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Thread: Form 10C

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    Default Form 10C

    EPFO, Bandra - EPF No. 7796. The form 10C was deposited by the employer for the withdrawal of money on 09th Apr 09 and the acknowledgement was issued by RPFC, Bandra, Maharastra. But they are claiming the non-receipt of form 10C. How to claim the money in the above account.


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    Kindly post your complaint in detailed manner with your permanent address and a valid email ID, this will help us to understand the exact problem you are facing.

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    Default How to receive the PF Money

    I was worked in a Private NBFC based Concern. 7 months Only i worked there, and i got an another good job so i was shifted to someone concern. In the mentioned period my previous concern taken 4 months PF amount from my salary. I need to get back that money. i have PF No and region details.

    I just want to know how to approach the PF People , what are the documents i need to submit and howmuch time it will take for action.

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    Post Not able to withdraw money form my 10C form.

    Dear Sir,

    Good Morning.

    On April 16th -2011, I submitted my PF forms- 19 and 10C in Noida PF office. After 3 months, both forms were rejected and on verifying the status in PF office I found that reason for rejection were:

    -- Reason for leaving service was BLANK in my forms.
    -- In Form 10C, option 'Yes' was checked on second page for 'Do you want scheme certificate in lieu of withdrawal benefits'.

    PF official said that there is no need to re-submit new forms with correct entries, you just need to attach an application to 'PF commissioner' mentioning the reason of leaving and option 'No' for form 10C certificate.

    I did the same and within 15 days I received the amount of Form 19 in my bank account. However, when I checked the status of Form 10C, it was showing 'Scroll pending' status with reason 'Pending DA'.

    I met with the official in office and he said that you will get this money only after 58 years as option 'Yes' was checked initially in your form which can not be modified now. He is the same official who earlier said that certificate is not issued yet and you can get money after writing the application.

    Please help me out in getting the PF amount of form 10C which is around 20-24000 INR as I am need of money badly.

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