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Thread: Current account minimum average balance changes in ICICI Bank

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    Default Current account minimum average balance changes in ICICI Bank


    I have a current a/c in ICICI Bank no. is 039605000688 in name of Suvidha Printers. At the time of open current a/c the minimum average balance was 5000/- monthly and it checks on quarterly not monthly. They are telling now they had given notice & changed minimum average balance from 5000 to 10,000/- & MAB is chcked monthly not quarterly.

    But i dont want to change my minimum average balance & it should be quarterly. Without my acceptance how they can change my Minimum average balance.
    my Issue is
    1. minimum average balance should be same as prior was 5000/-.
    2. Bank charges (bank has charged me 413.63 for minimum average balance on 27.9.2011) when they r charging from current a/c who is not maintaining Rs. 10000/-they r charging Rs. 300/-.
    whey the bank is charging me extra. (my average balance for august was Rs. 6531.43 (total for aug. month Rs.1,95,946.30) if suppose i not maintain 10000/- then it should be Rs. 300/- not Rs. 413.63.
    It means bank is making fool to customers.

    if bank want to change the minimum average balance. then it should be for new customer not for old customer.

    pls. help me & give notice to bank they should return all bank charges (MAB) to me.

    Sudhir sachdeva
    Mobile : 9953658991
    Name of Bank - ICICI Bank
    A/c Name - Suvidha Printers
    A/c Type - Current A/c
    A/c No.: 039605000688

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    Hi, We are sorry to hear about your experience. We have made a note of your mobile number. We'll contact you and work to address your issue at the earliest.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

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    Bunty Bahmaniya Guest

    Default details for opening current account

    Hello sir i want open a current account with min balance.. My businesses is small..so please give the details for open in ammount of 5000 to 10000 min bal quaternary..
    My mob - 9253112226

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    Default amit

    Hello sir mai apna new a/c open karna chats hu how much open start charj

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