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Thread: India Today, BAG IT TODAY, Book my holiday - Fraud

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    Lightbulb India Today, BAG IT TODAY, Book my holiday - Fraud

    I booked a holiday package from bag it today on 15/07/2011.
    My booking ID is 1007964579.
    I received my package after one week on 21/07/2011.
    I sent my application form along with required document and DD for registration charge of Rs. 750 on 12/082011 by courier.
    As per courier information, it was reached on 16/08/2011 and as per courier record Mr. Vijay from "Affordable Sales Promotions Pvt. Ltd." had received it.
    In the application form it is mentioned that after receiving the application form along with the registration charge (Demand Draft), the customer service team will contact me in 3 working days .
    As on date nobody had contacted me for confirmation.

    I tried to contact on the given customer care number (+120-6182100) many times, on which it remains on hold for long time and sometimes if it could get connected, I am not getting satisfactory answer.

    I have many mobile numbers on which also I tried to contact many times which are mentioned below. They have now stopped picking up my calls. If I call from different number they picks-up but they cuts my call once knowing that I have called.
    1) Mr. Rohan - 09711427810
    2) Ms. Dipti - 08882898696
    3) Mr. vishal - 09990034603

    I have spent so much money on making phone calls and mentally stressed also.

    When I call on customer care number, I came to know that my form has been rejected and the person had disconnected my call. Again when I contacted some other customer executive had picked-up my phone call and he informed that my form has been rejected second time.

    Here the question is if I have sent my form once only, how it can be rejected twice??? Also what is the reason of rejection???

    As on date they just send some emails for appollogize. When I call up they disconnects the call in between the conversation.
    They are the absolute cheater. While booking the package they promises many things but at the time of giving services they excuse us that the locations mentioned/Selected by us are not available and suggests us the alternative locations where either we can't go or on those locations the hotels are of b and C categories. Means, in the brochures the network hotels/Resorts mentioned are different than the hotels/Resots available at the time of booking.
    Now, I have lost my peace of my mind. Now, I don't have further hope for any positive response from them. Please help me to get my money (rs. 7000 package cost + rs. 750 registration charge) back. Infact I have spent more than rs. 1000 on phone calls, courier charges, etc.

    Then, yesterday, I got a call from Mr. Sameer (mobile no. - 09311052132) and told me that my booking to treasure island, lonavala has been confirmed but only in case of I give 3 referrals in future. And he can send me booking confirmation today only by courier if one of the referral book it today itself.
    Please let me know is it correct?
    So to realize my own booking and enjoy my own holiday, I have to give 3 more bookings???

    Again, yesterday evening, I got a call from mr. Sameer (mobile no. - 09311052132) and he started threatening me not to file a complain and his name & contact number.

    I request you look into this matter very urgently.


    Paresh @@@@hi

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    My name is RASHMI SEKHRI, resident of AMRITSARI was referred about Book My Holidays (Bag It Today) by a friend of mine.My friend had suggested my name to become a member of Book My Holidays (Bag It Today).I received a call from them & they explained me about their membership & benefits.I was happy with the scheme & registered myself being a member with them by paying Rs. 14000 by my Credit Card. I also registered by taking 2 ID's as there was a scheme that if i take 2 id's together i'll be getting a free gift which was a mobile-blackberry curve.Now we have no reply from them till date about the confirmation. We tried calling Neha Sharma(0995336375) who had offered us the scheme is not coming on Phone & answering the call.We called so many times on Customer Services: + 91 120- 6182100, but every time we get a different answer & till date we donít have any answer on our request.We emailed them so many times & also complained about the same, but there is no proper reply from their end.Somehow we got Neha on phone & informed that you are not fulfilling your commitments which you had committed & mentioned on email also.Till now i have no proper reply from that side.I have spent Rs.14000 for it. Neither any gift has reached me nor any response from them.When ever we call them they never come on phone or pick ups the phone and keep it on looong holds or cut it.I am really frustrated calling & emailing them, with no response from their end. I would request you to please take strict action against them & see to it that they do not make other innocent citizens of India fall prey to their devious methods of cheating people with false information.Till now i have no proper reply from that side.I have spent Rs.14000 for it. Neither any gift has reached me nor any response from them.I look forward for to your support in solving this issue.Thanks,Rashmi Sekhri +91 9256537180sekhri1967@yahoo.co.in

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    I am Amit Maroo from Mumbai. I have had similar experience with Book my holidays and Affordable Sales Promotions Pvt. Ltd.

    My booking id is: 1007808042.

    I had couriered the voucher code request form with DD on Aug. 23, 2011.

    I haven’t received any response till date.

    I really don't know what to do. I have called many times but received no proper response.

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    Dear Ms. Rashmi Sekhri & Mr. Amit Maroo,

    This is a very eye opening experience.

    We should not leave it and consistantly file complain and blogs online.

    They are mis-using thier power as one of the biggest india media group.

    Please keep on filing complaint and follow-up online.

    If you see the complaints and blogs online, you will find that there are many customers being cheated by BAG IT TODAY.

    I feels like this is going to be one of the biggest scam after 2G spectrum scam.

    So, please be alert and keep on complaining online. Don't leave it.


    Paresh @@@@hi

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    I am just getting emails for apologize since last many days.

    Every time different customer care executive sends reply having almost the same copy–pasted content.
    One of the email is shown below.

    __________________________________________________ ___

    From: Response (BagItToday) [mailto:response@bagittoday.com]
    Sent: 11 October 2011 13:11
    To: paresh @@@@hi
    Subject: Order Id- 1007964579

    Dear Mr. @@@@hi,
    This is with reference to your e-mail.
    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.
    We would like to inform you that we have already taken the matter with the department concerned to resolve the issue. Hope you shall bear with us in the interim.

    We assure you that all possible care shall be taken from our end.
    Please feel free to get back to us for further assistance.
    Assuring you of the best possible services always.
    Chandra Mohan
    Executive-Customer Care
    Please quote your Order ID-1007964579 in all future correspondence.
    Note: In case of any queries not related to the discussion in above e-mail should kindly be emailed to response@bagittoday.com or call us on 0120- 4112424.
    __________________________________________________ ___

    Now, I am fed up of this & lost my patience and planning to file an FIR if I won’t get refund by this week.

    Please revert back on this at the earliest.


    Paresh @@@@hi

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    Default Misleading attitude for booking my holidays.

    I am Urjit Shah from Gujarat booking ID 1014629572. I have booked holiday for Gurgaon from 04-05-12 to 06-05-2012 and for Agra 06-05-12 to 08-05-12 under the scheme of Rs.5998. and paid by two separate forms, drafts (each of Rs.450-00) and envelopes as per their norms.

    I have send my request by speed post and got the envelopes back undelivered. I contacted on phone and found that there is an alternative address of office and again send these 2 forms,drafts in two separate covers on 14-02-2012 (i.e. almost 2 and half months advance notice for booking). The envelops delivered on 17-02-2012 by speed post and on same day got rejection notice as i have not mentioned 2nd alternative dates for my trip. On enquiry, I found that the first dates mentioned by me are AVAILABLE, Still I dont understand if the first date is available why you are insisting to fill the 2nd date. You may be aware that now a days no body is in a position to prepare an alternative tour plan due to job, schooling of children. If the first dates are available than you should book that dates.

    (2) With the conversation of your sales team, I just enquired them what should be the 2nd alternative dates, and I wrote 2nd alternative dates mentioned by him in the forms and sent by email. He ensured me that now this is fine and he will go for the process of bookings.

    (3) I called in your office on 02-03-2012 and the lady executive informed me that my booking are in process and will be inform me by next week.

    After all these compliance, you are again rejecting my booking on 05-032012 with no clear reasons.

    You are again requested to look in you office as i got different answers from different executives, and confirm my request of booking for Gurgaon from 04-05-2012 to 06-05-2012 and Agra from 06-05-2012 to 08-05-2012.

    awaiting for your early compliance in this matter.
    Urjit Shah
    Cell : 82 64 62 39 70
    Booking Id : 1014629572

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry BagITTODAY

    I Booked holiday package from BAGITTODAY. my order id is 1007618139. till now i am not able to avail this offer. i tried but they never pickup phone, sometimes busy. i was told i can avail this offer anytime but when i requested to avail offer from 25 th dec to 1st jan they refused. they told me that you can cancel your order. but i am trying to cancel my order and still i am trying. please help me to get back my hard earned money.

    Thanks and Regards
    Anil Arora
    Order ID: 1007618139
    Phone No: 9888169175
    email.id: anil.imcool@gmail.com

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    Got a call from Dinesh Pandey(96544890191-representing India Today-book my holiday) on 16-4-12 who convinced me regarding the advantages of these holiday plans and I booked 2 such at 13:24:23 hrs and another at 13:11:41 according to SMS received from my bankers with ID- 1017323479/1017323646, using BOB credit card each worth 5998 rupees, upon assurance that it was a security tested deal( masquerading as if it was from the Bank) and on 25-4-12 suddenly 2 holiday plans was booked using the details provided at 10:57:26 and 11:01:24 hrs- I realized that I had been cheated and so blocked my card and informed at the office phone 01206182100 speaking to Parad Rawat,Arman,Prithy etc and send multiple mails- was asked to send the detail statement from the Bank- which was furnished and is proof of the fact that money was received by the Group. In spite of repeated calls and mails every day I have neither received any booklet nor any assurance by the Group and I feel that a fraud has been played on me and I have suffered both financially and mentally.

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    Sarika Totala Guest

    Default Cheated by BAG IT Today ( or India Today Holiday or Affordable Sales Promotions)

    My Booking Id is 1006284787. My name Is Sarika Totala. I have booked a order by paying Rs.7000/- on Dt. 11/06/2011. I have send DD of Rs.750/- and voucher code request form for booking almost 3 months before. But still today there is no reply from Affordable Sales Promotions and/or India Today Holiday and /or Bag it today. I have tried number of times to contact on the telephone number 01206182100. But call gets disconnected automatically. I want my money back.

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