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Thread: BSES office Delhi

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    Nishant Prasha Guest

    Default BSES office Delhi

    Complaint of BSES DELHI


    Please consider this as my complaint as this is very important:

    I am Nishant Prashar, S/o Radhe Shyam, resident of house no. 63(A), B-Block, Viaks
    Vihar East, Vikas Nagar, Uttam Nagar, Delhi – 59, CRN No. 2650168788, New K.No.

    That, There was reconstruction of my house was happened from 25-03-09 to 19-06-09. I
    was unaware that I have to apply for the commercial meter for this. 2 BSES employees
    (Inspector’s) came on 06/05/09 at my place and told me that we cannot do the
    reconstruction work on Domestic Meter & I have to go to BSES office to apply the
    commercial meter for the same

    That, I had visited to the BSES office JANAK PURI & met those two employees (who has
    visited my place) at room no. 2 , those employees asked me to meet Mr. Amit (Room
    No. 105), Mr. Amit again asked me to meet the people of room no. 2, than those
    employees of BSES asked me to apply for the commercial meter for the reconstruction
    work, and said that I only have to pay the bill (On Commercial Rate) from previous
    bill onwards. I did the same & apply for the commercial meter on 08/05/09 and
    deposit the 1800 Rs. for the same. After the work of reconstruction I have again
    applied for the same Domestic Meter on 20/06/09.

    That, Now, I have received the Speaking Order from BSES Enforcement Cell on 03/07/09
    asking for the 17882 Rs. As per this latter (I have to deposit the Provisional
    assessment bill dates 21.05.09 in seven days after that I have to appear for the
    personal hearing at 09/06/09.But they have not received any response form my side).

    That, But sir, I have neither received the Provisional Order nor the Notice of
    Personal Hearing. So, how BSES can say that I have nothing to say. Has BSES inform
    me about that by latter or call?

    That, Sir as per my last complaint against BSES (Change the faulty connection of
    neighbor as I am going to reconstruct my house) we had started the work of
    re-construction & repairs after the replacement of faulty wire of my neighbor i.e.
    25.03.09. Also, please find the attached the bills of building materials & latter of
    “Raj Mistri” to prove the same. So why should we pay the bill of before that at
    commercial rate?

    That, I also visited at BSES JANAK PURI on 03/07/09 and met Mr. Joshi (Manager), Mr.
    Amit and one of the employee who had visited at my place, they said I should be
    charged for the construction period (at commercial rate) only. But they cannot do
    anything as this case is handling by Enforcement Department.

    That, Moreover, BSES Janak Puri has refuses to adjusted my 1800 Rs which I had
    deposited for the Commercial Meter, as earlier they said that this amount will be
    adjust at my next billing after applying for Domestic Meter again.

    That, Sir we are living on the same address from last 10 years, previously we were
    using the electricity of MODI’s & now the BSES from last 3 years. This is 3rd time
    that BSES doing mental harassment of our family in last 3 years.1st they had tried
    to adjust the bill of some other person in our account in 2007 at the time of Demand
    Note , 2nd the above mentioned complaint of faulty wire & the 3rd is now. Is this a
    revenge of our last complaints (please find the list where the construction work is
    in progress on domestic meters in our area, but the BSES has not take any action
    about them) or what. They are misusing our unawareness. I am ready to pay for my
    unawareness (ready to pay the current or construction period bill at the commercial
    rate).But is the amount of Rs.17,882 makes any sense?

    That, Is BSES Enforcement Cell checked our load at the time of Inspection (0.746)
    that is only due to the water pump & section load is 2 KW. Is this a misuse? Is BSES
    Enforcement check before sending this order that I had applied to change the
    category? Is the BSES Enforcement Team inform me about the hearing & provisional
    order? Is BSES always play with the unawareness of the consumer & payment of that
    unawareness is Rs.17,882? Sir we are the honest consumer (Unaware about the BSES
    policy) not the thief’s that is showing by our Section Load & Observed Connected
    11. Sir, please provide me sugession on the above issue & help me out from it.

    Waiting for your positive reply.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nishant Prashar

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Regarding Street Light

    Dear Sir,

    My name is harsh Mahajan Living at BG6/46C Paschim Vihar New Delhi 63 on 1st August 2009 regarding 3 street lights not working since last 15 days, our nearby BSS office is B-3 Office, It seems like they are inviting thieves to steel our cars and bykes, After complaining 3 times in BSES Last complaint no 178 on 1st August 2009 in the name of Harsh Mahajan Mob - 9891558000 and before that I made a compalint on31st and 28th I was been told that it will rectify in 48 hours and its now 144 hours hours passed and still not been rectified, I am so fed up with the BSES service.

    Kindly look into this matter and Please revert back to me on my cell no 09891558000 before my car been taken by thief.


    Harsh Mahajan
    BG6/46C Paschim Vihar
    New Delhi - 63
    09891558000, 9212089111

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    R1307090001408 Guest

    Default Instaling of Electrical Meter

    We had applied for Electricity meter dated 13th of July,2009 and there is no information from you. This is very urgent and we need Elctric meter to be installed urgently.

    Anil Kaul
    Flat No : 409
    Sector-23, Pocket - 1, DDA FLATS, Dwarka
    New Delhi-75.

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    Jul 2009


    Dear Mr. Kaul,

    Kindly provide us the name of Electricity Co. in your area. Do you have any request number etc. with ref. to your application for the new connection? If yes, then kindly provide us that number also.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default excessive billing

    Dear Sir,

    I stay in a Paying Guest at Naraina Vihar. We have two rooms and A.C. fitted in both the rooms. All girls are working so we use the A.C. only at night. Our land owner gave us a bill of around 13,000 for two months.

    I wanted to enquire if this billing would be right or do we need to replace the meters.We have fridge and tv. The usage is mostly 3 hours daily for TV.

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    Sharmilee Rabha Guest

    Default BSES Inflated Bill amount

    I have received a bill for Rs. 3470/-, which is twice the amount for my
    usual bills. Last month bill was around 1700/-.

    I am a resident of D-6 Vasant Kunj.

    How to get a corrected bill from BSES. The Customer care at BSES could
    not help.


    Sharmilee Rabha

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Excess billing in the month of August 09


    I am a consumer with BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd vide CA No. 100115692 and CRN No. 2520082981. My electricity consumption bill comes around 450 units, however this month I was surprised to find out that my Bill has come to the tune of 1553 Units. My usage bill used to be approx Rs. 1200- 1400.

    The charges shown in the current bill are way above my wildest imagination, keeping in mind just two adults living in the house. The other day I saw in a daily newspaper many harassed consumers like me who are billed for no fault of theirs.

    I would like to file a complaint with your office so that this is taken to its logical ends.



    Sanjeev Sharma

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post Not receive the security fund after legal notice

    I am sending a legal notice to BSES Rajdhni Power Ltd. on the above subject in K.No.W2660W8632187 and in Reply of BSES I recived a letter that "in this context it is to inform you that cheque No.939795 dt. 3.11.09 for refund of security amount has been prepared and sent to the address mentioned by you" but till dated I cannot received that fund. so do the needful.
    Sunil Kumar sherawat

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    Sep 2008


    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    I am sending a legal notice to BSES Rajdhni Power Ltd. on the above subject in K.No.W2660W8632187 and in Reply of BSES I recived a letter that "in this context it is to inform you that cheque No.939795 dt. 3.11.09 for refund of security amount has been prepared and sent to the address mentioned by you" but till dated I cannot received that fund. so do the needful.
    Sunil Kumar sherawat


    Kindly post your complaint in detailed manner with your permanent address and a valid email ID, this will help us to understand the exact problem you are facing.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint for the Bogus and Fraudlent practice at BSES Maya Enclave, Hari Nagar Offic

    Plz refer to my below said complaint mail-

    Cons. Ref. No. 2650013108
    Neelam Wadhawan C-593 SF, Vikas Puri , New Delhi - 110018
    Mobile- 9810119439

    This is with reference to our request for load enhancement dated 24th Feb 2010 vide Request No. R2402100000497 and to the matter of surprise we have now recd. a letter dated 4th march stating there is a visit conducted on 25th Feb 2010 and ELCB is required.
    Now I want to quote that the concerned officers have nentioned a clearly BOGUS visit as nobody from BSES Department has visited our premises till date because we have already an installed ELCB in place for the load enhancement.

    I feel BSES is operating like any Govt. Department with the approach of clearly harrasing the consumers and for the same I am planning to put a complaint in redressal forum and consumer court as such a conduct from the company like BSES is unacceptable and their employees employed in customer services are creating BOGUS and fraud visits and claiming there salaries.

    I am looking forward for an immediate and urgent replyin the matter as I am very annoyed with the cancellation of my abovesaid request.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default regarding new connection

    We had applied for Electricity meter dated 10/03/2010 through telephone and your representative come and collected all the documents and also give the acknowledgement (R No. - 0803100000167) on dated 10/03/2010. But till now I am unable to get any response after that. This is very urgent and we need Elctric meter to be installed urgently.Please do needful so that new meter may be connected imdtly.


    Meena Kumari
    Tel. No. 011-28010382
    H.No. 44, Dalip Vihar Najafgarh
    Near Suraj Cinema
    New Delhi-110043

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    puneet_bfc@rediffmail.com Guest

    Default coruupt officers

    Hello Sir,
    I have applied new meter for my new house in saboli but ur officers says that u don't submit ur document so now what can i do it ? and says that u talk mr. deepak arora from nandnagari.

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    Sep 2008


    Hello Consumer Court Members,

    To resolve any issue with BSES, visit your nearest BSES Customer Care Centers Offices between 9:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and submit a written complaint ( Do not forget to take receiving ). And in case if you are not yet satisfied fully, write to the CEO of BSES at CEO@bsesdelhi.com.

    The address of Divisional Offices BSES:

    CHANDNI CHOWK Divisional Offices BSES
    Substation Bldng, Near Town Hall, New Delhi 110006

    DARIYA GANJ Divisional Offices BSES
    Kamla Market Office, Asaf Ali Marg New Delhi 110001

    PAHAR GANJ Divisional Offices BSES
    11 KV substation,near Aram Bagh Qtr Paharganj, New Delhi - 110055

    SHANKAR ROAD Divisional Offices BSES
    33 KV,Substation Building, Shankar Road, NEW DELHI 110060

    PATEL NAGAR Divisional Offices BSES
    Substation Bldng, Block-18, East Patel Nagar,New Delhi -110018

    KARKARDOOMA Divisional Offices BSES
    Shakti Kiran Bldng, Karkardooma, Delhi-110092

    G T ROAD Divisional Offices BSES
    Substation Bldg, GT Road, Shahdara Adj to Hind Pocket Books ,Delhi-110095

    KRISHNA NAGAR Divisional Offices BSES
    F-15/2, Krishna Nagar, New Delhi-110051

    LAXMI NAGAR Divisional Offices BSES
    East Guru Angad Nagar, Radhu Palace, Laxmi Nagar-110092

    MAYUR VIHAR I-II Divisional Offices BSES
    Substation Bldng, Adj to LSC, pocket 1, Mayur vihar-1,New Delhi

    MAYUR VIHAR -III Divisional Offices BSES
    Substation Bldg-7,near somirvila school, Vasundhara, New Delhi

    YAMUNA VIHAR Divisional Offices BSES
    Substation Building at C-7, Yamuna Vihar, New Delhi - 110053

    KARAWAL NAGAR Divisional Offices BSES
    66 KV Grid Station,Bhagirathi, near Gokul puri police station, Yamuna Vihar,Delhi

    NAND NAGRI Divisional Offices BSES
    C-102, Tahirpur Grid , Nandnagari New Delhi -110094

    ALAKNANDA Divisional Offices BSES
    E-Block,Near Gurudwara, Greater Kailash- 2 , NEW DELHI-110048

    KHANPUR Divisional Offices BSES
    BSES Sub-Stn. Near Petrol pump,MB Road,Pul Pahladpur,ND-110044

    SAKET Divisional Offices BSES
    33 KV Grid, BSES Bhawan,Adchini , ND-110017

    VASANT KUNJ Divisional Offices BSES
    C- 9, Vasant Kunj,New Delhi-110070

    NEHRU PLACE Divisional Offices BSES
    E-Block , Substation Building, East of kailash (Adjacent to Nirula's), New Delhi

    NIZAMMUDIN Divisional Offices BSES
    BSES OFFICE, NIZAMUDDIN (W),Near Petrol Pump, NEW DELHI - 110013

    SARITA VIHAR Divisional Offices BSES
    Community Centre New Friends Colony N.D-65

    R K PURAM Divisional Offices BSES
    Grid Building, West Block, Sec-I R.K Puram, New Delhi-110066

    HAUZ KHAS Divisional Offices BSES
    A-1/27,Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi-110029

    JANAK PURI Divisional Offices BSES
    G-8, Maya Enclave, Hari Nagar, New Delhi-110064

    NAJAFGARH Divisional Offices BSES
    220 KV Grid Sub Station, Najafgarh, New Delhi-110043

    JAFFARPUR Divisional Offices BSES
    66kv Grid S/s near RTRM Hospital Jaffarpur N.Delhi-73

    NANGLOI Divisional Offices BSES
    S/Stn. Bldg.I Guruharkrishan Nagar,Paschim Vihar New Delhi-87

    MUNDKA Divisional Offices BSES
    Mundka complaint centre,Near Petrol Pump,Main Rohtak Road, New Delhi-110041

    PUNJABI BAGH Divisional Offices BSES
    Road no-43,West Punjabi Bagh, ND-110026

    TAGORE GARDEN Divisional Offices BSES
    BSES Tagore Garden Office ,Near Central Market, Tagore Garden, ND-110027

    VIKAS PURI Divisional Offices BSES
    Distt. Centre Janak Puri , Vikas puri, New Delhi-110058

    PALAM Divisional Offices BSES
    C-2-D, Dabri Mour, Pankha Road, New Delhi-58

    DWARKA Divisional Offices BSES
    C-2 D,Dabri More Pankha Road, New Delhi-110058

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default My new connection not provid of me befor 30 march

    Dear Sir, my name is mohammed anish, I am belong to nazafgarh zone, my house add is D-805 D Block tajpur ph-2 qutab vihar, I am submit my document in the bses office & before but electricity meter not provide me. BSES officer gave me two r.no. 210410001266 & n262010041044 & NOW I am fade up. Please provide me my new connection as soon as posiblems. I am waiting for you

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    Hello sir/madam

    My name is vikram I am Address is D-1-2 street no-4 phase-5 Om Vihar Uttam Nagar.
    New Delhi 110059 Bill CRN No 2650160749.

    I am facing a problem of very low voltage in my home from last 1 month.I am lot of time registered the complain on this no 39999707 but did’t get any positive response. my last complaint no is 1488 Please look into this & kindly shot out problem as soon as possible.

    Thank you
    Contact no 25356680
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