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Thread: PF Transfer

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    Default PF Transfer

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    My PF amount have not yet been transferred to my current employers even
    after one and a half years of submission of the form. I also have an
    acknowledgment from the PF department for the receipt of the documents.

    PF Account number = KN/42357/6630

    I am personally trying to contact the concerned PF authorities through
    mails and through calls but no one is responding to the same. Further, I
    had filed a grievance at the public grievance cell on internet,
    complaint no. CEPFO/E/2009/10728 but its three weeks without any reply.

    Please find the acknowledgment received from the PF office on March 05-2008.

    Request your support in getting the PF amount transferred to my current

    Please guide.

    Thanks & regards,
    Debarun Baidya.
    Capgemini Consulting India pvt Ltd
    Bangalore, India.
    Mobile : +91 98865 40982

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    unregistered Guest

    Default Provident Fund Still not Settled

    Dear Sir,

    Subject: Provident Fund No: HR/GGN/27568/0406 - not settled.

    This is with reference to the settlement of claim for provident fund. Orange Business Services has submitted my Provident Fund settlement forms (Form 19, 10C and Form 13) to your office on 4th July, 2007 and the same has been accepted in your office on 28th August, 2008.

    I am sorry to state that I have neither got my provident fund settled nor any response from your office till date, despite writing several reminders to your office at the mail id. sro.gugaon@epfindia.gov.in.

    I shall be highly grateful if you could help me obtaining my hard earned provident fund at the earliest.

    Yours faithfully.


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    Maheshkumar Guest

    Default Provident Fund Refund

    Dear Sir,

    This is Mahesh kumar R form Mayiladuthurai (Nagapattinam DT)

    I apply for PF for my previous employee before one years, after that i send remainder they send me a letter regarding PF amount (Chq Details) dated 30-6-08, but it nor received by me they inform me to send to my bank (Details given my me) i ask with the bank they also not get the chq, after i send another remainder to PF office (New Delhi) they send a letter mentioned with the chq and the details letter return to them due to bank address not tracable. Then i fill up with the form, get sign from the bank branch manager, post letter details and my chq (Canclled), eventhough they not respond for my query, then i have send another request to send my chq to PF office (New Delhi) and The finance minister, i not receive responce from both the side.

    Pls help me in this issue to get my pf amount.

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    Lakshmanan Guest

    Default Pf transfer

    Respected sir/madam.
    My name is Lakshmanan
    I am currently working inTata consultancy services, chennai. previously I was working with wipro BPO, sholinganallur, chennai. I left wipro in July 2008 and then I joined Tata consultancy services in August. I had filled the form for the PF to be transferred from wipro to my TCS account and gave it to my HR in TCS in october 2008. They have also sent the form to the concerned people in January 2009. But till now I have not received my PF amount from wipro. can you please help me. I have mentioned my PF details below:-

    Wipro PF number: DL/23719/77357
    TCS PF number:254783

    Wipro company address:
    Wipro Technologies / Wipro BPO
    475 A, Old Mahabalipuram Road Schollinganallur
    Chennai - 600 119

    TCS company address:
    Tata Consultancy Services
    Synergy Park

    My contact number is 8106913425

    Please help me

    Thanks and regards

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    Jul 2009



    To know the status of your PF file, just file a RTI.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default PF Claim

    Dear Sir,

    I have not received my PF amount. I was an employee of V-CUSTOMER SERVICES INDIA PVT LTD (Establishment Code: 23859) from September 2006 to September 2009. The company comes under South Delhi-Nehru Place Office. My Provident Fund account number is 12995.My company submitted the Provident Fund form on the 7th of Dec 2009 at the Wazirpur office.It has been over 2 months and i do not even know about the status as there is no info available online.

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    Murali.B Guest

    Default PF transfer

    Dear Sir,
    I have applied for PF transfer-out from account num MH/THN/43816/423 in Oct-2008. how to know the status of the same.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default PF withdrawel : Due Balance Recovry

    Dear Sir,

    This is regarding my PF (PF A/C NO: MH/20540 / 1499) amount not been credited to my Bank A/c even after three months Of submission of the withdrawal form along with all mandatory documents that acknowledged by the PF department with dually signed and stamped and told me that within 45 days of time automatically my A/c will be credited.
    Thereafter I am personally trying to contact the concerned PF authorities through
    mails and through calls but no one is responding to the same. Further, I had filed a grievance at the public grievance cell on internet, complaint no. ROPUN/E/2010/03810 but no reply.Furthere I also forwarded a written complain to Addl. Central Provident Fund Commissioner, Mumbai (acc.mhch@epfindia.gov.in and rpfcropune@rediffmail.com) but dont get any reply.

    Request your support in getting the PF amount credited my current Bank A/C.

    Please guide.

    Thanks & regards,
    Tejal Anand Ramaiya,
    JOG Engineering Ltd,
    Pune, India.
    Mobile: +91 99759 33602.

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    manjunath binnal Guest

    Default pf transfer


    i have not yet transfer my pf amount from my first company i left it in 2008.
    and i worked for another company since 2008 and resigned on 16 april 2011.

    again now i joined new company now i want to transfer both pf amount . is it posible to transfer both amount?
    how to proceed what is the procedure?

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    Cool Pf transfer from gfl to alembic pharma ltd

    I had send my pf transfer form in feb 2011 but till not transfer to my new pf account

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default PF transfer

    My PF No: KN/24470/14918. I had applied for tranfer of PF from my previous employer iNautix to MindTree's PF account(KN/24470/14918).
    The below is the status I obtained from MindTree Co-ordinators.
    But the amount is yet to be transferred.

    Can you please help me to get it transferred quickly. This is pending for more than a year.

    STATUS for Member ID: TNMAS00490630000003416

    Claim ID : TNMAS110100024269
    Status : Claim Form 13 for Account Transfer AGAINST Member Account No (TNMAS00490630000003416) has been settled. Annexure K and Payment sent through cheque No 412692 dated 23.02.2011.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Provident fund transfer

    My PF No: MH/91994/46. I had applied for the tranfer of PF from my previous employer Aladdin Multimedia Pvt.Ltd to Janakalyan Sahakari Bank Ltd. The same was applied during January 2011 dtd. 07.01.2011, but the amount is yet to be transferred to my Savings Bank A/c.

    Can you please help me to get it transferred quickly. This is pending for more 10 months.



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