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Thread: Overcharging by Whirlpool of India Ltd for product OLP Flat Type THK1340 (Small FIN)

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    Default Overcharging by Whirlpool of India Ltd for product OLP Flat Type THK1340 (Small FIN)

    I had registered a complaint no. GB0811001035 with Whirlpool Customer care on 3rd August 2011 for a problem related with my Whirlpool Refrigerator. Subsequently, the Engineer named Mr. Vipin Singh visited my residence for attending to my complaint. He replaced a part called OLP Flat Type THK 1340 (Small FIN) and charged Rs. 750/- besides a service charge of Rs. 285/-. He issued a receipt also to this effect. I had no reason to disbelieve the Engineer particularly on the product price as he was deputed by the company authorised service centre.

    However, after he left, I noticed that the MRP of the part OLP Flat Type THK1340(Small FIN) replaced, as printed on the product label pasted on its packet was a mere Rs. 56.00 only. I felt cheated and befooled. I immediately contacted the no. 9212557415 from which the Engineer had earlier called be before coming to my residence. One Mr. Ketan responded to my call and I was told that this no. belonged to whirlpool service centre. On explaining the matter of this overcharging to the service centre, to my utter surprise, I was told that the prices printed on the labels are wrong and the correct charge for this product is Rs. 750/- as charged from me and I can verify the same from company's branch office if I so desire. Accordingly, I sent my complaint to the company's complaint portal email ID helpdeskindia@whirlpool.com. I even forwarded the mail to company's CMD Mr. Arvind Uppal's email ID arvind.uppal@whirlpool.com. I also further followed up with the company's customer care department on 5th August 2011 and was told the same thing that the correct price is Rs. 750/- and not Rs. 56.00 as printed on the product label. I requested to the customer care department to register a complaint of this overcharging by the company's service centre which the executives named Anubhav and Kishore Kaloni refused to register and instead I gave me the contact no. 0120-6480794 of branch coordinator Mr. Anil Kumar. Mr. Anil Kumar was not forthcoming in the office on this number and I was told that I should try this number after 12.00 'O' clock. His mobile no. 9289959109 as given by the customer care department was also reported to be out of service. There is no response from helpdeskindia@whirlpool.com as well as arvind.uppal@whirlpool.com with which I had registered a detailed complaint earlier on 4th August 2011. You can well understand the plight of consumer if the company representatives themselves start casting aspersions on the genuineness of the prices printed on their products.I have no option but to knock the doors of consumer court forum with a hope to have a satisfactory resolution of my grievance at their level.

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    Default Purushottam Sinha

    I've purchased a whirlpool washing machine from Bhagalpur Bihar
    Washing Machine Serial No is INF103608666
    and we've informed to the service centre on dated 31/01/2013 Complain
    No PT0113006269
    but still there is no response from your call centre or service centre
    So please I request you to solve the problem as soon as possible so
    that our trust at your company
    should be the good as it was earlier

    Thanking You

    and hope we will get the problem solved very soon

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    Default Poor Service for last three years - 320 litre WHIRLPOOL Refrigerator.

    Dear Sir
    I have been loyal Whirlpool Customer for Whirlpool Refrigerator and Washing Machine since 2001.

    I have been proudly owning Whirlpool Refrigerator and Whirlpool Washing Machine since 2001 which I purchased in Delhi then.

    Since 2005 I have relocated to Vadodara.

    I have always been using authorized service of Whirlpool whenever I have encountered product malfunctioning problem and never called any service provider from outside.

    I own a refrigerator model 320 L SUMO. I had purchased same on 23.11.2001.

    On 16/6/2011 due to no ice formation your authorized service station Dolphin Refrigeration changed the FAN MOTOR and billed me for Rs. 1830/- .

    Again on 8/3/2013 the fan motor was replaced and I was billed for Rs. 2190/-.

    Again today in response to my complaint NO. AH0714008529 for poor cooling and no ice formation, I have been advised that the fan motor has to be replaced and I would be billed for the same.

    Further I was informed that the bracket of the fan motor was broken. I would like to put on record that the same has been broken by your service engineer who attended to my complaint last since I am not competent to open the same nor I have called anybody from outside.

    Last time itself, I was desirous to escalate my complaint and wanted to inform the company of my bad experience as above and I was led astray in the maze of your call center and customer service and nobody bothered to empathize with me and attend to my concern and forced me to doubt my loyalty to WHIRLPOOL.

    I have been wondering as to whether the fan motor used by your service engineer has been spurious as a result of which the same conks every year and a half or the quality of your parts has deteriorated.

    The motor brought by your service engineer every time does not have any company tamper proof packing or hologram to say that the same is new and original.

    If the new fan motor provided to me since 2011 conks every one and half year puts doubt in my mind as to what will happen if the new WHIRPOOL refrigerator is purchased with such a motor.

    Further I would like to bring to notice that your service engineer has visited me without taking appointment as a result of which I did not share with them the satisfaction code this time as well as last time.

    Further I wish to bring to your notice that your service engineer this time had severe cold and running nose and he has handled my refrigerator posing me and my family with health hazard.

    This time today when I wanted to escalate the complaint, I have again been led into the maze of customer service and call centre to give me similar bad experience of the past when I called up your corporate office and expressed to speak to the head/ general manager of customer service.

    With great difficulty and expressing my desire to talk to you I was guided to Ms. Jyoti and at her behest and assurance for sorting out my problem for good, based on merit, I have explained to her the matter as above and await her promise to be fulfilled.

    Not feeling confident about my past experience I have taken liberty to write to you directly to bring the agony of customer like me to the direct knowledge of the highest office.

    I would also like to request you to kindly use your good office and

    1) make the highest officers directly accessible to the customers and not lead them into the maze.
    2) Let me know that the fan motors used as replacement are genuine
    3) If they failed every one and half year three times in last three years unlike the original one which lasted me for 11 years, then ascertain quality of these fan motors and arrange for replacement for the right quality of fan motor free of cost and also if my case is meritorious refund me the cost of spurious/ low quality fan motors provided to me for two times.
    4) Put a system to ensure that a sick person with contagious sickness like cold and running nose does not attend to customerís fridge which is used for storage of food.
    I would like to put on record that the quality of power in Vadodara, Gujarat is stable and consistent and I still own and use a stabilizer.

    I also own a 290 liters frost free refrigerator from Godrej which is inherited by me from my mom and is therefore much older that the Whirlpool one owned by me as above but have never experienced failures as above so far and is available for inspection of your staff, if they desire and has been performing flawlessly year after year.

    I look forward and thankful for service response through your good office as above and to my delight as loyal Whirlpool customer thereby make me hold Whirlpool in the same high esteem as earlier.

    Prakash Jadhwani

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