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Thread: Corporate connection VODAFONE

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    Charles Felix Guest

    Default Corporate connection VODAFONE

    My name is Charles Felix and i am having 2 Corporate VODAFONE

    1. 9673336408 (Account Holder:Charles Felix).

    2. 9673336407 (Account Holder:Charles Felix).

    I got both of these SIMS from my Office(Convergys, Aundh, Pune) from a Vodafone Key
    Account Executive named VINOD(Mob No:9923008656).

    At the time of Purchase he didn't told me about the ECS Automatic Dedution of
    VODAFONE Bills from my HDFC Salary Bank account. At that time he only mentioned it
    is just for verification security and if we don't pay the bills the vodafone will
    deduct it from my account. Clearly mentioned that if we don't pay.

    Now the actual CASE starts from here. As you can see below is the attached soft copy
    of my HDFC Bank Statement from the previous Months.

    On 7th of June i was having a Credit limit of 1043.22 Rs in my HDFC Bank.So i
    decided to pay my VODAFONE Bill from Internet HDFC Netbanking as i was in my HOME

    So on 10th June 09 i payed my both Vodafone Account Bills from my HDFC Netbanking as
    you can see it below in my statement the 2 withdrawal of 520 Rs and 425 Rs on 10th
    June 09. Now the Bill was payed and i was satisfied by receiving the confirmation on
    my Mobile that the Bill is payed.

    Now the VODAFONE company ECS Service tried to withdraw again the same amount on 17th
    June 09 as my bill was already payed on 10th Jun 09. This makes no sense as the
    fault is within the company Services as they are not properly Linked to the ECS and
    the Account Services.

    As because the Vodafone comapany tried to withdraw the Amount on 17th June 09 from
    my HDFC Bank the HDFC Bank Charged me 200 Rs Bounce-back Fine(Penalty) twice on 17th
    June 09 because the credit limit was not sufficient and as i told you i was unaware
    of these deductions.

    OK now again in the next Month on 13th Jul 09 i went to the Local Vodafone
    Store to pay my Bill and i payed both of the Bills (1. 539 Rs and 2. 502 Rs).

    Now on 17th Jul09 again the ECS Service of Vodafone tried to Withdraw the
    Bill amounts from my HDFC Bank Account even they were already payed 4 days
    ago. Again the Fault of the Vodafone ECS Servies ad due to this Vodafone
    Services Fault i was charged a Bounce back Penalty of Rs 200+200 Twice on 17
    Jul09. And even i was charged 41.20 Rs Twice for the ST&Cess Charges.

    So the account balance in my HDFC Account goes to -821.37 Rs.

    Now who-will be Responsible for all these damages. I tried to call the Vodafone
    Customer Care for the REFUND and i didn't get any Positive Reply they-told me that i
    will get a callback arranged from the concerned Dept.

    But i haven't recieved the CAll yet.

    So now i am worried about the Refund and i m sure tomorrow on 17th of Aug09 again
    the Vodafone Services is going to charge me again and again there will be a bounce
    back Penalty from HDFC Bank.

    So i want Help from your END if this will not help me i want to file a Complaint in
    the Consumer Court for the Penal Refund from the Domestic Firms Under Indian penal

    This is the Complaint No. which i have filed under Vodafone Services:867042580.


    Charles Felix


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    Dec 2011

    Thumbs down Vodafone Recharge Problem

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am Feroz Sana using Vodafone network with mobile no 9732773505 (prepaid), West Bengal Vodafone customer executive has called me on Saturday i,e on 17-12-2011 around 2.32 pm stating,if recharge with Rc 53 I will get all local calls 1 paisa per 2 seconds with 60 days validity. Then I got a message from Vodafone which registration number is 1099429824. But rechargeing 53 I got another tariff plan. I have call cust care and then he told me within 24 hours to solve your problem. I also have made lots of complaint and everytime they say they will revert back and will solve the problem. But there was no solution given to me. I also complaint to their nodal and appeliate officers and here.

    Request you to help on this great problems. Please help me Sir/Madam, Thank you,

    Yours truly


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    Hello Feroz Sana,

    Thanks for writing to us. Please be assured that our Nodal Team is working on your query and they shall get in touch with you shortly. For any further assistance please write to us at vodafonecare.wb@vodafone.com Happy to help!

    Kind Regards,
    Vodafone Customer Care, West Bengal

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    Sanku Singha Guest

    Default Billing Adress Change


    This is to inform you that , I have two vodafone corporate connection named Sanku Singha, Number's are:-9051977731,9051977712. When I have taken these numbers that time I had provided my billing address:-
    C/O-Subhas Das,Sanku Singha, Kanan bhawan(Sukanta Pally),Opp-Jabdunath High School,Near-Mother Taresa Statue,Pin-700102 but instead of this address my monthly bills are coming in my official adress.

    So please look into this matter and change my billing address and do the need full.

    Thanks & regards
    Sanku Singha

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    Hello Sanku Singha,

    Please email us the scanned copy of your proof of address and proof of identity at corporatecare.kolkata@vodafone.com so that we can assist you further.

    Vodafone Customer Care, Kolkata.

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    tokir Guest

    Default get postpaid connection

    I m kabir n ma no is 9873895659. I want to take a postpaid conn bt whenever I talk abt the postpaid one ur executive had only one thing to say that I m arranging a call back for u.. bt from last 3days I did not get any call from voda.. so pls help me...

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    Hello Kabir,

    Thank you for speaking with us. We will get in touch with you in a short while to assist you further.

    Vodafone Customer Care.

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    pranav2903 Guest

    Default Regret and Dissatisfaction

    I have lodged multiple complaints with the Corporate care and there has been no solution in-spite of more that a month and half of email exchanges.
    In my e mail dated 2nd June 2013.
    I had clearly asked for change of bill plans in my numbers 9999111534 and 9999500169.
    Still I am being billed as per the previous plan.
    I have lodged a complaint again today with the transaction ID - 463375876.

    Why till now I am being billed as per the previous plan?
    I want this thing to be sorted out and the rental to be adjusted as per the new plan.

    --- On Sun, 2/6/13, pranav sharma wrote:
    From: pranav sharma
    Subject: Re: Regret and Dissatisfaction (9999500169 : 999911534)
    To: "vodafonecare.del"
    Date: Sunday, 2 June, 2013, 9:43 AM
    > !I would like to change the plans on my two numbers
    > :-
    > 1) On Ph No - 9999111534 - I would
    > like to have Talk199 Scalable Plan10. Please
    > suggest the add on and value added services on this
    > plan.
    > 2) On Ph No - 9999500169 - I
    > would like to have Talk199 Corporate Plan-R. I
    > would also like to have internet running on this
    > number. Please suggest
    > the add on and value added services on this
    > plan.
    > Please suggest the add on and value added
    > services in both the plans.
    > Thanx
    > Dr.Pranav---The
    > Great Healer !!!
    > Department of
    > Radiodiagnosis
    > --- On Wed, 29/5/13, Vodafonecaredel (DEL-NE), Vodafone
    > India
    > wrote:
    > From: Vodafonecaredel (DEL-NE), Vodafone India
    > Subject: Regret and Dissatisfaction (9999500169 :
    > 999911534)
    > To: "drpannu2903@yahoo.com"
    > Date: Wednesday, 29 May, 2013, 6:53 AM
    > Dear Mr. Sharma,
    > Thank you for your email dated 27/05/13 regarding
    > the yearly rental of 998 for your mobile number
    > 9999500169.
    > We would like to inform you that
    > the tariff plan activated on your Vodafone account was
    > the advance rental plan for Talk 298-Advance. You had
    > paid the advance rental for 12 billing cycles.
    > Hence, after completion of this tenure, you have been
    > correctly charged the Monthly rental of Rs. 298 for the
    > period in your “May”, “2013” Vodafone bill.
    > We would like to inform you that as per the revised
    > process Talk 298-Advance plan rental has been revised
    > Rs.1349 for 1 year. Further, if you wish to renew your
    > tariff plan kindly confirm
    > us back so that we can process your request regarding the
    > same.
    > We request you to kindly confirm in case if you wish
    > to port out so that we can assist you in the best possible
    > manner.
    > We would like to inform you that you can update your
    > official e-mail Id by sending an SMS
    > “EMAIL email Id” to 111 (Toll free across
    > India applicable on Vodafone network only). We assure
    > you that on receipt of the SMS, your e-mail ID will be
    > updated in our records within 2 hours.
    > In case you need further assistance, please do call
    > or email us. We’ll do our best to help you.
    > Happy to help,
    > Suman Tarachand
    > Vodafone Care
    > Contact numbers
    > Vodafone Care: 111 or +91- 9811098110
    > Fax number: +91- 9811000009/9811098114
    > E-mail: vodafonecare.del@vodafone.com
    > -----Original Message-----
    > Fromdrpannu2903@yahoo.com]
    > Sent:Monday, May 27, 2013 9:11 PM
    > Tovodafonecaredel@vodafone.com]
    > Subject:Re: Regret and Dissatisfaction (9999500169 :
    > 999911534)
    > My
    > queries still remain unanswered.
    > I asked 3 simple questions :-
    > 1) Why was the advance rental plan changed to monthly
    > rental?
    > 2) I used to pay one time yearly rental of 998 which was
    > renewed every year after I used to confirm its renewal for
    > next year, why did I not receive any phone call or email
    > asking for renewal?
    > 3) On whose consent I am getting billed for monthly charge
    > of 298 please send me a copy of my conformation email of any
    > form of consent sent to Vodafone from my side to change my
    > billing plan.
    > Please answer these questions and also LET ME KNOW WHATS THE
    > My phone numbers are 9999500169 and 9999111534.

    You look into the matter or it leaves me with no other choice but to approach the consumer court and change the service provider.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Vodafone cheats customers


    I have been a Vodafone customer for past 12 years. I am a postpaid customer (9811206669). The bill no is 0184143239. Recently I requested for MNP. One of their representative called me up and asked why I was leaving Vodafone. I told them I was getting a better deal somewhere else. Then that lady offered me something better and I decided to stay on. She offered me an internet plan of 2G with 2GB data for Rs.98. I was told that the new plan would be activated from my next billing cycle which was about to end only. She told me that a representative will visit next day and make me sign some papers, which I did gladly.

    Now to my shock I have been charged Rs.730 for internet usage. When I called customer service, Mr. Tilak who informed me that it's showing in the system that I was offered that internet plan but was not activated because of unavailability of that plan. I wasn't even informed that my plan will not be activated but still internet service was switched on. Then he transferred my call to Mr. Ashok Kumar, who said he was a senior supervisor. He told me I was being charged for internet as I use and the plan offered to me was not activated. He was one of the most arrogant person one could ever want to hear. Instead of sorting out the issue, he was blaming me for not confirming when I didn't receive any confirmation message from Vodafone. He happily told me that I can complain wherever I wish to.

    Kindly relieve me as I do not wish to stay with Vodafone now and will ask all my family and friends also to leave your services.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Corporate Number

    I just wnt. Corporate postpaaid number of vvodfone. I have talked in nearest voda store. They told to buy atleast 4 postpaid numbeer to get the corporate number. What can ii do now?

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