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Thread: Complaint against State Bank of India (SBI)

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    Unhappy Complaint against State Bank of India (SBI)

    I have a complain against State Bank of India. I have an Savings Account in SBI. On 04/08/2011, Thursday, I tried to purchase a few things online with my SBI Cash Plus ATM cum Debit Card. Before I enter my ATM PIN to confirm the payment, my network broke due to power cut. So, the transaction has been cancelled at that time. I have the proof of the transaction cancellation. But, when I checked later my bank balance, I saw that the money has been deducted from my bank account. Next day, 05/08/2011, Friday, there was an all India bank strike. So, on 06/06/2011, Saturday, I lodged a complain with the relevant documents they asked. They told me it'll be investigated very soon and the money will be refunded to my bank account. How soon? They told me, it'll be maximum 7 - 10 days. Yesterday I went to the bank and they said, it's not been investigated yet. They couldn't provide me any valid reason for that delay. How can I get my money refunded?

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    Post deduction of money

    I have a complain against State Bank of India. I have an Savings Account in FM.college,Balasore(orissa)SBI. It is a saving account when i have to put money on my account i have to go that branch only otherwise it will dedication of 25 rupees. Why the other branch of SBI are there .There also SBI branch why you are deducting 25 rupees.this is so embarrassing.

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    Default Online not working properly

    I got internet banking kit from sbi .i open the kit and enter the secret user id and password , but it show that invalid password .so i try to call several time to their bank but nobody took phone and answered.so i go nearest bank of sbi in bangalore they inform me that you must go were you get this kit. So i came back to kerala and gone their head office .they inform me that you try once more ,it may be activate within 24 hours other wise we will provide you another kit .after 24 hours i try , but the online sbi is not avilable (05/11/2011 6.32pm).then i try again today (06/11/2011),it show that user name and password is invalid.i loosing my time and belief towards the bank and its efficiency because of this incident.

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    Default For opening new account

    I went to sbi branch ashoknagar for nearly 4 to 5 time but they are not treating us as customer they always misbehave . Some times they say there is no new account form in bank and some times tgey say there is no higher oficial to confirm u to give new account form. So how will it solve the problem there is no restrictions on staff. They always misbehave as we are there servant and not a customer. We fill insulted in such condition.

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    Default complaint againest state bank of india

    Dear Sir,
    my name is vikas verma & i have sbi saving a/c holder in sbi
    main market muzaffarnagar,I had widrawl 4000/- on date 12-10-11 on
    corporatin bank atm but i had not recived money & debit from my a/c
    30171609820, I have complained on date 12-10-11 in bank & on date
    13-10-11 on toll free, but no response anywhere, i had gone to branch but
    branch manager has not satfaction reply he said that i can't do anything
    & u ask only on tollfree,so plsssssssssssssssssssssssss provide my money
    i have complaint in the branch many times but no response from branch so pls solve my problem.......

    Name : - Vikas Verma
    a/c no :- 30171609820
    branch :- main market muzaffarnagar
    mob :- 9897902112

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    Wink Opening of account

    This is regarding sbi Tughlakabad in air force complex, this regarding of opening of account in this branch is really like a battle, manaeger and few emplyoees of this branch treat customer as disturbance to jobthey do not want do anything, just keeps on postponing jobs like opening of accounts, way of treating customer is pathetic, kindly look in to the matter. they takes monthto open accounts

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    Default rate of interest in CC Account

    We are mantaining a Cash/Credit account with SBI with an limit of 50 lacs. Sorry for not disclosing the place and name of the business. The bank kept on increasing the rate of interest from time to time upto 16.5% pa without intimating us. So at last after giving mat verbal & written complains, we asked the bank under RTI Act 2005 regarding the detailed Interest calculation Sheet of my account on daily product basis with rates of interest applied and applicable from the beginning of my account to till date. Immediately the bank returned around Rs. 16000/- to my account stating that it was calculation mistake.

    So please, it is a request to all the valuable citizens of India who had taken loan from SBI to go to RTI Act to review the detaiols of the interest taken by bank and avoid cheating.


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    Default not taking any action

    the manager of sbi bank of harsidhi-motihari, east champaran bihar
    asking money for everything.....not fulfilling the requirements of customers...
    i have taken the net banking....3months ago...
    not started till now..

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    Ram S. Upadhyay Guest

    Default Seeking personal loan from the bank

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am writing to you with pain and aguish that I requested one of your banches situated at Banaras Hindu University (BHU) to lend me peronal loan of Rs. 2.0. lacs only (which is a meagure amount as per my salary as a senior Professor). However, on my repeated request no body properly responded. But, when I talked to your Regional Branch a person visited me in the Department of Botany to simply handover a checklist of the requirements and he also gave me two page proforma to be filled that would contain all the infomation about me and my life. I completed all the requirements, but the fellow never contacted or visited me again. It seems that on even a very high interest rate your bank is not interested to lend the amount requested. The Branch Manager (Mr. Gupt, who is on pobation) was insisting me to visit the bank to beg money from the bank.
    My point is that does your bank operate like this? Can't they provide a helping hand to the prime costomers? I am really feeling disgusted by this and therefore I am writing to you. For your information I hold my account in BHU branch of SBI since 1976. I request you to take care of such pity problems for the benefit of your valued costomer.
    Best regards
    R. S. Upadhyay
    Professor of Botany
    Banaras Hindu University
    Varanasi 221005
    Mob.: 09336917534

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    Default problem facing in atm using

    i have done two transactions with ur atm ,in sonepat(haryana branch at 22/10/11 at 13:50 & 13:53 with amount rs 20000-20000.first transaction done successfully but in second transaction i have receive only 19000 instead of 20000,then i go to bank.but your bank employees do nothing in this problem.my a/c no. is 30253031731. i have done these transaction with ur adb branch situated at subhash chowk near new colony. my name is puneet arya & phone no. is 9254673483

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    Thumbs down Outward remmitance from SBI

    My father is a retired pensioner living outside india. he has to send his "life" certificate every 6 months to get his pension transferred out to his account overseas to the SBI . this process is a nightmare everytime they loose the letter..we have to follow up with several calls to the branch. there is no proper acknowledgement of the original letter receipt. we end up sending several copies for one transfer. and for each transfer a 800rs fee is also applied. is there a better way of doing this?,,,it will give some peace to my father and Mother. I am not disclosing the SBi branches to save them the hassle.

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    Default For Di posited Payment Not Entry.

    Dear Sir,
    I have deposited 25000/- (twinty five thousend rupees ) In my account No.31700481234 Account holdar name mr. Divesh Pratap Shahi Address H.No.634/67,Umanagar West of Rajendra Chwak Yesterday 10:45 AM but the diposited entry is not sowing in my account i visit to withdrwal the amount in account ATM balance 916.00 (nine hundred Sixteen).

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    sam_kumar72@yahoo.com Guest

    Default Atm not open attach bank

    I santosh visit in ur sbi atm in u.p mau junction railway station but atm is closed .i confirmed other people he say thet this atm is closed last 1 years that reason so please solve the problem because customer is open a/c in your bank but facility is no there .and one think in main market sbi bank attach atm is also closed and stutter down in 08.00 am then how to customer get the money in atm . So plz solve the problem and take positive action in against bank manager .if u feel to free to ask .

    Thanks & regards

    santosh kumar


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    Dear Sir !!

    i want to say that a few days ago there are some money hasbeen credited from my a/c, but im sure that i have not withdrawn the money. In my mini statement itz showing that i have withdrawn the money for two times but i dint do that sir.....

    so please kindly debit my money back in to my account.Ill b thanks full to u....

    Thanks and regards:

    Name- Neeraj Kumar jha
    A/c No- 30225085545

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    Default Solvency Certificate for Education

    Hi Sir ,

    My name is Ravi , I am applying for US Universities for Master's program . Hence I wanted a solvency certificate so that I can show universities that I have capability to fund my education .
    Today I approached SBI bank Electronic city . The bank staff was not very friendly and was not able to co-operate with me . Finally I was able to contact some one and the person informed he will give only the solvency against my bank balance and not by property ....I am from a middle class family I don't have 30 lakhs in my account to show . So hence I wanted solvency against my property , But the bank staff are saying no we can't give .....upon getting admission I am taking education loan that's how I am planning for Masters .

    But the bank is spoiling my future , without the solvency I will not be able to apply for any of the universities . why these nationalised bank are not understanding . why can't the middle class student can't apply to the universities even if I have some property to prove that I can afford the education

    Please some one help me regarding this as I am short of time . I need to apply to the universities .

    Ravi Narayana

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