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Thread: Jashn sarees

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    Thumbs down Jashn sarees

    I purchased a saree from JASHN sarees stores at Oberoi Mall about 2 weeks ago when the Independence day Sale was on at a discount- after getting the saree ready , the day I was wearing I found the whole saree having marks of print spread all over the saree- the saree is of white colour with Black prints- where ever the saree folds with prints are touching the other parts of saree it is leaving pinkish mark of the poor quality print material -when I took the saree to show to the stores the manager there try to make his point that it is printed like this only and as it was not getting sold due to the design issue we have given heavy discount to clear the defecting saree. But refused to take it back or offer to choose other saree- we gifted the saree to the stores and have written a complaint in the stores book regarding the same but no news from them - pls suggest how to go about bringing to the top of JASHN saree Mgt and also how to go to Consumer court to teach them a lesson that in the name of DISCOUT SALE U CAN NOT SALE DEFECTIVE PIECES WITH INFORMING CUSTOMER- PLS SOMEBODY HELP- thanks Ex- Navy Commander's wife -JS

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    Angry Jashn Sarees - Stitching issues

    We bought Saree from Jashn, Malad West, Inorbit Mall, Mumbai in the month of November. They agreed to get the blouse stitched and deliver within a week. During the first trial, blouse fitting was completely wrong. After 3 weeks they asked us to come for another trial which wasn't fitting well. Due to multiple iterations of fitting on blouse, stone work on the blouse is completely ruined which is not worth the money we spent. Now its 10 days to go for the engagement ceremony and we dont have stitched blouse.

    They are not even ready to refund the money or take any appropriate action.

    We gave them three options for the resolution.
    1). Either refund 17,800 /- of saree and 800/- of stitching
    2). Give us the fresh blouse piece
    3). Give us the same saree with new blouse piece.

    They are not ready to refund the money. New blouse piece will take 15 days (which is after our engagement) and they dont have another piece of saree.

    Their interaction with the customer is also not responsive.

    Please help us in making sure that they dont treat other customers in this way.

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    Default Jashn Sarees - Inhouse blouse stiching issues


    I bought a saree 3 months back from Jashn Sarees, Rcity, Ghatkopar West. I opted for their in house blouse stiching which they said would cost me an extra 700 bucks and said it would be ready in 4-5 days. After 5 days when I went for a trial, the blouse was stitched way too small (in spite of having taken a hundred measurements). She said she wud get this fixed and called me after 3 days. After 3 days when I went, I found that the side zip of the blouse was stuck halfway and wouldn't budge. The attendant struggled with the zip for like 45 mins but even she couldn't manage to pull it completely. All the while she kept cursing the tailor and blaming him which obviously wasn't helping me in any way. Later she said she would get it repaired after another 2 days. But even after 2 days they couldn't rectify the zip problem. I asked her to change the zip which she said she cannot since the blouse would get torn.

    Inspite of spending 3 times the price on their sarees and blouse stitching, all the Jashn brand can provide is sloppy service and mis managed products. I will never again buy from them.

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    Default Terrible experience

    I bought a sari on sale at the goregaon inorbit mall and i asked them after I purchase will they make it into a ready stitched sari, they said yes which was my main motif of buying it.

    I take it to their store close to my place they tell em flat No our manager never agreed with this so we cannot do it. Next I find the sari damaged in various places, why are they selling faulty stuff in the name of a sale.

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    Default bad service

    I purchased a saree worth rs 4800 frm bandra jashn for my mom...but she didnt like it so we went to nearby jashn at magnet mall to exchange the saree and my mom like the saree which was 5800 and we paid the remaining 1000 rs. He asked us to collect the saree after 2 days bcoz of the fall biding...i went there after 2 days bt the saree wasnt ready and he asked to come next day...i went the other day still it wasnt ready So i asked him to send the saree at home.he said there is no one in the store who can deliver.. he asked me to wait for 1 hr...we waiting for an hr and then he told he will deliver the saree at my place as it wasnt ready....at around 10 pm the guy came to my place with the saree which was damaged...i went to the store again and asked for cash back they said they cant give the money back...but we didnt like any other saree there...and we cant roam around all the jashn stores nearby...this is really frustrating...how can i get my money back?

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