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Thread: ICICI Prudential life insurance

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    BKN Guest

    Default ICICI Prudential life insurance

    HI, i was promised on the kids policy insurance that i can cancel and withdraw anytime. later i was shocked and surpirsed to find out that i cannot with draw until 4 complete years and i will lose 40% if i do so!! more over the insurance was linked to markets and shared which was never informed to me!! the terms and conditions is very confusing and not at all clear. i lost 40 thousand of my hard earned because of their cheating. They linked my policy to market shares and kept telling me about some NAV value which i was never aware. when i cancelled and withdrew my money, i got only 40, 000 where i paid 90,000 over 3 years. the ECS debits use to happen promptly from my salary account and this what we get from these cheats!! who dictate terms to us by taking our hard earned money.
    Please help me out and tell me how should i proceed in taking action against them and getting my balance amount?

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs up ICICI-Prudentials UNETHICAL MARKETING with Sex

    This is to inform that in ICICI-Pru life office, Paltanbazar Guwahati, Assam. It has been found that a group of people selling their policy to some customer by luring for sex. When inquired it has been found that a divorcee woman & her boss is doing this for the purpose in branch banking division. Where the said woman previously worked with operation & now working with training dept.

    This is unsocial, unethical process of selling policy. At the same time destroying the social environment.

    Concerned dept. should take it seriously.

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    Kindly refer my complaint dated 27th October 2009.

    I am in receipt of a mail today from ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company
    through their officer Ms. Teena Katyal and her final findings in the
    complaint (copy enclosed).

    This report sent me might have been in concern of Hon'ble Court.

    In this context she has only gone through the contents and pages laid in the
    policy however their alleged officers have not been interrogated.

    I prayed Hon'ble court that officers of ICICI issued me the policy on the
    telephonic commitment and they made me fool saying that they shall arrange
    me the committed Bonus surely upto Deepawali.
    As regards my acceptance of the policy there may not be doubt that I agreed
    to a policy but on the terms which have not been included in the policy i.e.
    the commitment of their alleged officer Mr. Ronit Roy and Mr. Devendra
    They obtained my signature as they take from a common man incapable to
    understand these conditions himself.

    I am not alone the citizen cheated by such fellows. I have visited the local
    office of ICICI and have seen number of persons making similar complaints to
    the officers of ICICI. It is evident that there is a racket of such agents
    who commits such dishonest means but never interrogated by the authorities
    like Ms. Teena Katyal.

    Sir, I therefore pray the Hon’ble court to interrupt in the matter and
    arrange me an early refund of claim as the next premium dated of the said
    policy is shortly to become due on 20-12-2009 and the ICICI will lapse
    policy in question alongwith premium Rs. 10,000/- .

    With regards,

    Balkishan Sharma,
    D-190, Thermal Colony,
    Kota (Rajasthan) 324008

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    purn chandra maikhuri Guest

    Default hi

    i want to know about my balance today at NET without login
    please provide me the procezer.....

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    velmurugan Guest

    Question To know about my nav amount to my kids policy

    i want to know about my balance today at NET without login
    please provide me the procezer.....

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down utilizing newspapers uniquely

    I visited Dr.Dr. Jayprakash Bhatt’s Laboratory in Rajkot one afternoon for a cardiogram in connection with my proposed insurance with ICICI Prudential.
    I was shocked as I was taken to a dusty and a sickening storeroom instead of a proper lab for my cardiogram. I have had more than enough experiences with cardiograms so far to realize the oddness of this particular one because the ECG machine, which was being used, was completely outdated; so much so that I am quite sure it is incapable of giving an accurate reading. Not only that, the technician was not even qualified to test me because he was a Path lab technician with only cursory knowledge of cardiograms which showed when he put all the electrodes in one straight line on my chest instead of placing them at specific places for detection.
    What struck me the most was that after the procedure was over I was given a piece of newspaper to clean the gel off my chest. A piece of newspaper. When I asked him why, he said this is how it is done here. I doubt if my results would be actually interpreted by a real doctor or if they will simply have the compounder determine the results. There was no way to identify that the cardiogram was mine. All he said was that my name is on that piece of paper which is enough.
    This laboratory is supposedly an ISO registered facility providing superior medical care but when I spoke with Dr Rathod who was in charge , he said the lab does not get paid enough when a patient comes through an insurance agency. Therefore they are not really given much importance or priority. I have never had such an encounter in my life before and I have had many. Never have I seen such a shining example of inefficiency and neglect. It appeared as though the entire establishment and all the employees there were doing me a great favor by giving me some of their precious time.
    I think you can safely concur that I will never avail this laboratory’s services ever in my life. However I want your company to give this episode a serious thought because whether you are in the business of medical insurance or not such a brilliant display of deteriorated civic sense should not go unnoticed.

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    Question To know about my current balance

    I want to know about my current balance on policy no. 02822350

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    The Customer Care call center is very annoying. I am not able to know my fund value of a policy even after verifying all the details. I have following concerns.

    1. If the Policy owner calls the customer care at any given point of time, and verifies all his details, doesn't he is entitled to get the desired information ?
    2. If your customer care commits to provide the fund value message with in 24 hours, why didn't we get it as expected ? Doesn't the fund value change in 24 hour ?
    3. If the policy owner calls the Customer Care again for the same issues on the next day, he came to know the disclosure of fund values from there is prohibited under privacy and security policy ? Does policy changes takes place everyday or your own customer care cell is lacking integrity in information sharing ?
    4. If this is a regular process at your organization, then customer like us shall take some strong steps so that it shall not be repeated OR it is done for specific customers who seems to be innocent on call and can be fooled easily ?
    This is what happened with during current week.

    Call ID 36001949, the I am having e-mail conversation with the following person, who is not answering my question at all.

    Dimple A.
    Manager - Customer Service
    ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
    ICICI Prudential has been recognized as India’s Most Customer Responsive
    Insurance Company for the 3rd time by Avaya Global Connect Awards 2010

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