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Thread: Whirlpool Product at Harsha Electronics, Mangalore- Bad product and service

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    Default Whirlpool Product at Harsha Electronics, Mangalore- Bad product and service

    Its over month now and no one have turned up from Harsha Electronics or whirlpool to get this problem fixed.

    Please take back the refrigerator and give us our money back. Looks like Whirlpool is a product company which does not have a service division. And it definitely makes bad products and absolutely zero service.

    We have called up more than 20 times to get the problem with the fridge fixed. Its completely dead since over a month. This is the second complaint that i am lodging with consumer court. There is a limit for anything and we have reached a limit. Please take back the product and give back our money.

    And for people to be aware- Please do not purchase products from Harsha mangalore and never buy any whirlpool products. Before you buy bear in mind that they do not have a service division. Hence put together, the product and the service, the product would definitely go bad and you would never get service. If you are ok with this please risk buying.

    WhirlPool- Waiting for you to take back the product and give us the money back since you do not follow what you have written in the warrenty book.

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    We are Very-very-very frustrated. Its never happened with any other product that we have purchased. Whirlpool is worst. I am sure with this kind of product and service whirlpool would not last for long.

    This is the original Complaint i lodged 2 weeks back:

    Beware while purchasing Whirlpool Products. Their authenticity about claiming No.1 in market is absolutely not true. I feel that it might be a backdoor way of attaining that No.1 status. I have had bad experience with their product and service not once but twice. Their products start with problems just in a matter of 1 year. First a washing machine a few years back and now a fridge.
    Had purchased a Whirlpool Professional Refrigerator worth Rs. 35,000 and other electronic products from Harsha Electronics K S Rao Road, Mangalore - 575001,total amounting upto 1 Lakh Rs a year back. The fridge started with its Whirlpool effect few months back. The compressor goes off abruptly and comes back on after 7-8 hours. We called Harsha and the service man appears after several calls with Harsha. The Service man turned up to be a discoverer. He told us that this behaviour is normal with the fridge since the light glows inside and the inside area was cool, hence no problem. Basically he did not want to look into the issue or did not know the technical aspects of the fridge. He hands over a personal number warning us not to call Harsha and call him if anything goes bad. The fridge behaviour continues as stated above and finally dies down completely a week back. We come to the conclusion as per the service man that the fridge is half alive, since only the light glows and the compressor is dead and temperature inside is of room temperature.
    Now the compressor does not even buzz or come on ever after hours and days but we simply wait for it to come alive but with no hopes. We called the gentleman Whirlpool Serviceman. Mobile switched off, not reachable, wrong number (Sachin- 9743408639). We have called Harsha for a week now but with no service man present till date. It’s a 405 L fridge and all the food and vegetables’ inside have gone waste. Lot of food wastage due this condition as everyone knows how crucial refrigerators are these days for food conservation. But who cares!! Neither Harsha nor Whirlpool. Whom do we blame?? Whirlpool or Harsha. First place Whirlpool for such a bad product and service which is even worst. Secondly, Harsha who show flowers while selling products but have lot of excuses when it comes to servicing.
    We the people have to wake up to know our rights. Let’s not support these companies, business and products with such bad business ethics. Just sell the product and washing hands is not a way of business.
    Beware when dealing with Harsha Electronics and be sure you do a survey on other electronic manufacturers, rather than buying Whirlpool just for its No. 1 name. I am sure there are lot of other brand who provide good product and service.
    Bottom-line- A no-no to Harsha Electronics and a Big NO to Whirlpool Products.
    Now what do i do with is refrigerator or where do I go??? Can Whirlpool or Harsha respond? One week, lot of food wastage, no solution or follow up by anyone.
    But I am determined to take this negative campaign again whirlpool and harsha further. Consumer is King!!! Let’s all prove Friends!!!!

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    Default Consistent poor Service delivered by Whirlpool over and over again

    Constitent POOR Service provided by Whirlpool. This should be tag line for Whirlpool products!!!! I would like to share my experience with Whirlpool products and would like to advise anyone who is planning to purchase any appliance... PLEASE refrain from purchasing Whirlpool!!!!! The electronic products made by whirlpool are sub standard and are likely to breakdown within sometime. on top of that the customer service provided by Whirlpool is worst in the industry.

    The customer service representatives and technicians hired by whirlpool are very bad. They treat customers like we have taken a huge loan from them and oblige us by coming for a service.

    I have unfortunately purchased a Whirlpool frigde and Automatic washing. Both have had bad PCBs several time now and most of the time the parts are unavailable. Along with the poor quality of the product whirlpool can easily boast of its terrible service and that I have experienced for both my product.


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