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Thread: Patsanstha recovery of loan

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    Question Patsanstha recovery of loan

    My father has taken loan from saikheda nagari patsanstha, saikheda, they r now trying to recover 8 times than the loan amount my father has not given any guarantee to them now they hv sealed our home. is there any govt gr for the amount to recover (or we can say about what % should bank recover from a loan holder) Please help me out for the same

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    Default Patsanstha Recovery of loan.

    I want to know exactly rules and regulation of the patsanstha while they recover the loan
    My father pais 3 times the Actual amount but still they are not satisfied thay want amount by the interest of 18%.
    So kindly can anyone please provide the total/ legal information about patsanstha recovery scheme.

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    Default loan vasuli

    मी 2003 रोजी पतसंस्थेतून 16000 हजार रूपये कर्ज घेतले होते.2006 पत संस्था बंद झाली. व त्याचे थकीत कर्ज दाखवून 58000 हजार रूपय मागत आहेत.

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