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Thread: Genins India TPA Ltd Complaint

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    Default Genins India TPA Ltd Complaint

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I have submitted my Mothers documents for medical claim long time back at Genins India TPA Ltd. Noida Office at the following address ... Genins India TPA Limited B-127 Sector-2, Noida Ph: 95-120-4144100 Fax No: 95-120-4144170-71 E-mail:gil@geninsindia.com I wish to know the status for the same; her claim control no is (NI-64-15669) After several email sent to them (Please see below the trailing emails) nobody is bother to response on the emails written to them... over the phone they said that the claim has been rejected, because this claim we are claiming in 1st year of the policy, however this is not any in continuation of pre-existing illness, nobody is ready to give the reason in the written email, nobody is responding... when I went to collect the Medical documents/reports and bills submitted for claim, I sense form their talk that they have misplaced the documents, now they are saying that you need to collect the documents from their Haldawni Head office... however this was not the case when I submitted the documents... I want the claim, and if they said that it is a pre existing illness as they are said because of this you have took the policy, then they have prove it, with written communication Looking forward to hear from you ASAP on the above matter... Thanks Richa Gupta 9810477544

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    Default Claim has been denied with the reason that BAMS doctor cannot prescribe allopathy medicine

    Genins has denied the claim saying BAMS doctor cannot prescribe allopathy medicine.

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