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Thread: Complaint against Mahanagar Gas Ltd.

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    Thumbs down Complaint against Mahanagar Gas Ltd.


    There is a piped gas connection provided in our housing society and accordingly, I had paid the deposits etc. and got it installed in Aug 2004. The persons who installed the meter filled in the form, got my signature but left the name column blank, asking me to fill it in later.

    When I got the bill, I was surprised to see the name 'Deshpande Shivnath Bajirao' on it when it should have been 'Deshpande Sanjay Sudhakar'.

    I notified them on phone immediately but was told they verified the physical form. This is clearly a data entry error where my form no. was entered and some other name was entered.

    I have been following up with them since, but to no avail. Have sent multiple emails, sent letters, even visited their Bandra Kurla office personally twice and submitted copies of my Ration card and copies of the Meter Installation Report. Recently I lodged another complaint on their website and the reply I received states that if the name needs to be changed, I have to go for a transfer (complaint no. 161030)! This is clearly harassment - why should I have to go through all this for no fault of mine? I have been paying my bills regularly. The last bill (no. 200000712050 dt 02/06/2009) was paid on 24/06/2009 (Rs. 283/-)

    Please guide me on how and where to file a consumer complaint.


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    Dear Mr. Sanjay,

    Pls. send a complaint letter to the Head office of the Co. and send it through Registered Post or Courier. Do keep a copy of that letter with you and wait for the response of the Co. for at least 15 days. Contact us back if you got any response from there.


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    Default Complaint

    There is a piped gas connection provided in our housing society last year.However at that time, since we ( my husband and i) are a working couple, we were not aware of the forms to be submitted by us. when we noticed the work going on, we requested the workmen to provide us with the same. But due to the absence of our having not submitted any form, we were directed by them to contact Mr. Chandan Singh, the Area Representative of Dahisar to help us with the same. On repeated contact with him, we were informed that no forms were available and he did not ever get in touch with us !!!!!!!!

    On contacting your helpline number 1917 in October 2008. the reference no given to us was 671546 and the same excuse of non availability of forms was given to us. In march 2009 on contacting them again a new reference no was given 48010 dated 18/03/09 with temporary consumer no 1700002107 with a promise that we should get the connection by mid April.

    On no response we again got in touch with the Helpline no & made a Complaint no 82608, [phone call attended by SUNIL PAWAR], who told us that he would forward the complt to Marketing Dept,& REFUSED TO GIVE US THE DEPT NO ,to enable us to register our complaint.It is almost 1 and half yrs,since the Soc has
    got a piped gas connection & we are unable to avail of the same.

    Since my husband is frequently out of town on official work, he is unable to pursue tha matter. Are we to understand that Mahanagar Gas does not care in obtaining a single customer, because the Majority in our Soc has already been obtained by them??? IS A SINGLE CUSTOMER OF NO VALUE TO THEM ????
    Is not the area representative supposed to help us out? Is MGL so short of funds that it cannot provide us with a single Appln Form???? When we are ready to
    comply with all necessary formalities & payment procedures, why is there no service being given to us,with an APPLN FORM DELIVERED AT OUR DOORSTEP.

    IF U REALLY CARE @ MAHANAGARGAS, I shall expect a positive reply, to this mail with follow up from ur end till the said connection is granted to us.My name &
    address is as follows:--

    P.S what is the Email ID for complaints regarding the foll, we tried wecare@mahanagargas.com but the same was not delivered.

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    Angry Complaint against gas connection

    I am owning a flat at 302/ratnamahal coop hsg soc, sandu marg, near joy hospital, chembur, mumbai 400071.. When i took the possession of my flat in year 2007, my builder has made the payment towards the gas connection.
    However, till date, despite contacting mahanagar gas authorities time and again, i have not received the connection in my flat.
    Pls look into the matter urgently and revert when can i expect this connection.
    My full name - mrs.aashna faisal naik
    my contact nos. 9867947339/9892576631

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    SAI MILAN C.H.S Guest


    I the president of Sai Milan C.H.S Sector-1,Ghansoli,Navi Mumbai my complaint is your company work is in progress in our society and all the work are totally not satisfactory.
    From last two month your work is progressing in our society and the totally work are incomplete.This is not only the condition of our society but also the condition of all society of sector-1 Ghansoli,Navi Mumbai.We had a talk with your consult officer and contractor but they didn't listen to us and didn't take and particular action.Because of this condition the people of our society are getting harressment,your contractor are asking to suplly water to complete the work of all ditch and this is not possible for society.Sate Government and Navi Mumbai Muncipal Corporation(N.M.M.C) adviced society to save the water.
    we hope you will take a strict action against this problem and soon solve this problem

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    Lightbulb Thanks for registering your complaint with MGL. Your complaint code is AfterSales3388

    I have registerd the above said complaint. The Form is filled in the name of Mr. Chandrakant Kulkarni. We are 13 members in the society all of us paid the Cheque along with forms duly filed. The entire set up is ready since last 2 months . But they have not visited us for starting the Gas supply since then. We havealso not received ou CRN number or any receipt of the same as of date.
    Nor is any reply of the online complaint. At call center they say we can come anytime within a year for startin the supply after receiving the forms. what do we do.

    Anita Kulkarni

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    We have applied for the gas pipeline connection from the Mahanagar gas ltd. 3 months ago. All the forms were duly filled and the deposit check is also submitted. The gas connection and meter is installed but despite of regular request and complaints they have not started the gas connection. The Mahanagar gas employees are blaming each other but no one is initiating to solve the problem, they are very irresponsible. They were very punctual to collect the deposit check.
    Kindly look into this matter, and revert as soon as possible

    Rohit V. Panchal

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    sunitkini_2007 Guest

    Thumbs down Bill sent by not taking meter reading


    I Shivshankar Kini , resident of Bhandup ,has been facing this problem from past 6-7 months. I have been receiving the Bill without the meter reading been taken by the executive. Previously I used to receive a phone call from MAHANAGAR GAS office & they used to ask me to check the meter & give the reading ,after that I used to receive the bill. But for the past 6-7 months I have not been receiving any phone call ,but receiving the bill ,of which the amt is very high and not as per the meter reading.Previously the bill amt was up to 400-500/Rs but now the bill is up to 1200/- Rs.This difference is not acceptable.I had even complained on net but till now there has been no reply.

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    Rajesh Shah Guest

    Default New Connection

    Dear Sir,

    I have applied for new connection 26-Nov-2009 registration no is 251021 but till date no work done from Mahanagar gas LTD. pipe Line is there in buliding still after 5 months no one has call from MGL even MGL doesnt have Esclation MAtrix to take it next level

    -Rajesh Shah

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Poor concreting work done after laying gas pipes in the society

    This has reference to our earlier letter on the same subject to Ms. Jagruti Mulgaonkar dated 22/2/ 09. Lot many potholes have surfaced along the pipeline laid by the MGL contractor and the repair work is costing the society,Kukreja complex Blg. No.1 co.op Hsg.Society.LBS Marg,Bhandup (W) to the tune of Rs.15000/. This matter of poor workmanship was reported to the contractor and the field supervisor and the gas connection work was stopped for 2 months hoping that better work will be done after the complaint, but of no use. Rats have made these holes as their breeding ground . The water may seep in to the pipeline during monsoon and damage them. Similar poor work was done throughout the complex. We were told that the contractor's bill will be sanctioned only after our approval but w have not received any such bills for any approval till date.
    Will you take up the matter at the earliest and get the pot holes re-concreted by the contractor.
    We hope to receive an answer by 10th May 2010 .
    Y V M Rao
    Kukreja Complex Blg. No CHS Ltd.
    LBS Marg,Bhandup (W), Mumabi 400078

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    joseph.eapen@gmail.com Guest

    Default MGL new connection

    Gas pipeline has been installed in my building about 3 months ago. The connection to many flats has been activated. However while this was being done, i happened not to be at home and hence my flat connection was not activated.

    Since the past three months now, i have been following up for installation but to no avail. I have not been issued a CRN number yet and hence cannot raise a complaint in the call centre.

    The MGL representative is absolutely callous towards my requests. Many a times i have waited full days and the person has not turned up.

    SAFETY: The way the pipe has been terminated outside the kitchen is in an absolutely unsafe manner. Just by a single 90 deg rotation of a level, gas starts to leak. There is a plug which does not seem to be tightened.

    I am shocked at this manner in which MGL operates and its poor approach to safety in installation.

    Joseph Eapen
    9, Balgovind CHS
    Plot 549 11th Road E
    Chembur , Mumbai 400071

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    Shantilal V. Sanchala Guest

    Angry complaint againt mahanagar gas ltd.

    This is Shantilal V. Sanchala from kandivali(west) using mahanagar gas my meter no. 11037357 /
    CA no.210000052437. i was paying around 400 rupee per 2 mnth till now on mahanagar's bill but this mnth in june i recive the bill of 9657 rupee how could it be posible ? and i had mad the payment of last april mnths bill.
    I contacted to mahanagar office in kandivali (east) they told me you have to make the payment but when i asked how i got this much bill amount then they told me we are giving an estimated bill till now, i showed them my previous bill's they told me this are all estimated. I am not capable to make this payment.

    please gave me suggestion's or help me ...

    shantilal sanchala

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    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    Ref : Application Form Cum Receipt no. A F 036119/0910

    Name of Applicant : Mr. Bharat Bhanushali

    I , the undersigned, Bharat Bhanushali kindly inform you that I had paid Rs. 6000/- through Cheque no. 950667 on 15th January, 2010 for gas pipe line supply.

    Your person had informed us that by the month of March, 2010, the connection for the same will be started. All other people in my surrounding have the supply. Also in my building there is pipe line already.

    However, till date the connection has not been started.

    I request you to look into this matter personally and start the gas pipeline supply urgently.

    Thanks & regards,

    Bharat Bhanushali,
    A 1, 304, Veena Nagar, Co-operative H. S. C Ltd,
    L.B.S. Marg, Mu@@@@ (West),
    Mumbai - 400080.

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    marinepush Guest

    Default yet not received CRN number

    myself customer of mahanagar gas hv not receiver a CRN NO. and so unable to file any complaint or do any enquery or pay the bill online as every transaction required this number so plz do needfull things n issue me CRN NO.

    pushkar maheshwar kashikar
    d/104, beach classic
    chiku wadi, borivali (w)

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    Default Mahanagar Gas

    Quote Originally Posted by marinepush View Post
    myself customer of mahanagar gas hv not receiver a CRN NO. and so unable to file any complaint or do any enquery or pay the bill online as every transaction required this number so plz do needfull things n issue me CRN NO.

    pushkar maheshwar kashikar
    d/104, beach classic
    chiku wadi, borivali (w)
    Have you any proof that shows that you are the customer of Mahanagar Gas, kindly share the details so that we can guide you accordingly.

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