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Thread: Complaint against Unitech FD

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    Jul 2011

    Post Complaint against Unitech FD

    I had a fixed deposite with UNITECH ,which was matured on 20/march/2011 , but till date I have not recived the interest amount dispite continuos remiders to head of deparment in both kolkata & Mumbai location

    Joydip Banerjee - 9836680964

    Habib ali - 916331524

    My FD was under scheme B of UNITECH ,applied from Kolkata location on 20/9/2010 for 6 months at 11% PA

    REF NO- 088225

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    anupkansal Guest

    Default complaint Against Unitech FDR

    I had also a fixed deposite with UNITECH ,which was matured on 08/September/2011 , but till date I have not recived the interest amount dispite continuos remiders to Unitech at NCR Branch

    Anup Kumar - 9818098210

    My FD was under scheme B of UNITECH ,applied from NCR location on 08/09/2010 for 1 Year at 11% PA

    REF NO- 085115.

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    sanjay rawat Guest

    Default unitech matured FD amt not recieved


    I have applied for unitech FD scheme and its matured on 31/08/2011, but till now I didn't recieved my maturity amt, pls help me to get my FD amount earliest,
    I have applied for the same on last month.

    following are my details:

    Name: Sanjay Singh Rawat
    FDR NO: UL/FD/A/034957,
    Account NO: 083016
    Date Of Issue: 31/08/2010
    Maturity on: 31/08/2011
    Maturity Amt: 25000

    Sanjay Rawat

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Interest for delayed period

    I made a fixed deposit of Rs. 35000/- in unitech on 23.10.10 for a period of 06 months. Against the deposit, FDR No. UL/FD/B/079395(A/C No. 95492) was issued in which date of maturity was shown 23.04.11 and the maturity value was Rs. 36925/-. During Mar 11 the FDR duly discharged was forwarded to the company for maturity value. Subsquently , the company forwarded ch. no. 499743 dt 23.04.11for Rs. 1925/-towards the payment of interest vide speed post no. ED950795966IN dt 21.04.11. Whereas the cheque for principal amount was despached vide speed post no. ED950809395 IN dt 06.05.11 which was required to be despatched 05 days before the maturity date. The cheque was presented to bank and credited on 20.05.11due to the fault of unitech. Therefore, I requested the company to pay the interest for delayed period i.e from 23.04.11to 20.05.11. However the company is neither replied my letter nor my e-mails.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default contact for pending F/D redemption amount,Interest

    For contact to us for pending company F/D redemption amount,Interest , company shares, dividends, warrant & W.dividends,bonus shares etc.

    Krishan Mohan Agarawal.
    Investment Solution
    B-140/1 J.C.M.AgarwalBhawan,Yadav Nagar Samaypur
    Delhi-110042 PH: off: 011-27835540
    Email Id: scajca1942@yahoo.com 011-27833125

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Non receipt of unitech fd


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    Dec 2011

    Default Complaint against Unitech FD

    I have invested Rs.25,000/- in Unitech Fixed Deposit scheme for period of one year. The details of the FD is as under:-

    FDR No.: UL/FD/B/062758
    Account No.: 079034
    Date of Deposit: 17/08/2010

    I have sent the FDR on 05/09/2011 but till date I haven't received the cheque for the priciple amount Rs. 25000/-. I have received the interest of Rs. 2893/-

    I have sent emails; tried to contact on phone but they are simply not responding.

    Swapnil Pradhan

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    Dec 2011


    Non payment of principle amount for Unitech FD No. UL/FD/B/073551
    Principle amount : Rs. 80,000/-
    Maturity date 27th July 2011.
    Cheque received of interest only.

    Not received the principle amount till the date after having continuous follow up from agent and myself from August 2011.

    Jaimin Shah

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    Dec 2011

    Default Unitech FD Principle amount not received

    FDR NO.:UL/FD/B/071280
    Account No.:087452
    Date of Maturity:17 September 2011.
    Principle amount of 1 lac 50 thousand not yet received.
    Original receipt send to the company.
    When will these people give the money?????

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    Default Unitiche not giving payment after Maturity

    I have FDR no - UL/FD/B/077782, Account no 093945 date of maturity 18/10/2011. I have recieved the inerest timely but even after submittion my original FDR reciept I have not been paid the principle amout nor any responce.
    S K Sinha
    9234602132, sks_rk@rediffmail.com

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    Default mrs

    I had also a fixed deposite with UNITECH ,which I given for prematured withdrawal on 29/01/2012 , but till date I have not recived the interest amount and my deposite amount of Rs. 100000 dispite continuos remiders through my advisors.

    Thanking you,


    Lakshmigowri K P

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    Jul 2012


    That's the reason i don't prefer corporate FD's. You will end up wasting your time.

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    Default Complaint for Not recd. FD Amount

    Dear Sir,

    Complaint against Unitech FD

    I had a fixed deposite with UNITECH ,which was matured on 26/July/2012 , but till date I have not recived that matured Amount
    I had Send Original Fixed deposit document through HDFC, Jamnagar Branch

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    Unregistered Guest

    Arrow Unitech fdr 1024379 dt.31/08/12 for reneval

    Dear sir,

    i have a fd in unitech ltd for rs.50000/-. I have received interest cheque in adv. Before one month. Than i sumbit for reneval for
    next one year. But three months has been passed but my fd not received. I have sumbit fd for reneval in karvy, sector-14, gurgaon. I went to karvy office gurgaon and sumbit a letter for fdr not recevied. But no body want to listen my voice.pl.arrange my fd.if no action was taken than i think for future inveshment in banks .


    shanno devi
    h.no. 674-75, bhim nagar, gurgaon-122001

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint against unitech ltd

    I had purchased Unitech Ltd FDR no. UL/FD/B/004828 DATED 09/09/2009 bearing Account No.007423 for Rs.25,000/- whose date of Maturity was 08/09/2012 and maturity amount being Rs.35769/-. Inspite of three Reminders and returninfg the Original FD by Regd Post AD the company has still not responded with an acknowledgement nor posted me the maturity amount.
    Adv Neville Fulwadiwala

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