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Thread: Micromax Mobile Handset

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Micromax Mobile Handset

    I have purchased new Micromax Mobile Handset X414. The features shown on the Micromax web site for this handset are not available in the handset. I have purchased it after checking the features on the web site of the manufacturing company "Micromax". Pl. help.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Regarding Micromax X414.

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    I have purchased new Micromax Mobile Handset X414. The features shown on the Micromax web site for this handset are not available in the handset. I have purchased it after checking the features on the web site of the manufacturing company "Micromax". Pl. help.
    Hello ,
    Please tell me what are the problems. I am planning to buy this mobile. What are all the defects about this mobile. This mobile is priced at Rs 4900 At visakhapatnam., AP, IN.

    If u could tell me more it would be helpful.

    Also if u can please mail me at kodukula.sarat@yahoo.com
    Thanks in advance.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry micromax useless service

    I have purchased X250 models., while using the same., i noticed so many problems ., when contacted the service centre at veerabadra mobile phones hyderabad he has shown ennumber of phones which were given for servicing., and directed to pickup the phone after 15 days, when contacted through web site., there is no reply from the micromax.

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    Default Micromax mobile

    hello, i m MOHIT BAKSHI ,i bought a handset Q3 of micromax company on 2/09/09 and i
    faced a trouble on the same day i made dat purchase, with speaker phone .i am unable
    to answer any cal without that handsfree u have provided me with ,so i made a
    complaint on 7/09/09 for the same but evrytym i visit them i get the same answer
    evrytym that we are not provided with the speakers that needs to be put in to ur
    phone ,i am realy frustrated now i need my phone to be replaced do take the required
    action and help me solve my problem i want immediate actions .my ph nos are
    01127635329 9289340478

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Pathetic Service

    Hi, I have Micromax x115 phone. The LCD display suddenly started bleeding. When gave to the service center they said it will take atleast 10 days. It has been more than a month now and still have not got it. This is the reason why such compnaies never pose any competition to brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung.

    Will someone just take a notice of this ??

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Micromax X250 not booting

    I recently bought Micromax X250. I was customizing the profile the phone got reset and after that the phone is not booting at all. I gave it for servicing and the phone is not ready even after 8 days. Phone is having lots of problems and Service is worst. I dont know how a company releases such a bad phone to market. I do not suggest anybody to buy the micromax phones. phone is not fit for use.

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    Hello All,

    Always post your complaint in detailed manner with your full contact details, Purchase details, IMEI No, Complaint nos. registered with the customer care and the job sheet details.

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    kanha8292 Guest

    Default Q2 Netwok Problem

    I had purchased a Micromax Q2 before 15 days from Behampur Orissa and when I inserted the Tata Docomo sim i used to get network but after some time it shows emergency and some time if i get a call and if I picked the call in between the call the handset shows error as Insert sim and if I restart the mobile it shows Tata docomo and after some time the same problem and when I went to the service center they told me the problem they told there is some problem whit the sim or the network in that area and when i told them that it works in other handset then they told me that we checked the handset and found no problem. please tell me what to do i am getting frustrated by going to the service center as it is 60km far from my home town......

    06810278459 or 9692066661

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    Hello Consumer Court Members,

    If you have any problem with Micromax Mobile and you are facing that problem again and again even after repair by the authorized service center, it means that the mobile set is faulty and need to be replaced as the problem is coming again and again. For the replacement/refund first you need to register your complaint with their customer care and in case you are not satisfied with the response of the Customer Service Centre of Micromax mobile then send a written notice at the below mentioned address to the CMD of the Micromax mobile via registered post (keep one copy), attach the photocopy of : job-sheet, purchase bill and ask them for the replacement/refund within the mention time of 15-20 days else you will drag them to the consumer forum.

    Micromax House,
    697, Udyog Vihar, Phase-V,
    Gurgaon, Haryana, INDIA
    Ph. : 0124-4009601/2

    Visit: http://www.consumercourt.in/address/...complaint.html for notice reference.

    If still question then feel free to contact us again.

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    raivishal76@yahoo.in Guest

    Angry problem in my handset x220

    hello i have purchesed your modle x220 n one problem creat on same day that display was damage on same day its purchased on 14-02-2010 please help me to replace this handset

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    nsasanka Guest

    Unhappy Problem with headset

    Hi Yesterday(7th march'2010) i bought the Micromax q5fb phone it has the problem with the headset, what is the procedure to replace it.. My contact number is 9908123090.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Lightbulb Micromax Q5 Trackball

    hi ,
    i wanna buy this mobile in between 1 or 2 days im trying to know that is that trackball is long lasting than simple navigation key... or is it repairable..if after warrenty it does malfunction so how much we hve to pay OR the company will say "CHANGE THE WHOLE BOARD OF MOBILE"
    pz tell me

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    Unregistered Guest



    sub: Replacement for Micromax X360 set.

    i m very much disappointed with the services of MICROMAX MOBILE I have registered a lot of complaint but no action has been taken so far so it is requested to kindly short out my problem. I have faced many times of problems in last 2 Months about my Micromax X360 set like Keypad, Sound and Battery backup etc. I bought Micromax x360 set on 7th feb, 2010, during the period, I faced many problems of worse keypad service, a very little batry back up and 3rd class sound quality, i m very disappointed by the quality of your product. Please short out my problem early to earliest as possible. If, I got negative response. I have last solution to solve my problem, to go consumer court for file my problem.

    M_IMEI no. 910002561040564
    S_IMEI no. 910002561291563

    with regards

    Contact No. 09910852531

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    pratap hyd Guest

    Unhappy problem with profiles

    hi all,

    I have micromax x360 mobile with me,it was working fine till 4 months,when i connected my earphones it changes the profile to headphones,but when i disconnect my ear phones the profiles arent changing back to general mode,so i cant attend calls or listen to music with out my earphones.help me out to solve this issue.

    +91 8829

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    ankit.handa Guest

    Thumbs down Problem with Micomax Q5

    Review of Micomax Q5- It’s a pathetic low class Chinese phone, wrapped in Micomax cover. I recommend never even think of buying it, nor recommend anyone…….

    Hey guys, I am just here to help you…. Pls beware of Micromax Mobile... I hv never seen such a pathetic phone. I bought Micomax Q5 last month.. & now its trackball nt working..... I even cn’t unlock my phone because of this….. I really faced very hard time to find a service center...... all ph number in booklet/website is wrong…. I somehow managed to find service center …. whn i reach there were 2 ill-mannered & illiterate people out there who doesn't know how to talk to customer......... I feel like I came to gaffer market…. Pathetic & frustrating it was……

    You need to delete each n every message individually, there is no option to delete several messages.
    Only one SIM works at a time
    No speaker volume- you cannot change the volume of speaker while talking…
    Trackball- From the very first day doesn’t work properly

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