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Thread: Regarding complain c1142273652 (MTS Data card prepaid account)

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    Default Regarding complain c1142273652 (MTS Data card prepaid account)

    The email to MTS customer care:


    I am holding MTS data card prepaid connection from past one month (7th Aug 2011). On the day of taking the connection your executive has mentioned to me that with the 1st recharge of Rs. 698/- I will be receiving credit of 2.5GB every month for next four months without any additional charges.

    I have completed one month and then onwards I was not able to use the MTS service due to unavailability of the balance on my account. On checking with the customer care on 8th September they have raised a complain c1142273652 and I was told of a resolution within 48 hours with the account to be credited automatically. It has been 4-5 days since the complain has been raised and there is no response from MTS side. So far I have contacted twice to customer care and wasted almost ˝ an hour to get a response “our backend team is working and you need to wait”. I do not understand what kind of service MTS is providing to its customers. Let me know if you are interested in resolving the issue or I should cancel the connection/just get rid of the data card.

    I have already spent Rs. 248/- in getting the services resumed for the time being which I am expecting to be refunded.


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    chandramouli varma Guest

    Default MTS AP circle, most vorest service

    Iam a customer of MTS last few monts iam problem with this service provider, they are cheater, and rober,
    they are cut amounts from my balance, without my knowledge. Iam asking to service customercare
    they are told u r subscribed sms pack, and other pack, but iam not subscribed.

    when iam recived advertisement call,just cut it, then my balance is deducted from balance.

    with burning of my heart, i would like to take numberportability.


    k chandramouli varma.

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