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Thread: Complaint against Dominos

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    Default Complaint against Dominos

    Respected Sir/ Madam,
    I had ordered for Veg Doubles Pizza on 21.08.2011 at 09:44pm via order number 209 at Dominos Pizza, Tollygunge Branch at Kolkata, but the delivery was made of non-veg doubles and there was no tag on the box of pizza whether it was Veg or non-veg and a paper was attached to all the boxes which mentioned the flavour of the pizza inside which also states that their were veg pizzas inside. I am a Jain who have never ever eaten any non veg item, not even egg and due to the mistake of the people working at Dominos i had to eat chicken and that too on the holy occasion of Janmastami. I had called shift manager of tollygunge branch and had asked him to give me a written apology which he refused but he accepted the mistake and asked for apology. Sir, as you know we jain's follow very strict rules and regulations regarding non-veg food items. Now i simply want to sue dominos for this mistake and claim for compensation. I will be awaiting a quick response from your side.

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    Nidhishyamsundar Guest

    Angry Delivery too late than promised and misbehaviour of the staff

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    This is to bring to your kind notice that the Dominos branch in R.T.Nagar, Bangalore-32 had taken my order for a home delivery on the 19th of October,11. at about 1:37p:m and i had ordered for a medium sized farmhouse pizza and a veg pasta in white sauce. My bill as told amounted to Rs.358/- i kept on waiting for my order and at about 2:45 p:m i called them to enquire about my order, i got an answer from the desk that my order has not been punched at their end and hence not delivered. They were rude over the phone and when i argued that even after tellin me the billed amount they havnt reached me, they told me that they would take another 15 minutes and i have to pay tje full amount.
    Please help me in order to understand whether you people stand by your policy and promise as to deliver in the next30minutes of placing the order or not. I want a clear explanation as to what was my flaw in asking for my home delivery on time. Your people ask me if i got a confirmation call from the call centre. I am not supposed to guide you to call me and punch the orders on the part of your staff.
    I want you take appropriate action against your staff and get me the right to question on being wrong.

    Thanking you.
    Nidhi shyamsundar

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    Nov 2011

    Default Dominos delivered a non-veg pasta instead of veg


    I'm in Bangalore and this complaint is regarding an order I placed with a leading pizza delivery joint.

    Yesterday, on 28/Nov/2011, I had ordered 1 medium Gourmet pizza, 1 veg italiano pasta, 2 nutty choco lava cakes from Dominos online (order no. 77). This order was completed through the CV Raman Nagar branch. To my surprise, the pasta that was delivered was a non-veg pasta (with a veg sticker). I'm religiously vegetarian and they made me eat pieces of chicken. I called them up and was shocked to see the casual approach of the branch authorities. They just wanted to get rid of this case, they immediately offered to return my money. I told them I don't want money. Then the District Manager called me and said that he will offer me some more discount coupons and good deals for future purchases. I told him I don't want money or discount coupons, I want an apology in all leading newspapers of India, to which they directly refused. I asked them why they don't have separate kitchens for veg and non-veg food, to which the branch manager replied that the kitchens are different, but the sticking department is same and its there mistake that they applied a vegetarian sticker on a non-veg box. Then I asked him why the sticking departments are not different for veg and non-veg food, to which he did not have any answer.

    Me and my wife are religiously vegetarian and this has caused a great deal of dilemma to us. I still have the pasta box with me which I've kept in my refrigerator (which again is a pain for me as I'm religiously vegetarian). I've a temple at home and am in great pain to keep that box in my house. But still I've kept that box because I want to teach them a lesson.

    Please help me with this.

    Mr. Ankit Arora and Mrs. Venu Arora
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    Default Dominos unethical behavior

    Dear Sir / madam
    I would like you to look into the matter. Late last year Dominos opened a website namely its meant for customers who order pizzas regularly , at this point I would like to add that I have been ordering dominos pizzas for around 400 rs each week for over a year , at my office and at my work
    When Dominos launched the website they gave me an option to redeem my 12000 points way back in december.......
    I was supposed to recieve coupons worth excess of 6000Rs but they have shut down the website
    Neither the customer complain seems to know what happened to those coupons also the website is down and no one can seem to go to the website
    I urge you to look into the matter as NO one seems to know what going on in this case
    you can revert back to me on abhishek.sharma@programmer.net or call me on 9819004066

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I had just placed an order and make payment through internet banking, but as i called their dominos outlet than they tell me that the order is not placed, but the payment of Rs 440.50 is deducted from my bank account.

    Please do the needful.

    Thanks & Regards

    Raman Aghi

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default insufficient cheese n toppings

    me sohan girdhar is regular customr of dominos.
    today i ordered Gourmet cheese burst order no. 410 dated 13.05.12, sector 12, Karnal(haryana)
    there was very less cheese. it was from no where cheese burst. n toppings too were nominal..
    i m not at all satisfied today.

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    Naeem khan Guest

    Angry your staff tees me trough via msgs or call

    sir, i have servive the wrong calls or msgs,

    last wednesday se mere mobile par msgs a rahy thy k i wanna friendship u or or kafi dhamkiyan or tang karne me laga hoa he main apk domino center bhi gaya tha jin se meri mulaqat hoi the unka naam hy SYED FARAZ (A.M) AND REHAN (supervisor ) THA phly 4 dino se unko khe raha hun k yeh kon hy mere mobile par tang kar raha he bar bar unko number dikhaya to woh gulshan branch ka hi number tha woh ye hy ur office Mobile:03323356652.
    so plz help me urgently taky apki company or mujhy sakoon mily plz help and follow up
    kindly reply me ...........
    this is my number 03453241084

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Online payments system sucks

    I would like to file a complaint against Domino s as i placed my order online and the money was deducted from my account. I received a message the they are unable unable to place your order to the kitchen due to some technical reason. If you chose not to try again, or we are not able to place it in the next attempt, your payment will be refunded to your account/card within 7 working days. We sincerely regret the inconvenience.
    Your transaction number is dc-da103211 dated 2012-06-11 amounted 672.86.
    However in case your order was successfully placed in subsequent attempt, then please ignore this notification mail.

    This is all fraud, if they cannot push the order to kitchen then they should be able to deduct the money from our account. This is insane, i don't trust a company who has charged me about rs 700 and did not send me my order. I am not sure if they will even credit the amount back to my card.

    I would like to file a complaint against them from keeping such system for online payment. I spoke with the manager Mandeep Singh Rana at GK 2 outlet, he refuse to help me or give me a better option. Instead he told me that he cannot do anything and if i want another order then i have to pay again.

    You can contact me 9910500511 to get more information. I would appreciate if i can know what is happening with the complaint.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Scanty toppings


    Very Regularly we order from Dominos. On 16th June 2012, Bill no: 116, Server Ankita, Time 8:27pm, Bhayandar west branch.
    regular Chicken Barbeque pizza worth INR 165 + taxes along with side orders bill totalling INR 600/-;
    It was shock for us to see that the cheese was hardly to be seen and chicken chunks smaller than human nail just about 6 to 8 pcs.
    Is this how we get dupped inspite of paying full value for the product.

    Some of my friends have also noticed that Bhayandar west branch pizzas are always with less topppings and cheese.

    Can some action be taken here.


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    IhateDominos Guest

    Angry Misbehaviour of Dominos people

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I ordered Non-Veg Singles Combos of pizzas from Dominos to my place and the person who came deliver was kind of a stupid one. I clearly told them my address and still the delivery boy was roaming like an alien in my locality(he was a person lives nearby to my locality) and at last the pizzas reached to me. The next day I ordered again but they refused to deliver and told me that we have stopped delivering pizzas to that locality. My locality is in the middle of the town(Metropoliton City) and one of the posh areas in kolkata.

    I want you people to take some strict action against these fake promising Dominos people.

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    Declining Home Delivery whenever Called
    Dear sir,
    This a complaint regarding Miyapur Talkie town,Hyderabad, Dominos outlet.Whenever we call this outlet to provide home delivery they decline that they dont provide home delivery to location Chandanagar.And they decline to take down orders.But whenever we place the order online they deliver at our doorstep and it is delivered from the same outlet.They decline just because they dont want to take extra pain and go against their policy as the outlet is a busy one.

    I want to report this to their management or to the consumer court.The person whom i spoke was Anil Kumar and shift manager name was informed as Sagar(Outlet-Talkie town,Miyapur,Hyderabad)

    Last ordered tried-saturday,25th august2012,around 4pm.

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    Oh my god this is very bad service and i can't believe this big brand do work like that.

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    vatsaljain00@gmail.com Guest

    Default dominos pizza in mussoorie is not good

    I ordered dominos pizza from the mussoorie branch to woodstock school . the pizza was not baked properly and didi'nt taste like dominos . if it goes like this dominos will loose its reputition . the pizza was not even worth I paid .

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    Complaint Against Dominoes

    Declining Home Delivery on online as well as phone order.

    This a complaint regarding Miyapur Talkie town,Hyderabad, Dominos outlet.Whenever we call this outlet to provide home delivery they decline that they dont provide home delivery to location Chandanagar and they decline to take down orders. But I have seen so many times that from the same outlet the delivery has happeend to the residential society where i stay. I want to report this to their management or to the consumer court.(Outlet-Talkie town,Miyapur,Hyderabad)

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    Jabir Ansari Guest

    Angry Misbehaving with the Customer

    Hi Myself Jabir Ansari, a senior citizen from Mumbai, i m regular customer of domino in Mumbai (India, Andheri East 59) but recently i have had a very bitter experience with them . i ordered a cheese burst pizza with the time limit of 30 min . confirmed the amount and address but didn't get the delivery within time , when i called them back to confirm my order after 40 minutes ,they behaved very rudely they didn't even had the credit worthiness of sending us the order . being a genuine customer it came as a shock to me to observe such reaction from your company ; It is my advice to you to keep a check on your employees as they earn a bad name for the firm . (Dominos Andheri Mittle Industrial Estate Outlate Mumbai 59)

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