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Thread: Karbonn mobile network problem

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    Default Karbonn mobile network problem

    I have submitted my mobile handset model no K 325,IEMI/ESN 1-910501000473047 and IEMI /ESN2-910501000973045,on dated 08/08/2011 at Ankita Communication,Lucknow (UP)due to network problem with job sheet no-KJASPUP200811K1641 in the name of Vijay. The handset is transferred to Delhi for repair.The handset is came back on dated 05/08/2011 but the problem still remain as before.Now my all activities are suffering due to my handset.

    Kindly lodge my complain against the Karbonn comapny and their service centres.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default message

    i am using karbonn k33 mobile i have a problem on sending messages when i send messages its not being sent it is stored in outbox,when i resend it again its being sent.I have did all kind of alternatives as changing the slots of sim,switching it off.but i am not sure why is this happening

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    anil kamboj Guest

    Default No netwark

    i am using karbonn kt61 mobile i have a problem on no netwark plz.halp me................................

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default karbonn k9 no network solution

    Karbonn k9 no netwok brabulam

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    parusha Guest

    Default karbonnk9

    no networkproublum

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    koduru raju Guest

    Default karbon k9 net wark problem

    korban k9 no net wark problem solution

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default i having karbonn a1+ duble with network problems,

    I bought karbonn a1+ duble,one month back. from beginning onwards I facing network problem.I gave service and again problem. Please don't buy karbonn mobile.

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    tikam kumar Guest

    Default network problem

    i am usening karbonn a99 network problem plz hellp me

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    sharanu Guest

    Default karbonm k9 no nrtwark problume plz help me

    Im using karbonn k9 no netwark problume help me

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    avgvsv80@gmail.com Guest

    Default Ankit Verma

    [QUOTE=Unregistered;435660]Karbonn k9 no netwok brabulam[/QUOT]

    Karbonn k9 network Jumper.

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    Unregistered Guest


    Karbonn k52+ network problem pls help me!!!!!!!

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default hardwer

    Karbonna99 network soulation

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    Om ananda telecom Guest

    Default Anil

    i m useing to k9 not for sulotinon network problem

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    p.jana225@gmail.com Guest


    Karbonk99+network complaint plz help me

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    Unregistered Guest


    K9 nonetwark.plese half me

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