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Thread: HDFC Bank credit card customer care

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    Farid Ahmed Guest

    Default HDFC Bank credit card customer care

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    This is to inform you that HDFC credit cards division is harassing me
    unnecessary. I settled all my payments without getting any official
    statement from the bank for my investigation but still since last two months
    I am getting the bills for late fee and taxes on that. I made the payment by
    cheque before getting the bill of the payment due but still I am getting
    statements for payment due.

    I called customer care in the month of July and have spoken to Pradeep the
    reference no. was 09190158813 and he commited on behalf of HDFC bank that
    all charges would be reveresed and I will not receive any bill in future but
    still I am getting piles of bills for non payment of INR 2242.43. Please do

    Please request them to reverse all the unnecessary levied charges because I
    had surrendered my card in the month of May to the investigating officer on
    25th of May 09. After that I called numerous times to customer care people
    to stop chasing and harassing me for unnecessary payments but still I am
    getting bills.

    Please help me and suggest what all actions can I take in this regard.

    Best Regards,
    Farid Ahmed

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    Jul 2009

    Default HDFC Credit Card Customer Care

    Dear Mr. Ahmed,

    To sort out such kind of Banking complaint, you will have to send a written complaint to the Head Office of the concerned Bank, on the name of CMD and wait for the response for near 15 to 20 days. If the Bank fails to provide you any help in that time frame then you can send your written complaint to the RBIs Banking Ombudsman division. You will get the contact details of Banking Ombudsman from the website of RBI.

    Good Luck

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Undue hdfc credit card payment

    Dear Sir,

    I had made a Settlement on my HDFC Credit Card No: 4346 7720 0231 6031 for Rs. 36000/- for which I have a letter being issued by the bank. Agianst this settlement, till date I have made a payment more than about Rs. 40000/-. Even after that, I was getting a threatening call from the representatives of the Bank. Further to this, in the month of may 2009, they holded my Rs 9000/- being deposited at HDFC Saving bank account and when contacted them, they simply said; it has been adjusted against your credit card payment. Again in the month of July 2009, I recieved a threatening call from them for the payment. This time, I made sure that whatever commitment these guys make to me, I should record them on my mobile and I did that. They confirmed me that my settlement can be validated if I pay Rs.2000/- which will be full and final settlement. To get rid of this Credit card, I paid said amount and they issued me a full and final settlement reciept. When again contacted for the NOC letter, the representative Mr. Hitesh (who has been calling me this time) as usual refused to issue me the letter saying I need to pay the full amount again.

    I need to file a case against the Bank's Gurgaon Branch who without informing me let the credit card people to hold my Rs.9000/- kept in there custody.

    Against the Representative Mr Hitesh, who cheated me with Rs. 2000/- against the letter being promised to be issued.

    Against the Credit Card Dept on such a rude and truthless behavior and threatening me through there representatives.

    I request you to please help me on this

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default HDFC bank harrassing and putting a hold on the funds in my account


    My credit card was stolen and there was a usage of about 54000 which i disputed. The bank people told me that they would investigate the matter and help me out. I was happy to hear that they wanted to help and i kept paying the minimum amount due for 3 months to get this problem resolved. Unfortunately i did not get any help then i Spoke to sunanta gambhir(manager)on 10th oct 08. & explained her everything, wrote her the mail also about all the payments made & how i've always been given wrong information by HDFC bank representatives.So far i paid them 6000 & 2000=8000 in total. No one came to my help then i stopped paying them. Soon they held my account balance and they debited INR 7823.01 from my account. Very unhappy with the way they approached I approached the CC division Rajouri Garden N Delhi and met Aditi Sharma (Manager). She assured to get get my case re-investigated through Amit Shrivastava. I insisted them to show my previous investigation report. When i saw it to my surprise my signature was not matching on merchant charge sheet. but despite of that bank held me liable for that. Thats absolutely unjustified because the case was of theft and misuse.
    After a month on 27th jan 09, i got my settlement letter from HDFC for 40000 rupees. I did not accept this letter as i was charged with interest and late fee that i wanted them to wave off. I paid enough amount and gave enough time to investigate and do justice to my case. Unfortunately this practice of holding my funds and debiting my account is still on. I have no clue what they are charging and how to get justice on the amount i am being robbed of. My entire salary is on hold and how am i supposed to live without the pay??

    Please suggest who to approach and how to help others from being ill treated by HDFC bank.


    Neelam Sharma

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    Saniya Fathima Guest

    Unhappy HDFC Credit Card Customer Care settlement

    Hi my name is Saniya fathima i want to a settlement for my Credit Card bill coz its very big can you call me on 9966902419.i am realy very upset for this

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    Default HDFC Credit Card Customer Care

    Dear Ms. Sharma,

    Have you lodged and FIR for that? Also inform us that on which date your credit card was stolen and on which date you have informed the bank about the loss of that credit card?

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    Anup Singh Chauhan Guest

    Default hdfc bank credit cards


    I would like to inform you the way HDFC bank Credit card customers are
    being handled by your Collection dept. The incident happened with me
    was unacceptable.

    I got a call from the collection team at around 10:30 AM about my
    payment. The statement was generated on 2nd of Nov' 2009 and yesterday
    when I received the call was 4th of Nov' 2009. There is no way
    collection team can call me for payment on the second day of bill
    generation. When I informed the agent about this, she started arguing
    with me. The agents are so ruthless that they do not listen to what
    customers are saying. They just know what they have to say or what they
    are asked to say. I had to disconnect the call as the conversation was
    not going anywhere. She called me back and said YOU RUINED MY DAY,

    There is no way I am going to accept this comment. Calling the customer
    STUPID is complete disregard to my relationship with the bank. For me
    she was a representative of the bank which means HDFC bank should take
    the accountability of the comment and the behavior of the agent.

    I just have 48 hours to receive a response of this complaint and a
    written apology or else I have LEGAL options. For your reference, I
    have mentioned the details of my Credit card and the number from which I
    received the call

    Name: Anup Singh Chauhan

    CC No.: 4346 7720 0805 9858

    No. from which I got a call: 011 30923660

    Thanx N' Regards,

    Anup Singh Chauhan

    Orbitz Emails (05925)

    Intelenet Global Service Pvt Ltd.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default hdfc credit card enhancement of limit

    I request you to kindly arrange to enhance my credit card limit from Rs.12000 to Rs.50000.
    so as to enable me use the card for my purchases. Because of the limit I could not go for any type of purchases. you are well aware that the cost of all the consumable items are increased to that level. Because of this I am unable to use the card and keeping idle with me. Kindly consider and arrange for its enhanacement of limit to as I prayed for Rs. 50,000/-atleast from January 2010, as a new year special allotment. thanking you in the meanwhile. K.A. Sivann Pillai, S. Jothi, My SB Ac. No. 0123 107 000 4284, with your Main Branch. My residential address: 3/513-B, SRI RAMAKRISHNA STREET, MUNEESWARAR NAGAR,
    My residentai Phone: 0452 -2682892, My mobile Nos: 90470 22699., 94423 -39579., 99944- 53077 and 81221 -- 77929 and my email ids. shivajothi21348@yahoo.co.in with an another
    alternative email id is shivajothi213@india.com.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Cerdit Card Settlement procdedure

    Hi ,

    I am Arun from Chennai. my credit card no:4346772008587114
    My card had been stolen in may 2009 around the first week and i had made a complaint also regarding this card missing to the credit card department.They also did some investigation over that and through which i came to know that irrespective of the matching for my signature in the card and in the purchased charge sheet the bank has accepted the transaction also which is quiet unacceptable.

    I have been paying the minimum due payment 1350 for consecutive 4 months since the reason every time i was assured of issuing the settlement if i paid that amount.Now they are telling that the bank has kept on hold for the settlement negotiation for this month(november 2009) . Every now and then they are torturing me by asking me for the due due payment. Even though i have complained them of my card theft i am bing charged late fee & over due , enormous intrest rate also.What i ought to do for stopping all this high intrest rate and making for the settlement immediately. U can call me to this mobile no :9003203546 , my email id: arun.babu@accenture.com, arun_may8@yahoo.com

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    Sankar N Guest

    Default Credit Card Limit

    I'm sankar i applied HDFC Credit card 2 weeks back, and the person promised me the limit will be 5 times of my take home pay.

    My Card No. is ************7454.

    But i surprised to see the limt fixed is Rs.34000/-

    Which is not sufficient for me. I wrote 2 mails to HDFC Customer care, they are saying that limit was fixed based on the documents submitted and they asked me to use the credit card, after seeing my monthly payments they will enhance my limit.

    I request them to increase the limit what i want else i asked to cancel my credit card.

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    Ashutosh Kumar Guest

    Default Not Received My Card !!!

    I have been applied for credit card sience 3 month ..Latter i have received letter Ref No . 09070815700620w2 from Bank requisting for documents that was i already submitted while apply for card .. again too i drop the requisted documents at viman Nagar Branch .

    But Still i have not received atleast a call or information from HDFC ..

    Could i know how much more time bank will take to issue for the cradit ..


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    Unregistered Guest

    Smile Hdfc credit card settlement

    Mobile no 9958266389
    plz help me for settlement

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Credit card settlement

    Dear Sir,

    I Shajan Mathews C.C. No. 5176 5210 0350 3705, I settled my credit card with offerletter of Rs. 41200/-. Rs. 2000/- advance given and balance of Rs. 39200/- as 11 instalements. Instalment amount was Rs. 3564/- p.m., I have paid all instalment, In mid my salary account was changed that time I informed concerned person and emi cleared through cash. I completed 11 inastalment, one lady called and said, for settlement Rs.400/- more required. I paid Rs. 400/-. after a month one male staff called and said Rs. 2000/- required for closing. I said this is very irritating, finally I gave Rs. 2000/- more closing, but last week I received a call from collectioin he said credit card not settled, more amount required. , he said settlement amount showing in system and emi also received, but not settled, sir what is this happening, right now due to market crises I lost my job also, in, in last three months I am jobless person. Please close my account and send me zero balance statement.


    Shajan Mathews

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    Mamta Singh Guest

    Default Harassment for Credit Card Payment


    My name is Mamta Singh. My Credit Card No. 4346 7812 0003 9774, my card was misused by somebody on Feb. 2008 after that i have made the payment as i got the convience. In between in the mth of May 2008 i was called by Bank Manager for the payment, till today i have helped bank & paid all the Charges what ever the charged me.

    Eg. Late Fees, Finance Charges & Services tax, & Cess tax.

    Then too i dnt denied them to pay.

    Today i got a call From HDFC Credit card & the no. was 020-41218005 around 4 p.m

    She started abusing me as well my name & refused to give her detail.

    I asked her will make the payment by 15th of this mth. but then too she was not ready to listen & said "Aukaat nahi thi to Credit card Kyu liya"

    This statement is used by all calling from there.

    I dnt know Y ?

    Have called on 020-41218024 & spoke to Abhijeet, he introduced himself as Deputy Manager their. Have asked for help from him then he even he was like if u dnt make the payment u will get this calls or either pay atleast Minimum charges.

    Now i want help from you & i want bank to return all my charges paid.

    Waiting for your reply

    Mamta Singh - Pune

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Till now i didnt got my card

    Dear sir\madam

    This is sravan kumar i applied credit card in your bank till now i didnt received it . I got a msg from your bank with reference no 09110912669850s3 after getting msg some of your emp came for enquiry he said it will come with in 7days but till now i didnt received it.... sir plz tell me what is happing..

    reply to me any thing to my mail id

    Thanking u sir

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