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Thread: IRCTC not at all working at 8AM everyday

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    Default IRCTC not at all working at 8AM everyday

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ID:	5411ear Sir,
    Whenever i try to book a ticket in tatkal, i am not at all able to do that, the site is very slow and even if we try to book ticket in 2minutes also by that time we are getting waiting list. There are agents and railway employess who are booking tickets illigally and selling those in black market. Please take necessary steps inorder to control these kind of people. If this continues then many people will choose alternative for railways and it will be big loss to the government. Hope you will take quick action to resolve this.

    R.Pavan Kumar.

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    Default irctc not working at 8 AM

    I think railway should remove the tatkal ticket booking from irctc. So that at least we should not waste our time. And also people who have to book normal ticket can book during 8 am to 9 am (site stops working from 8 to 9 am because of tatkal sewa). I don't understand how railway official are not aware of it. This may be of because they get some commision from broker.

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    Angry Irctc site is not working at 8 am.


    At Tatkal time means 8 AM the website is not working either railway should upgrade the server or increase the bandwidth.
    Railway sholud make some solution for this either this facility is not useful for consumer.

    Then better to close the website.

    Or make some better solution for the customer.............

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    Post irctc is blocked by agents and railway employess

    Hi, pls do the needful immediately to avoid misuse of tatkal tickets. Its very well known fact that these agents and railway employees are hand in hand do this crime. Please do the needful immediately as the people are really suffering. THe website does not even open at 8 am. this is happening from very long time.

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    Default IRCTC website hardly works between 8-9 am

    Login is jammed at 8am and one cannot book tatkal ticket at 8am thru irctc website. why railway is not taking any steps in settling this problem. If you go to Railway counters it is more than worse.

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    I could see the above mentioned points are all match to me. I just wanted to know, whether any action is taken for this or not?

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    I am basically from Indore ... now working in bangalore.. I am unable to book tatkal ticket in 'Karnataka Express' ... IRCTC site becomes very - very slow at 8 am ... I am trying from last 3 days .... need to improve server performance... plz help us

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    Default Irctc website not working-too slow

    Dear Sir

    IRCTC website seems to be running by hackers. It is now extremely slow even in day time at fast speed broad band. It is not working properly. This type of working of the irctc website is observed from the many weeks.

    I request you to try this yourself and enquire about the issue and pass on this case to CBI for detailed enquiry.



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    Is it going to be useful posting our issue related to IRTC slowness?

    We need to find out the way we can communicate this problem to the decision maker, who can really think of the million users issue can take action to resolve this.
    I found many forums that has the same issue but no where I found solution to it.
    I am really frustrated in 3 days, whenever we need we go to this website and get disappointment, our valuable time goes for waste for looking at loading sign.

    Can anyone tell me, how to improve this IRCTC wesbite during 8 to 10am?

    I believe only one solution is there, IRCTC should be outsored to some reputed companies, who can manage millions of users.
    IRCTC should learn something from google, which is worldwide but so quick...

    Lets hope one day we will not have issue IRCTC issue of slowness.

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    Default irctc site shows unavailable

    I have tried booking tickets thru irctc site ,on 17-apr and 19 apr, first day the site was very slow second day it showed message 'service unavailable'
    but bottom line is i was not able to book the ticket.
    I wish to bring this issue to your notice , so that it could be taken care of.

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    Angry Tatakal tkt booking on IRCTC at 8:00 o' clock

    Dear Sir
    It is well known that regularly the IRCTC website fails at the time of booking tatkal tkt as a ordinary customer. but i have seen so many agents those are bookling the tatkal tkts at 8:00 o' clock and for that they are charging very high.
    I strongly believe that all this scam are running under the eyes of railway authorities.
    Government has changed the tatkal booking procedure and reduced it to 2 days. for booking we have to submit xerox, but to book the same there is no need of the any person who is going to travel. This is the bigest loopfall given to agents.
    Agents are occupaying the first or second no. position and they can easily book the tkt for anyone.
    Government must stop this things. and to book the tatkal tkt it is must to stand in the queue for those who wish to book in tatkal quata instead of encouraging brokers

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    tangra10 Guest

    Default mondal

    I am a worker.
    A want to tatkal ticket booking.i am a poor man.

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    Angry Irctc site is not working at 8 am. IRCTC SITE

    Irctc site is not working at 8 am.


    At Tatkal time means 8 AM the website is not working either railway should upgrade the server

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    Abhisheksnn Guest

    Default IRCTC slow & consumercourt website not monitored.

    Very unfortunate... IRCTC is damn slow, and consumer court website has been opened for namesake. Dont see any assurance that any action will be taken to improve the IRCTC website.

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    Default Horribly Slow

    Absolutely pathetic situation to do an online booking through IRCTC website especially during April to June. This is a big time where Railways top management have to intervene and come out with a solution.

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