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Thread: Wipro's WEP UPS service Worst

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    Default Wipro's WEP UPS service Worst

    2No of our UPS is not working.We tried with the toll free No
    18004256446 and also to 08214004800.But the answering machine said in
    a short while our person will contact you.But nothing happen.

    Now iam giving the detai of the 2 no of UPS

    1.SERIAL NO:10JSU078098/MODEL IS 600va eco

    2.SERIAL NO:10LSU087241/Model is 600VA ECO

    like this i send mail to wepcare.support@wepindia.com on 15th July.But till now no response from them.Could you help me.


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    satishchandra sharma Guest

    Default complaint no.54020131106831

    on toll free no we have logged service complaint no 54020131106831.they said to solve in 2 days but no tecnician from company reach to our office to the writting of this massage

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    DRUPAD Guest

    Post Wep ups

    The charge is not stable in ups.it is only about 2 years old.the ups is not taking charge not just for 1 minute.the sound of the ups is too disturbing.

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