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Thread: ICICI Bank Two Wheeler Loan SCAM and Torture/Threat On CustomerUnabatedly by the ICIC

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    Default ICICI Bank Two Wheeler Loan SCAM and Torture/Threat On CustomerUnabatedly by the ICIC

    Dear Sir,
    As regarding the ICICI Two Wheeler Loan Sacm & the DADAGIRI of ICICI
    Loan recovery Cell below are the Details as requested :
    Myself (ICICI Bank Customer ) : Kiran Shivaji kadam
    Loan Account No : LTMUM00013878285
    Loan Disbursement Date : 31st July 2008 as per ICICI Bank (but till
    date not received the same by me nor the Vehicle )
    Sanction Letter and the Repayment Schedule are Attached for your Reference

    Step by Step Illustration of the Facts and the Events of the Loan Scam :
    Step 1 : I Approached the Dealer " Unique Motors " Situated at :"Shop
    No.1 ,Sai Villa Society ,Sambhaji Nagar,Akurli Road
    ,Kandivali(E),Mumbai-400101" Owned By Ramashankar Yadav with contact
    details : 9324493939 with all the documents required for Two Wheeler
    Step 2 : Documents Submitted : 1)Ration Card
    2)Original Electricity Bill
    3)Pan Card
    4)Salary Slip
    5)6 Months Bank Statement
    6)5 Undated Security Cheques
    Date of Documents Submission : Between 5th and 10th July 2008

    Step 3 : I received an Intimation from ICICI bank regarding Loan
    Disbursement along with the LAN NO and the Repayment Schedule (Start
    Date 10th Sept 2008 and End date : 10th August 2011 with an EMI of
    !796) within 2 Weeks from the Date of Submission of Documents

    Step 4 : On Receipt of the Intimation ,I Went to Unique Motors for the
    delivery of the Vehicle where i was Informed by unique Motors that my
    documents have been routed through "Manba Group" Situated at :"Shop
    No-306,Runwal Heights,Nirmal Lifestyle,Opp. Nirmal nagar,LBS
    marg,Mu@@@@(W),Mumbai-400080 with the Telephone No-67695555" to ICICI
    Bank and My Loan Amount has been disbursed to Manba Group and Manba
    Group will deliver the Two Wheeler to unique motors which in turn will
    deliver the same to me (This was In August 2008 )

    Step 5 : Since then i have visited Unique Motors innumerable times for
    the delivery of the Two Wheeler but till date i have neither received
    my Two Wheeler nor My Two Advance EMI (Rs 1796*2 for Sept 2008 and Oct
    2008) which i had paid to ICICI bank on the Assurance from Unique
    motors that i will be getting the two Wheeler delivery Very Soon

    Step 6 : As Unique Motors was not keeping his assurance then I
    approached Manba Group where i was asked to Interact with Unique
    Motors Only

    Step 7 : ICICI bank then Started follwing for the Recovery of the
    Disbursed Amount from me which was never Disbursed to me and neither
    did i recieve the Two wheeler for which i had made the Loan

    Step 8 : The Follow ups now started to become a torture and ICICI
    recovery Cell (Mr.Sanjeev Gaud-Settlement Manager ) started piling up
    pressure on me for settling the Loan inspite of Mr. Sanjeev being
    Briefed with the Entire episode but instead of Looking into the matter
    & escalating it further He Instructed to me to go back to the Dealer
    Unique motors and resolve it there but clearly stressing that i must
    pay the bank money

    Step 9 : I approached the Bank(Settlement Cell-Mr.Sanjeev Gaud ) and
    Submitted a Written complaint regarding the entire matter and the
    Cheating /Scam that was taking place under their nose but the
    Settlement Cell Seemed least concerned with the major concern of
    Cheating and fraud happening with me and stuck to its stand of
    pressurising and threatening me with legal actions if i do not pay the
    bank money

    Step 10 : Now Mr. Rajesh Wankhede Constituted Attorney of ICICI Bank
    has threatened me with Legal Action Under Section 138 By deliberately
    depositing my undated Blank Cheques and going ahead with Cheque Bounce
    Case in the Court of Justice

    Step 11 : On Talking to Mr. Rajesh Wankhede and Updating him abount
    the Wrong doing with me ,Mr.Rajesh instructed me to Pay the Bank Dues
    Come what may ,U do anything whether right or Wrong but I must pay the
    Bank money else they will Screw my Happiness and will make my life
    Hell by going legal by depositing my undated cheques lying in
    possession with ICICI Bank

    Step 12 : All these acts of Pressure ,Torture ,Legal Threat and other
    Mental Pressures by the Authorities Of ICICI bank has affected me
    extremely badly both financially and productively in my professional
    as well as my personal life.Myself and My Mother is not keeping well
    as i am under tremendous pressure and stress because of the terror
    tactics of ICICI bank.Inspite of pleading mercifully to ICICI bank of
    my innocence in the whole episode ,the concerned ICICI authorities are
    in turn threatening me with dire consequences if i do not pay up.They
    are telling me that i will not get any loans from any other bank
    ever,i will not be able to travel abroad ,i cannot get any passport

    ICICI Bank ,I thought was a very respectable Organisation and has deep
    rooted foundations towards noble social cause and excellent customer
    orientations and satisfactions but my interactions with the Bank
    employees have shattered the ICICI Bank image and this is one
    Organisation that does not even care to listen to the Inncocence of
    its Valued Customer and instead has connived with the Dealer in the
    wrong doing and i have been made a scapegoat of the Dealer -Bank

    I come from a very poor family and the job is my only source of
    Income. I am in no position to repay the bank loan on grounds of
    Principles.Why shall i pay for something i have not availed or bought

    Let me Tell you the Cooperation level from ICICI bank in this regards
    has been Ignomious ,Lethargic and Highly Biased

    I will not pay the bank as i have neither got the money nor the
    Vehicle come what may and i will take the Fight till my last breadth
    as I am Innocent and Innocence Always wins even if My fight is against
    the Mighty ICICI Bank

    I fear Nobody as I am Innocent

    Kiran Shivaji Kadam

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    Hi, We are sorry to hear about your experience. We have made a note of your mobile number. We'll contact you and work to address your issue at the earliest.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

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    Satinder Pal malhotra Guest

    Unhappy No n.o.c. Sent by the icicic bank

    I SATINDER PAL MALHOTRA, got a Two Wheeler Loan No. LTDEL00013681091 Dt. 04 June, 2008, I cleared all the EMI's to the bank but getting all the installments, bank did not send me the N.O.C. of my Honda Activa No. DL 7 S 8597, till date. Where I sold contact for the N.O.C.

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