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Thread: Tikona Broadband cheating on speed (hiding actuality of the internet connection)

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    Default Tikona Broadband cheating on speed (hiding actuality of the internet connection)

    Dear Sir,

    My plan Tikona UNLTD1399
    my mobile no(9650188456)

    i am from Hisar (Haryana), currently living in Hansenclave(Gurgaon). I got my UNLTD1399 internet connection from Tikona just 6 days back from today. According to my connection and what Tikona has promised my connection is an unlimited 1mbps connection.They told me that i will get 1mbps speed up to 18 GB of data and after that my download speed can go under 1mbs it can fluctuate between 750 to 1 Mbps.That means when i was using the fair usage under 18gb of data my speed would be around 1mbps(128 kbps download speed) and after passing that my speed can go down like 80 or 60 kbps, which in many case acceptable for me. But the truth is, when i was is in the fair usage data limit my speed was 800kbps i rarely got 1mbps(mostly at night). And after the fair usage policy i am not getting the lowest of what they have said. I am getting 224kbps of speed(28 kbps-download speed) right now which is not acceptable. As i have mentioned after confirming from Tikona(including the guy who installed my connection and the person who registered me for the connection) they all said that my speed can fluctuate but not very low but now all of those saying that i will not get better speed than that because i have passed from their fair usage 18 GB data policy. This is a big lie from Tikona, they promised 1mbps unlimited connection with a little fluctuate in speed even after the fair usage 18 data policy but not giving it right away.They have kept the real picture hidden. They should have told me about this before i have taken their connection.I don't know what to do. I contacted every possible number of Tikona and everybody is saying that this is their policy they can't do anything.this is bullshit i am downloading with 28kbps for 1400 rupees .My mobile internet is better than this which is giving me 20kbps download speed in just 99 rupees per month.

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    Default Please dont take tikona and there is no unlimited plan

    i m from pune and i got tikona unlimited plan 799 full unlimited on 8 of dec -2012 no speed downgrade no GB restriction ,and there is no term and condition in the form or the catalog which i read and really i got very good speed for one weak after that my speed goes to 200kbps which is around 10 to 20 KBPS and i make more than 30 call to the concern person but no one is listening me they say that you are in secondary speed you have cross you limit and when i asked the sales person he say there is no secondary speed in 799 plan ,i really dont know what to do even i suggest many of my friends to get tikona when i m getting a good speed ,so its a request please dont take tikona

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