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Thread: mattress issue with peps india

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    Default mattress issue with peps india

    Hi All,

    This issue with mattress of peps india in which we purchased on 12th january 2011 from haryana handloooms (j.p nagar 3rd phase),

    Mattress which we bought have warranty period of 5 years but their is no response from peps company , We contact so many times to peps india but we not recieved any response from their side.

    That mattress we have bought , we found lot of bed bugs and mattress get band from bottom side .

    Beds bugs are the insect which can cause human being skin reaction , but peps company do not taking any action

    Only giving excuse from past three months


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    gurnit Guest

    Default regarding fake commitment

    peps india has made my all income waste....i ve spend 25 thousand just to buy my mattress n they send faulted mattress.....plz take some action against them and against evok store located in crowm interior mall..fairdabad...i had purchased 1-2 lac price products but all are defected....im really frustrated from these guys....it look a lot of time to save money but they wasted my precious moneyyy....plz do help me
    regards gurnit

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    senthudts Guest

    Angry Mattress issue with peps india

    I spend the money in peps erotop model, but peps supplied the mattress is all most damaged condition. I complained the company and asked them to replace the new mattress. But the company give the same mattress after change the cover only the mattress loss the original look the mattress have more bends and stains also i have been waiting for more than 20days to solve the problem and still not used the mattress please give me a solution to solve this matter.

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    PEPS Customer Guest

    Default Poor services of PEPS India - Not recommended their sales man and K Madhavan fools people

    I had bought 3 PEPS mattresses and had to replace them for faulty size given to me 10 inches instead of 8 inches. I got my replacement done however local sales person in Maharashtra Rahul and Rakesh did not refund Rs. 10,000 that was charged extra. Earlier they said they will refund, later they said that I received same mattresses with reduced hight, I don't believe in them as they say all mattresses are make to order hence I will never get refund.

    I tried several times to speak to their Bangalore office now moment I talk about complaint their staff is trained to disconnect the phone.

    So not just employee but owner also is consciously fooling people by not responding to query.

    Aggrieved customer....

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Peps Restonic

    I had Purchased a Peps Mattress belonging to thier Restonic Category called Peps Restonic. This Mattress is having a Hard net on the One third Part of the Mattress The company claims that is reduces the back stress while sleeping . But in my case My back has started paining Due to that Net in the Middle of the Mattress I can't Sleep. This Company is just a Fraud Company. I have tried several times to contact the Company But on the website i can't Find any contact number I have filled the Form 7-8 times But I can see no Response from the Company. I Suggest all my friends here to NOT to Buy any Product from PEPS as this Company has poorest After sales Service. I am suffering from the last 5 months and still can't get any help from he company.

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    KNSKUTTY Guest

    Post PEPS Spring koil mattress - Worst and Cheating Company

    A bed named PEPS Spring Koil with guarantee period of 5 years purchased from M/s.Bed Plus, Trichur, Kerala found to be unworthy. Sleeping in the Bed had lost my sleep, because Body Pain increases day by day. Same has taken up with the dealer as well as with the Company. No response till now. I recommend my friends not go for such mattresses in future.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Peps Spine Guard - Worst Mattress

    I bought the Peps Spine Guard with a layer of memory foam, the I bought we could never had a proper sleep. Even after multiple complaints there is no proper response. Its been more than 1 year now. I paid 23K & suffering. Presently it becoming more problem so planning to buy normal cotton mattress coz earlier we used the same it served for 10 years now.

    Worst experience from PEPS customer service at Hyderabad.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post poor quality mattress

    i am dealer of peps mattress the company says best quality mattress is our product but in two month mattress is sage & company is not responding

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    Unregistered Guest


    It is surprising to note, that complaints are unheard but I had a great experience with the brand Peps. Actually I had purchased Spine Guard mattress but the size was bigger than the cot size when informed their representative, within 48hrs the mattress was delivered to my residence without any additional cost & with a note, sorry for the inconvenience & have a great sleep....I truly feel Peps is International Brand...keep it up.

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    prakash babu Guest

    Default your mattress very poor

    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default wats wrong wit u people? all grumpy goons!

    See. Obviously peps is an international best seller n all u grumpy goons who claim to hv spent a fortune on the mattress... may I ask u one thing... u guys are filthy rich and yet so poor at speech... pls stop faking and grumbling. Its very obvious u r trying to sell ur own brand of mattresses which probably shares the same quality as peps but not the brand value. Stop fooling unsuspecting customers...

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default great product

    I too had a great experience with PEPs both service and product. Very happy with them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    It is surprising to note, that complaints are unheard but I had a great experience with the brand Peps. Actually I had purchased Spine Guard mattress but the size was bigger than the cot size when informed their representative, within 48hrs the mattress was delivered to my residence without any additional cost & with a note, sorry for the inconvenience & have a great sleep....I truly feel Peps is International Brand...keep it up.

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    indu leekha Guest

    Default d worst decision

    We bought peps mattress n I repent for d day I took decision to buy it, first dealer doesnt even know how to take right measurements, so first delivered was smaller in size, complaint to company n the senior most person said, dealer problem, anyhow after lots of aarguments new mattres given, oversized but we as a customer didnt noted as it was little oversized,. With in a month the mattress got suppressed due to ds nI got bad backache. Forced to sleep on floor. After complaint as per d warrenty it shud be repkaced.
    Mr sanjay looking after pune gave commitment of new mattress. As we were shifting from pune to mumbai after delivery we didnt chkd. After shifting when we opened the old mattress was made to actual size but with bad cindition of foam as it was already supressed due to over size.
    Mr sanjay stop takibg our calls n messages were not replied back.
    we are forced to use it as its bought just a year back . We r trying to sell it n I m suffering from backache n muscle problem.
    dealer to salesperson of company, their commitments , everything is a lie.
    I used another branded mattress for 14 years n no cmplnts n after buying ds mattrress not slept peacefully for 14 days also.
    Biggest cincern is co people dnt care to solve our concerns.
    Warreny says replacement not repair.
    I invite company people to collect n sleep on ds mattress n see how bad dr product is.
    lastly I am not hoping that I will get any call from company.

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    muralimegalingam Guest

    Default Peps mattress - severe back pain

    I purchased PEP spine guard ultra 8 inches used for two months getting back pain and I feel very tired every day after wake up because of no sleep on that PEP mattress is very hot used mempry foam in mattress . After sleeping that mattress I feel that my journey will end because of back pain and no sleep.

    Now I am sleeping silk cotton bed. I going joiking push up

    Therefore I suggest everyone not to buy this product. I request to pay back my money spend of 40,000 by taking this consumer complaint.



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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Peps Mattress Issues

    Purchased Bonnell spring pillow top mattress, but after 3/4 months of usage it started impacting my health significantly....having body pains. My child and wife are also having similar body pains....there is something wrong about their quality. Strongly Recommend not to buy. Poor Quality.

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