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Thread: videocon LCD tv

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    Default videocon LCD tv

    dear sir
    I bought LCD tv on 28/10/2008
    that LCD tv is now dat posison from last three month
    thay r not action thay say on 14 august LCD tv at your home
    after thay say on 18 august but to day is 21 august now what can I do now I want my money back please answer me

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    Angry Videocon LCD , Service center is not ready to give any solution

    The story of Great Videocon Service center Begin on

    On 12th may 2009 I had purchase Videocon 32inch LCD from HyperCity Mumbai . Price , Picture Quality every thing is perfect I am wondering why this Product is not a leader in market

    On 22nd July 2009 I able to see only 1 channel on my LCD .I call my cable operator and explain the problem , he told me it is general Videocon LCD Problem it is better to throw my LCD and buy new one because Videocon service center will not solve your problem so easily . But still I argued with him that it is his problem and so he showed me on other TV the cable is working fine.

    On 23rd July2009 I log a complain with Videocon Service center and got a request number MUM2307091050 and polite assurance that my problem will be resolved with in 24 hour

    On 27th July 2009 Videocon Engineer came at my place and after just seeing he told that they need to replace one part and ordering a new part will take 4,5 days but after 2 days he came back with a part but unfortunately that part is not matching with my LCD he again told that for ordering faulty part will take 3 more days ( now question is why not on his first visit he check Properly which part will fill my LCD requirement) I said fine
    After 5days I got a call from Engineer he told me that part is not available they need to replace my LCD and for replacement they need Xerox of bill I said fine please collect it from my place but after 2 days someone called from service center that they wanted to bring my LCD to there service center and want to check I said ok you can take it and on
    7th aug 2009 they had taken my LCD

    On 10th Aug 2009 I again called on the customer care and again they had given me new call no. that is MUM1008090570 on 12th they had return my LCD , with very poor picture Quality but LCD is working

    But again after 2 days same problem arise and they had given me call no. Mum1408090788 after 2 days there Engineer had checked and assure me that he need to again raise a request for faulty part
    On 19th Aug I again given a call to service desk now they had given me new no that is Mum1908091314 and assured me that my problem will be resolved in 24 Hr

    On 20th I got a call from engineer and he told me that they need to replace my LCD and I need to submit Xerox of bill.
    I myself has submitted the Xerox bill in there service centre.

    Now today 24th July 2009 after 1 month when I given call to there service center there BOSS told me that they donít have rights for replacement and my request is pending as part is not available and they want to do some RnD and for that need to send my LCD again to there service centre

    I am totally frustrated , Please suggest me what to do should I forget that again my LCD will work fine.

    Vaibhav pandit

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    Dear Sir,

    Send a written complaint to the Managing Director of the Co. at their Head Office address. This is the best way to get any solution on company level.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Great videocon problem

    Dear sir,

    on 22-dec-2009,i had brought new videocon lcd32" at khammam(andhrapradesh) sono vision showroom,at 28-feb-2010 the picture is not comeing i had given written complaint at show room ,service man came at march 5,hesaid that some problem in motherboard& take mother board with him .till date he is not responding,

    pls take immediate action ,pls solve my problen

    thanking you sir

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    rahul d papade Guest

    Thumbs up any types off videocon LCD tv complent plzz talk with mi ( 9773099921 )

    dear sir, if u got any type off complent in videocon LCD tv plzz call mi on 9773099921 , i m videocon service enginer, i give u proper sugestion to u & help for fast service

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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy Menu screen & auto stand by mode

    Please help,
    I have purchased a videocon LCD Tv from vijay sales-Mira road round abt in october 2009.Problem-->Whenever i turn the Tv On after 10-15 mins without pressing the menu button the menu screen appears on the tv,it appears & disppears thereafter the Tv goes in the stand by mode.Atlast i have to swith off the Tv.
    Please help to sort oyt the issue have also registered a call in Videocon.

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    Angry Complain for Videocon LCD 32 inch

    i purchased Videocon LCD 32inch in OCt-2009,
    but on 26th April - there is colour problem in Tv - i register complain on 28/4/2010 - after verification service man told me there is panel problem we will replace in 2 days - but today 24/05/2010 not yet changed. my complain no. THA2804100434.

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    praveen pandey Guest

    Default auto off

    i purchased videocon lcd model no. vbl19SBH on 15th of october 2009 , but i have already another videocon tv and because of single cable connection i didnt use so oftenly this lcd. and sumtimes it auto off . then i ignored this to think because of remote sensitivity. but when it switched off when remote is far away from me.
    i thought there is a problem in my tv
    before i complained and service provider came reset the tv n told me that it would never happened again.
    but i was not satisfied thats y i was nt signature on visit reciept. the complaint no. was JAB 0610100140.
    and now i again complaint for this same issue and my complaint no is jab 1310100010.
    but i dont think it permanently resolve untill replacing the part which creating problem.
    please resolve immidiately
    thanking you.
    praveen pandey

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Videocon TV picture problem

    I am not able to see the picture in my videocon LCD TV. Sound is perfect but picture is not visible. It happened in the early morning. Yesterday it was working fine.

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    selary not payed Guest

    Unhappy after 6 month selary not payed by rajkot branch

    Dear sir,

    i am from TIPL-jamnagar,my selary not pay bay branch after six mont

    pls help them

    vijay bhambhana

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    i m having videocon LCD tv.There is a problem in the picture, have complaint lot many times about this when it was in warranty.but no service given.1 r 2 times engineer came and make it temp. okay.....now it is not working..again v complaint but no response to the compliant....after complaining 2c now asking for money and service charges...in warranty no service r response 2 the complain was given ....
    plz help as soon as possible ...

    kanhaiya lal jalan

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    Quote Originally Posted by rahul d papade View Post
    dear sir, if u got any type off complent in videocon LCD tv plzz call mi on 9773099921 , i m videocon service enginer, i give u proper sugestion to u & help for fast service
    sir my 32" videocon lcd tv is suddenly dead tuday
    so pls come and repaire it very very urgent

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    prashant thopte Guest

    Default about my 32inch lcd is not working

    Respected sir ;
    I buy LCD TV on a date of 24/04 / 2013 it was working very good at least 10 month but suddenly we got problem wit LCD that is its just
    Show sensor lighte for a two secont and dissaper the lighte . I can not swith on my t.v. from last 3 month and I was trying to contact the place where I buy they was not reaplying my answer also not pick up phone from Kohinoor electronics dadar east and also contact to videocon customer care toll free number that also coming busy for 24 hrs .sir we work hard we sacrifice some of our bread and butter and we buy some branded electronics like u r company sir its very difficult to buy such a expensive things to middle class people like m i explain this things to u because now service center apling charge 1000 rupee for visit for my LCD and reapairing expenses are different from that.sir its like u r cheating with u r custmor those who trust from last 20 yrs. Sir again I m requesting u plz help m .

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    videocon_help Guest


    Dear Prashant,

    We apologize for the inconvenience. We care about your grievance, and your complaint, listed on 12th July 2014 has been noted and is currently being worked upon by our team. We would like to know more about your problem and its details. Please share your contact details and complaint description with us at write2us@vgmail.in, mentioning your order ID in the subject line of the mail.
    Thank you for cooperating.

    Videocon Online Team

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    videocon_help Guest


    Dear Prashant Thopte,

    We apologize for the inconvenience you have faced.
    We are unable to contact you on provided contact no, pls. call 39404040(Prefix StateCapitalSTD code) for complaint registration with Videocon Call Center.

    Warm Regards
    Videocon Team

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