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Thread: Hypercity shopping mall (Goregaon)

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    Fazil Nawaz.M Guest

    Default Hypercity shopping mall (Goregaon)

    HI this is fazil here wanted to register a complaint against Hypercity shopping
    mall (Goregaon) as they sold an expired product to me even after informing them
    about this instance once they refunded the amount and assured that this won't
    happen agin and now after three days i bought a product which was again expired
    when asked them for any compensation they ignored and said that they won't be able
    to do anything. so would like to know how to take care of this.

    Full Name: Fazil Nawaz.M

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Hypercity Extended Warranty Mess

    I have an extended warranty for My Samsung S3500 phone and am struggling to get it serviced under extended warranty.
    When I got the phone I was not informed about the procedure for using extended warranty, your sale representative informed that the warranty can be used in any of the Samsung service stations directly.
    When I visited the Samsung store on 14th August 2010 15:00hrs for the present issue I was sent back to Hypercity stating that extended warranty can be claimed only through the store. On visiting Hypercity Malad on 14th August 2010 itself at 17:30 hrs the sales person still insisted I visit the Samasung Service Station Directly for my extended warranty. After letting him know we had already done that and were told to visit Hypercity for Extended warranty, he then consulted his collegue/ senior and then stamped a Hypercity helpline number(which was not done when the extended warranty was purchased). I tried calling that number around 17:45hrs and got to know that the working timings were closed and I can call only on Monday.
    I then called the Hypercity general helpline and the executive responded and assured me some action. I got a call from Mr Vivek on Sunday 15th Aug stating that he cannot help me as the extended warranty department works only from Monday to Saturday. Upon me insisting he assured that he will log a call on Monday on my behalf and let me know the complaint number. I was provided with the complaint number 2098 by Mr Vivek on Monday 16th August 2010 at 12:00hrs. He also informed me that I can visit the Goregaon Servic e Centre the same day afternoon and the problem will be rectified.
    After visiting the service centre on Monday 16th August afternoon I was informed that the centre dosent have the part and will take more than a week to get the same(week!!!!).
    I then contacted the Hypercity Helpline number for another service centre information and to my horror I was informed by Mr Pradeep Chetri that there is only 1 service centre in ENTIRE MUMBAI (even this was not told while I purchased the extended warranty). Also the required part is readily available in other Samsung Service Stations, which I cannot visit 
    Itís been 4 days today and hypercity is not even ready to accept the responsibility.
    I am still struggling to get support and my mobile is off from past 6 days due to which I am losing on all my important call and feel like being isolated.
    I feel cheated and am repenting for buying goods from Hypercity. This was never expected from a store like hypercity.


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