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Thread: Cambay Holidays is a fraud company

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    Angry Cambay Holidays is a fraud company

    I, Ashish Dhawan was invited by the telecalling agents of Cambay holidays to collect a free holiday gift voucher. I had visited their noida office with my family on 4th july. There instead of giving me the free voucher they started to advertise about the comapny's various offers. Even after I insisted that I am not interested in any kind of membership they kept on offering me with lucrative offers. Finally I and my wife agreed to their offer of one year membership which they said would cost us Rs. 12878/- out of which we will receive a cash back of Rs. 8000/- within 30 days. The membership included a seven days holiday anywhere in India for four adults and two kids. it also included access to the cambay clubs throughout the year.

    I was shocked after receiving the documents of the membership by post. It said that the membership is for 10 years and I will have to pay Rs. 101000/- and only after paying this amount I would receive a cash back of Rs. 8000/-. The document read that the membership is only for two adults and kids instead of four adults that was promised. It didnot mention anything about the cambay clubs membership.

    After receiving the documents I called them up and also gave a complaint on mail, but they didnot reply back. After calling them after a week of written complaint they denied to give the cash back with very harsh words and also embarassed me on taking their membership. They also are not ready to cancel the membership and pay back the entire amount.

    I am extremely depressed by their response and would seek consumer courts help to get my hard earned money back.

    My Cambay member id: CFH0000001174
    The receipt no. 1518

    Ashish Dhawan
    O-306, AWHO, Vivek Vihar,
    Sector 82, Noida-201305
    Mobile: 9990800147

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    Simran Sharma Guest

    Smile Cambay the best holiday planner

    Well Mr Shalinder ,i disagree to u as i am also the member of cambay i tolked the membership on 12th june 09 (blue) and befor offering the price to me they have clearly told me about the season ,price etc to me and even i have enjoyed the holiday throug tem inkerla n the services provided to me n my family through them was outstanding ,even i am the member of club mahindra(red) for last 2yr but thr services from there side is zero as in last 2yrs i planned many holiday through them but they never provided me the holidays .But been the blue member of cambay they provided me the hoplidays just in 1week prior notice.Ya now as you have mention that they commited u some cash back ,which they didnt provided u but i would again disagree to u as they also commited me this n they clearlly mentioned that i will get this reference amount of Rs 3000 on first reference n on2nd i will get 5000,and after the visit to kerla i have given them two reference in which one is converted and i have got the call from cooperate for my 1st reference amount.

    And i am very happy with the services n the commitment given by noida unit to me .

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    Dear Mr. Dhawan,

    Do you have any postal address of that Co. If yes then send your complaint to them through registered post or courier and keep a copy of that letter with you. If you do not get the solution from the Co. then you can also file a case in consumer forum against the Co.

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    Nadeem Khan Guest

    Angry Cambay is a fraud Company

    I agree with you Mr. Dhawan they are a fraud company.I also faced a similar problem as yours.And the guy Varun kalra manager of noida branch I am definately going to put him behind bars he is the biggest cheter I met.And he respondent not well with me.

    Any ways the guys who are the same victim I am please let me know so that we will take action accordingly.

    I need to have my hard earned money back

    Nadeem Khan

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default varun kalra of cambay also cheated me as well

    This guy Varun Kalra also cheated me. He said we will get a cash back of 8000, but after chasing them for 2 months i wrote to the company and the company told me that we will only get a cash back if we will give them some active references. Which was shocking. varun Kalra took my signature by fraud on a 12878 rs receipt, and after 2 months i got a 2500 rs eni charge on my credit card.

    i went back to their manager DEV SHARMA, but he told me that varun was caught in a fraud and they fired him, and i should wait for my money. But the next day it seemed that this guy Dev Sharma was even a bigger cheat, and Varun kalra is still in the company. they are all frauds, and the whole management supports them. they just make you many delightful promises, and get your signatures on some initial papers, and you are trapped.

    We will all have to gather and do something about these guys as these kind of people are like cancer in our society and they should be stopped urgently.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Varun Kalra needs to be arrested for fraud

    Varun Kalra from the NOIDA office of Cambay Holidays in Sab Mall, is the biggest con-man/bluffmaster/fraudster that I have seen till now. I agree fully with Mr. Nadeem Khan above where he says Varun Kalra is the biggest cheater and needs to be behind bars. I have talked to Mr. Nadeem Khan over phone as well.
    He is committing crime daily
    1. He asks for ID card first. When you say you don't have it, he says can I have credit card. You show it to him. He snatches it, and leaves immediately. He comes back with two charge slip. One is normal charge slip of 12,878 and the other has the card number embossed on it. You ask him why did you swipe the card without my permission and behind my back and he says - "Sir paise lene mein hum der nahin karte hahahahaha". You ask him what is this other slip where you have embossed by card and he says - "Sir it is same as your Rs. 12,878 payment". Actually this thing is for the EMI of Rs. 1,00,000 payment for the 10 year membership that will start automatically on you credit card.
    2. He makes a lot of false promises that amount to cheating (420). First that we will get a refund of Rs. 8,000 along with a stay for 6 nights at any 5 star hotel without any charge or taxes. He mentions a lot of destinations in a way that seem like someone saying names of dishes at a dhaba. The offer seems very lucrative. Only after he has swiped your card will he tell you about the real thing and that too only if you ask him in detail about each thing. You will get the discount of Rs.8000 after 45 days. He makes a false claim that you do not need to pay Rs. 1,00,000 before the company gives you the discount. He says he is giving references in your name. He says the EMI will not start automatically and the company will call you before they start the EMI.

    All of this is untrue. You will get the Rs. 8000 discount only if pay them the 1,00,000 along with two new references who should also become a member.The EMI for Rs. 1,00,000 will also start automatically.
    Remember the slip where the card was embossed and the hurry in which Varun Kalra got your signatures here and there and everywhere.
    All this is horrific. They are getting members really fast. Besides me I saw two new members within an hour when I went there. They are cheating people. And it is coming out in the open.
    In the end Varun Kalra will simply say to you Sir, please cancel your card and file a dispute with the credit card. May be you will get back your first EMI of Rs. 2600. Sir, Forget the Rs. 12,878. You cannot get it back.
    If you get agitated he will insult you and throw you out saying - "Jo karna hai kar le"
    This guy needs to be taught a lesson.
    I am sure he cannot do all this independently without the complicity of his managers. The NOIDA manager once said to a person that Varun has been fired because he was accused in fraud, while Varun was actually working in the office. This implies the manager (Deep) is also involved deeply.
    I think the company knows about this person and has received complaints. They are working to sort out the matter. I could see that regional managers are scrutinizing the NOIDA office.
    But this company needs to do a lot of damage control if it wants to keep a good name in the market.
    People like Varun Kalra will take down the reputation of company if the company is trying to build one.
    We must all get united and find out people who have been cheated by Varun Kalra. These guys should not go scott free and continue to cheat people.
    Even if we have lost our money let us stop these guys from cheating any more innocent people and robbing them of their hard earned money.

    Cambay Holidays is taking notice of this page as well. They called up people who have complained on this forum.
    They are also trying to put in fake people on this page. One of them going by the name of Simran Sharma, writes "Cambay is the best holiday planner" This is in response to Ashish Dhawan's original complaint. Simran Sharma, which branch of Cambay Holidays do you work in? NOIDA or @@@@hinagar? Could you please post your contact information, email or phone?

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Varun Kalra the conman must be taught a lesson

    Varun Kalra's parents should be ashamed that they brought up such a char sau bees. Varun's parents did not care to give him values. On the contrary they would be quite happy that there son was cheating so many people and brought back the money.
    God knows how a civil society can survive with such people like Varun Kalra. He is a criminal and a menace to the society and should be made to be in community service for at least 5 years in some a remote village, so that he learns some values that his parents did not care to provide him.

    Varun Kalra has committed many crimes

    He completely misguides and brainwashes people by telling them that they are not actually taking up a complete membership. He tells that you pay Rs. 12,878 and then try out the services by taking a stay for 6 days in any place among the so many places he mentions. If you do not wish to continue further it is completely fine. He says Cambay people would contact you to make you a "full" member. What you are taking is just a trial.
    The innocent customer sees reason in his arguments. That is because he is not making any payment any more that 12,878. He could stay in the 5 star hotel and then not make any further payment. Varun Kalra lies that the customer will get back Rs. 8000 as well. This makes it a very lucrative offer. 6 days in a five star hotel, anywhere, only in Rs. 4,878 net!
    The customer asks for each confirmation, insists that things are in writing and the Cambay staff led by Varun Kalra gives each assurance. They completely convince the customer of their lies.
    Meanwhile the customer is still thinking "I haven't made any payment. Let this proceed. I will check the things before I make the payment."
    But suddenly they will all together fool the customer. They have all been trained to enact this drama. Varun Kalra asks for credit card just for ID, or for any other excuse, like verification. He snatches the card, and the other person starts talking to you. Varun Kalra comes back after swiping the card for 12,878 and also for the EMI.
    Besides the initial misguiding by lies, this one is the second crime that he has done.
    He has not taken permission for swiping the card from you, he did not tell you he is swiping your card and he swipes it behind your back.
    The customer is just too shocked to react. Some customers fight back and yell, how dare you swipe the card. Refund it immediately. Some customers get even more confused and more under pressure. Varun Kalra has already taken your money. Money is gone from your side, what choice do you have?
    Varun Kalra simply says this cannot be refunded, money has already gone. If you still insist, the best that can happen is that you can now cancel this and the company will send you the refund. To a customer called Santosh, this exactly happened. Varun got him into his web. You ask for cancellation form and Varun gives you the membership form. You shout at him, and he says that this is how the things work. You are getting deeper and deeper into his con.
    Even if you do not react immediately as in most cases you are still thinking that there is no use fighting. You cannot get back money like that. Only way open is through putting your point across in a nice manner. You are still hoping that this person is working in a corporate, the office is in Sab mall, the person would be having some scruples atleast. And Varun Kalra is giving you all the fake assurances, all the fake promises of unending service and affection.
    Varun takes your sign here and there again lying about everything. He misleads you completely. He says he is taking you in the right direction when it is actually the worst that he would be doing to you.
    You will ask him about the slip on which your credit card is embossed. This seems to be a very outdated system. He is already taking your signatures on an electronic charge slip. He will lie to you it is the same as Rs. 12,878 and that he has to do the other thing as well for the official process.
    You do not realize that you are authorizing for the EMI to start for the payment of Rs. 1,00,000. You are actually becoming a full member, and all what Varun Kalra has said till now is crap. Even if you read the slip of credit card embossed, you will not see the Rs. 1,00,000 being mentioned.
    Varun Kalra does forgery on all these documents later to start the EMI. You have now paid Rs. 1,00,000 (through EMI in future) and Rs. 12,878 (already paid) and you do not even know.
    They will take your sign everywhere and you have no choice because you have already paid. Either you are under too much pressure or you are also under too much feel good, brainwashed into you by all these people with their false promises.
    Most people will not realize until it is too late. The exit plan has been hidden from you. It is only until first 10 days that you can cancel your membership.
    They will not give you any documents at the Sab Mall office to carry back. You will not know anything.
    The 10 days will be over and you have no way out. You keep calling everybody at Cambay and they will not cooperate at all. You will keep hitting ad your head against a wall.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default A small success

    Yesterday on 26 September 2009, a group of people who had been cheated by Cambay Holidays, NOIDA got together and complained to the police about Varun Kalra and Deep Sharma.

    We as a group, went to the Police station near Great India Place. The Inspector listened to our grievances and immediately called up Varun Kalra. He said come here in 5 minutes or I am coming down to your office.

    Varun Kalra, Deep Sharma and Shibu George immediately came over to the police station.
    They tried to dodge the situation. They thought that there cheating game plan/fraud /forgery is very well planned and that they can get away with it.
    Varun was trembling when the inspector told him the facts plainly.
    We came to know there are 250 cases pending about this fraud.

    Remember how Varun Kalra the cheat will get the card out of customer and swipe it without taking permission. He will ask the customer for the card on the pretext of ID, or for verification or to just check the card if it will work, or he will say show me the card, let me see if there is some offer on it etc. or any other reasoning.
    Then he will swipe the card immediately.
    He is a thief, a thug and a criminal.

    Let us grow our group. If we go alone these guys have already planned they will say to you, that you have signed yourself, you have given payment.
    But when we go as a group and complain to Police/Consumer court or Criminal/Other court then it is clear that Cambay holidays is robbing us. How is everybody making the same mistake?
    Consumers are not making mistake. It is Varun Kalra and his group of conmen, his managers who are doing fraud and forgery.

    Do you know these guys are expert in forgery. They start the EMI without your approval.

    In some cases where people have actually given written letters of cancellation, they have forged those documents as well. Suppose the person has put a date of 5, these guys will make it 25.

    Luck has now run out for them. The law will get to the collar of these guys.

    We should try to bring these people to book, by doing whatever we can.
    There are many many options still open for us.
    Just keep fightning against these cheats.
    They will try whatever they have in their book. They will try again those psychological tactics. Like they will make you insecure that we will not give your money especially. They will think that this way you can be broken in willpower. They might try to frustrate you, or they might keep giving you a tough time by sweet talks and more false promises.

    But this time keep everything in writing. Write down you discussion and get their acknowledgement.
    Insist on written documents.

    Let us start a few complaints in the consumer court, media, police.

    We need to launch a drive against these people sitting in Sab Mall and duping the innocent people, swiping their credit cards without their permission, forging documents, making false promises and brainwashing people.

    Important thing is to make a large group, because there are many who are in the same boat as us. We need to get in touch and then approach the law enforcing agencies.
    If we fight alone we are hitting our head against a wall.
    But by fighting together we show to the world the scam that these guys are doing.

    Varun Kalra is the next Harshad Mehta.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default r you a dumbo

    first of all i will like to ask wheather you a macture man or dumbo .i agree that the pepole of sabmall would have called u up for gift of 2night n 3days and would have also taken an hr from u and they would have tried to convence u for taking there membership but how any body can take out payment without ur permission and as ur saying that varun has taken ur card and swaped it but i am sure that he would not have hold ur hand n fourced u to sign the merchant copy or any paper,add if u talk about the emi i am sure if u have written so much then u would be an educated guy and should sign any paper after reading n understanding it.But sorry to say that u seem to be that ,that any body can make u fool and can take money from u .Any way if ur are right person then u would have mentioned ur name ,number,email id add so that company can revert u ,likE Mr Ashish Dhawan has mentioned his full detail but u didnt mentioned it .

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Re: r u a dumbo

    Hello Mr. ,
    Here are the few points that you must consider for understanding the fraud being committed.
    1. There are 250 such cases. Is everybody dumbo in these cases? We went as a group to the police. We are all victims of fraud by Cambay Holidays. The scamsters and Frauds work in ways that are similar to these people, and law always gets on to them.
    2. Nobody can hold your hand and get your signatures by force. But by fraud, false promises, misguiding and cheating, people can get your signatures. There have been many cases among us which simply amount to the height of cheating, but I will not mention it here. Those are the cases where immediate refund and cancellation of the credit card swipe was asked for, but was denied and was told that the refund process can go on only by signing the following. I would rather produce all of details in court to protect my own interest.
    3. I read all the documents carefully. There was no mention that I am authorizing the payment of EMI on card. Of course this person has forged documents and also hidden the documents.
    4. This person did not give any receipt even on asking. I asked for a receipt and he said, I have the charge slip. Rest of the documents will reach home.
    5. EVERYBODY - mind it everybody (of those 250 odd people) gets shocked when they see that the EMI has started, because they did not knowingly authorize it. Of course these guys are playing the dirtiest game.
    6. These guys will convince you of everything. That "We are sitting in Sab Mall, working for a corporate, we will not run away with your money. I assure you that whatever (fake assurances) I am making are 100% true." You ask him all the doubts you have and he will give you GOLI all the time. It is very difficult to really digest that a person and a company like that would have no scruples at all. But that is the actual case.
    7. Those guys say a lot of things but do not give anything in writing, even if you insist. Nobody wants to pick up a fight immediately. They will dillydally you till the first ten days and you don't even realize that they have got you deep into their web.
    8. Also there have been cases where the letters written by customers have been forged. If the customer writes the date as 5, these guys make it 25. Forgery is not a small crime. There has been forgery at many steps. MBA people working in corporate and sitting in Sab Mall, doing forgery! They must get triple punishment.

    Finally there is no use to argue my case here with you. I will do that in the court or with police, media and that too only as a large group.
    You may be an employee of Cambay, or you may be Varun Kalra yourself, you haven't given your number either. By now Varun Kalra would have become a liability for the company. The person who was cheating people into getting membership till yesterday and being rewarded by his unscrupulous managers would have become a burden for the company by now.
    We will decide in a group whether we will sue the company or Varun Kalra. But if they do not refund the money we will sue them for sure. If they think their scam is very well planned and very well executed and they have all the excuses like those that you mentioned, you do not realize the power of the customer.
    Cheating is not allowed by the law of this country, and the bottom-line is that a lot of people have been cheated by this company. We have faith in the judiciary and believe that the cheats will be behind bars.

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    Unregistered Guest


    I am shweta gupta member of cambay holidays.i recently visited Jaipur property which is really ossam. varun and himanshu attand me in noida venue, and gave the presentation the way of presentation is very good and all commitments made by varun kalra has been fullfilled, the both guys are favolus so i am wishing for him a bright future
    shweta gupta

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default quality at cambay resort & commitments

    Dear Sir,
    we have taken a membership of cambay holidays for 10 years by name of shankar from HIMANSHU & VARUN KALRA(MANAGER). when we taken a membership some people misguide me about membership & services. i approached back to Mr. VARUN KALRA he suggested me to take a practical ride of holiday and then i planed to go kerela to use cambay property.when i reached there i felt that the property,services & commitment which were given to me, really excellent.
    and when i came back to noida , i paid the rest amount in one shot & thanked to both guys for such a beautiful holidays.


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    Default Do not post biased statments.

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Dear Sir,
    we have taken a membership of cambay holidays for 10 years by name of shankar from HIMANSHU & VARUN KALRA(MANAGER). when we taken a membership some people misguide me about membership & services. i approached back to Mr. VARUN KALRA he suggested me to take a practical ride of holiday and then i planed to go kerela to use cambay property.when i reached there i felt that the property,services & commitment which were given to me, really excellent.
    and when i came back to noida , i paid the rest amount in one shot & thanked to both guys for such a beautiful holidays.



    Thanks for your feedback. But the location of " shweta gupta 9716915090" and your's is totally same.

    The IP Address is:
    The host name is: ABTS-North-Dynamic- .airtelbroadband.in

    so please do not post biased statements and feedback this may misguide others.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Thank you Admin Sir for being so vigilant

    Dear Admin Sir,
    With very high regards, I appreciate you for being so vigilant and unbiased. Your comment above about the IP address being same is very much appreciated. Your meticulousness to protect the interest of the common consumer and empowering the end user will bolster the morals on which a society must be based.
    Thanks a lot.

    P.S. --> So it appears Cambay and Varun Kalra will always be up to some con, some smart games. They will not stop fooling the people, and will never accept their mistakes. Cheating has entered deep into their conscience.
    They are clearly putting up the phone numbers of their friends, Cambay employees and their partners in crime. They are surely not among the common lot, from whom they rob the money through unfair means.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Cambay People are great Thieves


    I have taken a Cambay Memebrship , but when i ask them for bookings, Kerela, Goa , Jaipur, they said that all their properties are booked. But the next day i got a call from Cambay Customer Center, and they offered me holidays in their Kerela resort for 17000 for 3 days. But when i told them that i am there member, they immediately disconnected the call.

    So, If you alll are getting together for any action against these frauds, please do let me know.
    My contact number is 9910107870.


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