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Thread: doctor lal path labs

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    Default doctor lal path labs

    i am severely affected by the services provided by Dr. Lal Path Labs, i had given the blood sample of my wife for investigation on 18/08 at their Karan nagar centre (Srinagar) . we were told the report will be available on 22/08 at 12 noon. we had requested to deliver the report at my nearest centre Sopore for the collection of report.

    since 22.08 9 a.m we had made several calls to karan nagar for the report, but they are not responding properly. the customer service provided is very bad. today 23.08 i made calls to customer care centre Delhi and now i am being told the report will be available tomorrow (24th aug ) evening. This is the worst service , as it is mentioned in their receipt that the reports can be delivered at any centre. the sopore centre were i had desired to collect the report is just 45 kms from the centre were we had submitted the sample.

    we have to show this report to doctor tomorrow 9 a.m , i had taken the appointment for consultation to a very senior doctor and due Dr. Lal Path Labs poor service i have lost it. it is totally unacceptable to have such a kind of bad service by the centre and above all the collection centre in srinagar do not bother about the report. they all bother about money which is the prime motive of Dr. Lal path Labs. we have to pay in advance for the poor service delivered to us.

    i want an investigation be done to them and i get the money back

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    Default befooling the patients and their near and dear ones

    this is regarding the tests of my jigar who was advised by the concerned doctor to have his fasting blood sugar test and some other tests.because of the rush at other reliable labs i took my lad to lal path presuming the test would be reliable and more importantly done on time.they took the sample on21st march early morning and we were told that by 22nd march you will be able to visualise the report on so called their website.whole day we wre logging in to the website but everytime it was showing sorry for inconvenience reports still not ready thus delaying the results and befooling the patients and their near and dear ones and wasting the precious time of the patients.they just make this advertisement of website this is all rubbish.they are just sucking the blood of poor patients and minting money which is their main motive.

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