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Thread: lost baggage due to irresponsible and careless jetairways

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    Default lost baggage due to irresponsible and careless jetairways

    I lost two baggages due to irresponsible and incompetent check-in staff of Jetairways while coming from toronto to delhi on 31 may 2011. Now almost a month has left and they were not able to track my baggages.
    Each time I used to call their call center, same response used to come that they are in "trace" and that too after prolonged wait over phone.From their side they never bothered to call me single time regarding the current status of the "trace" process.
    Recently I received one from them saying that "your baggages have been declared lost" and your file has been sent to claim department.

    The claim amount they are giving me is far away than my actual monetary loss, even if I forget about what all problem, I faced due to this incident.

    Below attached email provides the full picture of incident, how much incompetent all departments of jet airways are. And it clearly shows they not at all think about customer interests at all. They know just how to make money out of innocent people and when comes the time to pay them back, they try to take shelter of IATA rules. They never thought their whole process is so much failure.

    Please find below the full first email I sent to Jetairways. It will explain the full incident.

    As per my experience I noticed following problems in jetairways.

    ##1. Their Check-in staff is immature and incompetent and above all careless and irresponsible.
    ##2. Check-in staff is not trained enough for handling problem situation as evident from below email.
    ##3. There is hardly any transparency in baggage tracking process. That might be intentional to avoid their failure system exposure. Customer represetative are trained to give just one status "In trace". When We ask beyond that like what all airports you have checked for my baggages and other steps taken to trace my baggages. then they will be having standard answer saying "I'll ask my supervisor to call you". And they never called as expected any time.
    ##4. Claim department is trying to hide the act of check-in staff and incompetent tracking staff behind the IATA rules. Saying they will only pay based on weight. I am pretty sure IATA rules would have created to favour customer and they are using same thing in their favor. I lost around 3500$ and they are talking about paying me just 800$ ( That too wrongly calculated based upon 40kg weight whereas my baggages were of 64kg.). Why can not they take the responsibility of mistake committed by their staff and pay me the right compensation.
    ##5. I am not at all convinced that two baggages of same person are first misstagged and then both lost. one bag missed or exchanged with other passenger is justifiable if they are of same look. But two baggages of 32 kgs each?? there is something wrong with Jetairways.
    ##5. when I landed in delhi, I was not having any clothes to wear and all my other daily use stuff, documents etc were lost. I was not having enough money to immediately buy all those stuff and resume normal life and I had to borrow money from my friends. I was thinking that they will reimburse my loss but I was proved wrong.

    /******Email as sent to jetairways giving a highlevel picture of my loss****/
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Me along with my family travelled from Toronto (YYZ) to Delhi (DEL)
    via Brussels on 31 May 2011 using jet airways(9W 229). Please note
    that this was my worst travel experience, I ever had eventhough I
    opted for one of the leading airlines in the world. More over being
    employee of Tata Consultancty Services who gives considerable amount
    of business to Jet Airways, I was not expecting this sort of
    negligence. We received non-professional treatment from the check-in
    officer and we are yet to receive our two baggages past 14 days.
    Customer service representative does not have any update apart from
    the latest status which is ďunder traceĒ. They are not able to give me
    clear and transparent picture as to what is happening in the
    background. That would have given me the feel that in background my
    problem is being taken care of. I believe this is not kind of
    information for which Jet Airways needs to maintain confidentiality
    and I have every right to get the details.
    Please find below the details of the travel(Names and e-ticket number)
    and complete details of my experience during this travel.
    Dinesh kumar (Self) 5891752754420
    Shital Tag (Wife) 5891752754421
    Angad Dinesh kumar (Son) 5891752754422
    At the time of check-in we were asked to reshuffle items from one
    baggage to another baggage in order to meet 23 kg per baggage
    requirement by the check-in lady around 4:00PM Canada time (EST).We
    requested her to keep the baggages as-is basis and we were ready to
    pay any overweight lump sum amount. Which she refused and to follow
    the process we readjusted the baggage as per the request and again
    went to check-in lady. She gave us boarding passes and for the sake of
    formality, I asked her whether the boarding passes are of Delhi (DEL).
    She said boarding passes are for Chennai. We were shocked after
    listening to her as our e-tickets were for Delhi (DEL). We immediately
    informed her about the b@@@@er she has done. Then immediately she
    herself realized her one more b@@@@er of wrongly tagging our couple of
    baggages. Couple of baggages out of those wrongly tagged baggages; she
    had already put on the belt for loading. She called up somewhere to
    check till where those baggages have gone and asked her counterparty
    to put hold on those baggages.
    Then she corrected our boarding passes, we paid 100$ for two
    overweight baggages (please note that these are the baggages which are
    missing). We again and again requested her to cross check whether
    baggages are correctly tagged and their correct delivery. She said
    everything is OK.
    Please note that information, I provided is sufficient enough to
    identify the lady check-in officer. If even then you are not able to
    contact her, please let me know. Iíll provide every help tracing her.
    As she can be crucial in tracing the baggages since she knows
    technically what went wrong.

    Upon getting her confirmation, we boarded the flight. After reaching
    at Delhi airport on June 01 2011 9:40PM, we could not find our two
    overweight baggages out of total six baggages. We informed relevant
    department of Jet airways and did required formalities.

    ReferenceNumber DEL9W26741

    Missing baggage Tag
    number 9W969632, 9W969633 or 9W969634
    One bag was red colored 4 wheel bag ( Brand Name Delsey)
    Second bag was black and gray with 2 wheels ( Brand Name Eddie Bauer)

    Please find below the details of items present in those two lost baggages.
    1. Remington epilator
    2. Hair straightener
    3. Manís Body grooming kit
    4. 4 Ladies purses.
    5. 4 new old navy jeans for kids
    6. 4 new shirts for kids
    7. 4 new T-shirts for kids
    8. 4 new Baby dress
    9. Perfume
    10. 1 Wrist watch
    11. 1 hand bag with Indian money ( It went to check-in baggage
    mistakenly while re-shuffling)
    12. 14 Carat gold chain( It went to check-in baggage mistakenly while
    13. 1 Gold dolphin shape pendent( It went to check-in baggage
    mistakenly while re-shuffling)
    14. 2 Barbie Dolls.
    15. 1 Motorola Mobile
    16. 6 Menís trousers
    17. 10 Formal Menís shirt
    18. 10 Casual shirts and T-shirts
    19. 10 new girls dresses
    20. Cosmetics items
    21. Ladies and Menís jackets
    22. Many idols of God (which includes sliver idol of Ganesha).
    As you can assess from above list, our day to day life has hampered a
    lot due to these missing baggages. I am left with hardly any cloths to
    wear at home and for office. Apart from that we bought lot of stuff to
    gift my nephews and nieces. This involves both monetary and emotional
    loss to me.And above all there is huge amount of time loss to
    recollect these items. There will be transportation cost as well
    involved as everything will not be available under one roof.
    Considering above, I request Jet Airways to expedite the process of
    search of my lost baggages. Please look into this matter urgently. As
    a last option, I will be seeking help from consumer court and from my
    company HR.
    /************************************************** *************/

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry careless and incapable staff of jet airways..

    i was travelling from delhi to jaipur in august on rakhi festival.n when i reached jaipur i found my baggage was replaced by some other baggage n i returned it immediately n waited for my luggage..i had an important meeting to attend and followed by dat my brothers were waiting 4 me to tie them rakhi and i waited as the airport authorities assured me dat they will trace the person with whom my baggage was exchanged.till noon they culdnt do anything except talking.then they told me that they'll inform me 1nce they get any information of my baggage..and i came back.after 7 days i called them they told me dat they are still looking out 4 my baggage n took another 7 days.after 7 days i only called as if it was my carelessness.every time i call them they put my call on hold for 15 minutes and then whoever is there on the call i have to tell him/her my story again and again,then i got the call only once from the airport to tell me that they culdnt find my baggage n its lost.they told me the claims procedure n i got a mail asking for my account details n the claim was 450/-per kg.my baggage was 8kg which comes like the peanuts amount.n the value of items in my baggage was far more than this peanuts amount.i was so hurt as the items include the gifts for my brother which i bought on rakhi for them.i agreed for my claim bt the most surprising thing about the jet airways is that i send them the reply for mail thrice n they didnt give any response to it.after 1 week i mailed them asking for the status of my claim and frequently i got the mail that they have closed my case for which they gave the reason that they didnt gt my mail,i was surprised as i have the proof that i mailed them thrice n it was successfully sent.the another surprising thing was that when i mailed them about my claim status they frequently replied me.now this is the heights.i called at jet airways (jaipur airport) and asked them abt my case and they were unaware abt this n gave me the reason that claim department is saying dat they have no proof that u lost ur baggage now this is a ridiculous reason n i was so damn pissed off.because i have the clear proof which shows that i paid the overweight price at delhi airport for my baggage n the baggage which i got was not 8kgs..its been more than 4 months and there is no response from them.
    wat to do?i dont understand now...

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    pinaki prosanna mandal Guest

    Default bag not received 50000/ rs properties

    Blue vip bag.

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    N.Ahmed Guest

    Default loss of my Baggage

    Mr. Naresh Goyal Ji & Team
    Jet Airways

    Sub: Careless staff in Jet Airways at Delhi & Srinagar

    Baggage Ref.No: SXR9W10238

    Respected Sir,
    Respectfully I Beg to state that I have booked a flight for my son ( 15 years but he is short size)to
    srinagar on 22.Feb.2015 in 9W 603...as usual I drop them at Delhi Airport & waiting for him to get the
    Boarding pass
    but some of jet airways staff refuse to give them Boarding pass & ask me to pay more Rs 1973 extra charges
    because my son is small kid & jet airways provide staff till my son enter in plan... I think all is Ok & I
    leave the Airport after approx 15 km passing I received a call from from lady from jet airways that your
    sons baggage went to other plane please don't worry you will get it next day... i say Ok...
    I call my family in srinagar & they bring the cloths approx Rs 5400/= because you know that kashmir is cold
    this time... & it is necessary to get the cloths...
    From 22.Feb.2015 till today I called the Jet airways in Delhi-Mumbai & Srinagar.. But I am not getting
    respond from your staff.. every time they say will check & get back to you...some time they are not Pick the
    phone.. yesterday I called SHIJI & she say within 12 hours you get the baggage & today she is not pick the
    phone... this is the service of jet airways... I think the staff of jet airways is very careless..

    Now I am requesting you to kindly look in this matter personally .... as I have important things inside the
    suite case like pashmina shawls..one Gold chaine.... 2 imported watches.. 6 Banaras ladies suite....3
    samsung mobiles....4 imported sweaters.... and clothes of my son & other small valuable things for my family
    members... all these are very very important for me.....
    I hope you will look in this matter personally & take action urgent basis...

    Thanks for co-operation

    Yours sincerely

    father of Mohamed Roohan
    Ph.9818719009 & 9310068708

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