & submit the application & will arrange for the refunds of Rs. 27500/- made on 31 Aug by me.).
    So in sheer goodwill i just handed over the application to Mr. Manoj Dahiya & came back home.

    And there was no feedback from Mr. Manoj Dahiya or any of the club Mahindra team. Regarding any cancellation or Refund.

    I tried to contact Mr, Manoj Dahiya in 3rd week of Aug 2011 to know the progress...
    but his cell phone being out of coverage area..
    I called up your office at sector 35 & got the message that Mr. Manoj Dahiya is out of station.

    Then suddenly ... on 07 Sep 2011 (19:36:42 IST)my wife got a message on her mobile... from HDFC bank regarding...
    use of credit card for payment of Rs.20625/- towards Club Mahindra at CHENNAI.
    (I agree that it is not possible to read all the conditions mentioned in the documents, my wife has signed... but at least...
    the staff should tell me that further payments will be deducted from the Credit card...
    so that if I do not wish to pay further ... I can instruct my bank to stop payments).

    Immediately I forwarded the message to cell phone of Mr. Manoj Dahiya & called him up ...
    He said he forgot to forward the application & will look into the matter for what can be done.
    And then my wife called up HDFC 24 Hrs help line & forwarded the request for cancellation of Credit card.

    And since then I have been regularly calling Mr. Manoj Dahiya ...& Mr. Sachin at your sector 8 Chandigarh, office & the only answer is ...
    "I am looking onto the matter".... "Do not worry you have to wait we are on the job & will get you the full refund soon",
    "Today Morning (29 Sep 2011) Mr. Sachin told me that Mr.Manoj Dahiya could not locate your letter... he is looking for it & soon you will get the fill refund"
    & now Mr. Manoj Dahiya has stopped taking my calls so I have to go one step further & contact you.

    Sir, I humbly request .. you to take interest in this matter & help me get my money back (Rs.48125/-)...
    which is an utter mistake of your staff who make false promises but turn back when the time comes to stand for their words
    & show irresponsible behavior. i Have sent one copy of mail to Mr. Manish Sharma (bm.chandigarh@mahindraholidays.com) Manager Chandigarh & one to Mr. Rominder Khanna , Regional Manager (acquisitionhead.north@mahindraholidays.com) & one for you. Thanking you...

    Thanking you ,
    Awaiting for you reply.

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    Dear Sir,

    We have made note of your concerns mentioned and regret the inconvenience you had to face. We would definitely revert to

    you with status for which we would require your contact details. Please send across the same to the email


    With regards
    Gopal VN
    Member Relations
    Mahindra Holidays

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    Dear Client,

    We provide consultancy on “Refund of Club Mahindra Membership Amount

    We will help & guide you to get back your Membership Amount.

    M/s. Parmar Legalism
    Advocates, Consultants & Trademark Attorney
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