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Thread: HSBC Bank Complaint against credit card

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    Gabriel Chinnappan. Guest

    Default HSBC Bank Complaint against credit card

    Name : Gabriel Chinnappan. R Credit Card Number : ********096 . I have purchased for Rs.12600, after confirming that I can convert the amount in to EMI. When I made a request for the EMI conversion, the customer care team told me "I cannot convert it to EMI". If I was told earlier clearly that it was not possible to convert into EMI, I would have not at all purchased for such an amount. And Also I was told by the representative that the credit card is life time free card, but now they are charging me Rs.700 as maintenance fee. I have complained regarding this to HSBC (info@hsbc.co.in) saying all the above, but they replied me the same that the maintenance fee can not be reversed and the emi conversion is not available on my card so the amount can not be converted in to emi. HSBC Complaint reference number is 07072009762. Right now, I am on financial crisis, and I could not able to pay the amount also. I request you to kindly do the needful for me with regard this.

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    rajikoshy Guest

    Thumbs down Hsbc credit card are cheating public

    Hsbc dont use these credit card - they will rob you - without your knowledge. I will explain it here in detail and with their statement.

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    PSRR Krishna Guest

    Unhappy HSBC company without basic ethics

    My credit card number 4384 5999 9072 6639 which I was using from Nov 2007 is expired on Nov,2009. I was about to request for cancelation of my card, since I was not happy with the services of HSBC.

    I mantained zero purchase on the card from July 2009 by clearing personal loan earlier. They have not returned the interest as I have cleared earlier but in Dec 2009 I got an Email stating I have to pay Rs 2000+ as part of annual charges and so.

    Why should I pay when I am not owning any credit card?

    Let me know, how to deal with a company that don't have basic ethics in bussiness.

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    Default HSBC Credit Card: On-line fraudulent Transaction

    Dear Sir
    I am Deepa Manna my HSBC credit card No. 4384 ********0750 issued in my name DEEPA MANNA was fraudulently on-line used in December 2009 for Total Rs.54498.00 without my knowledge while card is in my possesion. Detail as follows.

    1) TATA SKY LTD. Mumbai Rs. 3500.00 ,Dated 11th December 2009
    2) Naaptol online shopping , Navi Mumbai Rs. 5199.00 , Dated 11th December 2009

    3) Dell India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Rs.45799.00, Dated 14th December 2009

    As soon as I came to know about this transactions I requested HSBC card Division to block my card immediately.

    As per Banks advice I have also faxed the Customer Dispute Form at card office in Chennai, Complaint Ref No.090120107386. Bank told it will take 45 days to revert on complaint.

    Please also note that I used my same credit card last time in September 2009 for Payment of my Airtel bill by swaping the card and in January 2009 IRCTC.COM in on- line transaction.

    As per RBI guideline for credit card w.e.f 1st August 2009 you must have additional password for on-line transaction which is not visible on the card.
    Since I stopped use for on-line transaction so I didnot registered my card for additional password/ net secure.
    " Your card is not registered for Secure Pay" This is confirmed by customer care through mail.
    When My card not registered for on line transaction how do the bank authorised the transactions??

    Pls. help how could I get rid of this problem??.

    Thanking you

    Deepa Manna
    MOb: 9313184932
    email: mannadeepa@gmail.com
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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Dattatray Pradhan

    HSBC Credit Card No: 4862698900279217


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    Without any delay send a written notice to the below mentioned address of the HSBC Bank via registered post and ask them for the transaction details.

    Visit: http://www.consumercourt.in/address/...complaint.html for notice reference.

    Note: Keep one copy of Notice and the registered post slip.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    senthilkumar Guest

    Post Credit Card Complain Form

    I am Senthil. I am in Sivakasi. I dont have HSBC account and credit card. But i hae received some phone calls from your ofice to my mobile and my home mobile number and land line number. They asked us and me to pay the credit card balance. I don't have account in your bank then how can i pay? Can you pleaes check with this and avoid this type of phone calls. Otherwise i will take legel action regarding this.

    The person who can make a call to myself is Kishore. His number is 9884841174.

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    I was having Hsbc credit card and I went for a settlemt with HSBC. They told me to pay the amount before 27th of March 2010 and I made a payment by paying them through DD. I gave the DD to their collection agent. He has given me the receipt and also the letter from bank stating that if you pay the full settlement amount at a shot, We will nullify you account and will send you the statement showing zero balance. I have paid the settlement amount for which I have the receipt and all the supporting documents. I also have the all conversation audio tapes with me. Now when I call HSBC they say that you have to pay a new settlement amount and the earlier letter is not valid and they are harrsing me.
    Please any one let me know what to do in this regards

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    I was holding a silver credit card of HSBC bank for many years. This card was issued to me stating that it is ‘FREE FOR LIFE’ and there are no joining fee or Annual fee or any other hidden fee at any point of time.

    True to that, I was not charged any fees for the past many years UNTIL on 13th April 2010, they charged Rs. 700/- plus service charges towards annual fee plus Rs. 350 plus service charges towards annual fee of one add on card.

    I sent an email requesting them to waive off the annual fees to customer care department in their email id info@hsbc.co.in on 14th April and I got a reply mentioning that there is no FREE FOR LIFE credit card and that there was some promotional campaign going on at that time, which is not there currently and I should pay the annual fees as above.

    I wrote again saying that I was not informed of any promotional campaign earlier and also I was not informed of closing of any promotional campaign. I requested them to cancel the card immediately. They responded saying I have to pay the annual fee as above and then can take up request for cancellation through different channel, by writing to their office address or talking to phone banking.

    I do not intend to make the above payment as I feel cheated by HSBC by giving false information and their deliberate intention was to cheat.

    My questions are

    1. Why the annual fee all of a sudden on a card promised to be FREE FOR LIFE?
    2. Why the annual fee or joining fee were not charged in the past many years?
    3. Why was I not informed of the promotional campaign to waive annual or joining fee at the time of taking the card? What are the details of the campaign?
    4. Why was I not informed of the closing of the so called promotional campaign, if at all it were there?
    5. Why was I not given an option to cancel the card before levying annual fees?
    6. Why was I not informed prior to charging Annual fee.
    7. My calendar cycle was from 14th to 13th of any calendar month. Why was the annual fee charged on 13th of April, which prevented me to cancel the card prior to charging the annual fee, as it was charged on the last day of the cycle.
    8. Why was there no mention of the period for which annual fees are charged?
    9. I know of one instance of such levy of annual charges and on request, the same was waived off on 15th April 2010, stating that the fee is waived due to some promotional campaign going on now. That means there is some promotional campaign going on now. Why was that promotional campaign benefits not extended to my card. Why this double standards of HSBC offering promotional benefits only to a few. In what way am I different from those?
    10. Where can I take legal recourse and what are the legal remedial courses available to me from this daylight robbery.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default complaint against HSBC bank for issueing life time free gold card no 1905

    This card was issued to me as life time free in june 2007, but in dec 2007 anual charges were raised without informing or consulting me. There was no payment pending in terms of purchases or withdrawal of money against this card. No response against my objection, I stoped using this card, the amount hase been raised to Rs 17585 on date from Zero in these three years, they have posted even in cibil as overdue and now writen off. When I applied for educational loan in favour of my son the bank says you settle things with HSBC bank, as loan cannot be given against written off loans.

    I am really surprised what to do, whether pay HSBC bank said amount which i never borrowed or fight.

    I have decided to fight against such atraucities. I prefered this forum please.


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    Kali Guest

    Angry Complaint Against HSBC Bank Credit Card Nuisance and Mental harassment purposely

    Hi all,

    This is Kali. I have closed my credit card during 2009 December. There is a CPP(Card Protection Plan), which was communicated by the customer care and I didnot accept to it too. By still they deduction around 1000 Rs. and while closing my card I told them i shall not pay that amount. Even after 10 months they r calling me and my native place regularly and due to this I really get mental stress.

    I have paid the amount which was told by the customer care person 1.5 months back & now they come back & tell me I need to pay some more amount for the same. Please help me where I can legally register a complaint against them or to get rid of this issue.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default without permission insurance charges deducted in our a/c.

    My hsbc credit card no.4476925499459126.
    Name : Mr.manjit buttalia
    our complaint is : They have deducted rs.363 from our a/c. Without our permission.
    We dont wont any insurance.
    Pls refund our these amount in our this credit card .
    Pls do not deduct this amount in our credit card by today.
    And urgentlt deposit this amount in my account

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default To Reverse late fee Rs 400/-

    I am a credit cardholder of HSBC bank last 6-7 years.I pay monthly minimum amount due regularly within due date . last month ( 15 Sep to 14 Oct) .I had paid 600/-by cash within due date on 05.11.2011 but charged 400/-late payment in 15 Oct to 14Nov statement.I request to the bank to reverse late payment charge and credit in my account.

    Thanking You Your's faithfully

    Radheshyam R Patel

    Card No.4384599915542087
    email address: radheshyampatel619@gmail.com

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    Default Complaint against Credit Cards

    Dear Sir,
    I,Mrs.Rekha Karnik staying at Thane,would like to cancell my as well as my husband's
    Credit Cards having following details for the reason that i have been cheated by sending me the bill for Annual subscription charges although it was given to me as life time free card. When
    I talked with one of your peson Mr.Somnath on toll free number,he has requsted my wife to put
    a complaint in writing on official site so that the complaint can be taken care off.
    HSBC GOLD CREDIT CARD NO 4183 5788 9008 0118 For Rekha Karnik &
    HSBC CLASSIC CREDIT CARD NO. 4183 5699 ooo1 0070 For Milind Karnik.
    The cancellation of cards is initiated due to Annual subsciption fee of Rs. 2206/= levid
    on my card though it was lifetime free card.The statement of my husband's card does not show the above charges.But to avoid the similar confussion in near future, I am putting a combined request of cancellation as we are not the regular users of Credit Cards.
    Pl. do the needful at the earliest & keep me updating of your action
    98206 73914 & 99704 36594.

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    kaamranmb Guest

    Post Credit card re-settlement

    Dear Sir,

    I mujawar kamran MB has settled down the Credit card no : HSBC Bank 4476 9299 9733 3650 in the year of 2010 with a letter no : FFS/SBS/18022010/646 with a mount of Rs.10000.Now after 03 years this stupid bank's one representative Sanjay 82914 28819 is calling me everyday to pay some 5000 Rupees more.
    Please take an action to stop this fellow and direct the bank to issue me a NO DUE CERTIFICATE to guard me future harassment..

    Thanking You.

    Mujawar Kamran MB


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