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Thread: SBI International Debit Card

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    Shrivijay Guest

    Default SBI International Debit Card

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ID:	5686I am facing the following problem.

    I am currently abroad. I was having a SBI International Debit Card, I was using it for last 2 years.
    But few days ago it got captured in an ATM, when I approached my bank they said we blocked your card because we thought these are illegal transactions. When I asked them why they didn't confirmed me about the same, there was no answer.

    Further the bank where my card got blocked asked a fax from my bank, so that they could return me my card. But SBI refused to do so, and asked me to apply for a new card.

    Do they have the right to do so?

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    P.VIJAYA SRI Guest

    Default Sbi international atm cum debit card

    Iam having international atm cum debit card.
    Presently i am in united kingdom
    and iam not able to use the above card.
    Is this card not valid in uk.
    Please advise
    p.vijaya sri

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    ab1982_nikita@yahoo.co.in Guest

    Post Non Receipt of Payment from ATM.


    My daughter has received a debit master card No.5196 2000 1368 4633 on opening an saving account in your bank no.32121874408. Sir when she was in badly need of money she had been to the ATM on pressing all the formalities demanded by the ATM she had not received the money but an printed remark on the screen was shown stating INVALID ACCOUNT.

    I just cant understand when my account is in process how the ATM machine is showing an INVALID ACCOUNT.

    Please look into the matter and do reply in a line.

    Your reply in this matter will highly be appreciated.

    Thanking you,


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