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Thread: Fake products by Wonderbrands.

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    singh.shalini588 Guest

    Unhappy Fake products by Wonderbrands.

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I have just ordered an instyler from "wonder brands" in india. Ref 122002 M:9211788275... however I am shocked to find out that the product delivered to me is made in china.When ordering the instyler I was told it made in california. The product I have received does not work at all.It looks completely fake and substandard product.

    "Wonder brands" have charged me rs3140 ie almost $62.8.. however instyler is being sold for just $19.99. Wonder brands is just airing tv promos of the actual instyler product & duping thousands of customers in india with a fake and duplicate product.. upon calling up the call center I don't get any response. The customer service executives tell each other to hang up the phone when someone calls to complain!.Sometimes they are asking me to send the product back which will cost me additional 350 rs with no gurantee that they will return new one
    please look into this & plzzzz help me in getting the amount back.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default cheater

    150 ka product 3290+150 me......
    delhi ka prduct(china) shown as USA product.......
    place order of CURL INSTYLER (Rs.4140)they send you INSTYLER (Rs.3440).....
    no 1 year replace warrenty/ gurranty........
    large number of side effects.........
    products maximum for 1 month.....

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down

    am pooja from mauritius guys., today i have just see in zoom about the new product instyler straightener and i was thinking of ordering 1 but after seeing these comments that its a fake product that is from china so now i don't wana order it.., heed my advice guys plz don't try 2buy products without seeing it in front of your eyes.., it feel good when u see a product in the TV u liked it n wana buy it but after buying it u see that the product is fake.,

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    kazi aliya Guest

    Unhappy not at all satisfied instyler made me feel ashamed

    I miss Aliya purchased instyller from wonder brands. I had bought it for my wedding which i mentioned them clearly so that there should not be any problem still the box that I received was in so bad condition and cd along was broken yet I didn't said nothing and excepted as it is and asked only for cd but i am not getting a favourable response and I am not sure now for they will send me a new cd or not

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    Unregistered Guest

    Red face Thank god

    Thnx guys, i was to buy instyler bt u all saved me.thnx agn.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Big cheat

    By seeing the Instyler on Zoom, i ordered immedietly and i got the Instyler within 3 days. The box which they had given was torn out, cd was not working, too many worn out marks on the instyler. N most important is NO WARRANTY GIVEN. When called they said invoice is the warranty. By seeing the Instyer I realised I got cheated as it looked like a china made. I payed 3440/- . I purchased to curl my hair, but it didn work. Tried straightening, it hardly remained for an hour, my hair is back to normal now. I am very disappointed. I set heat to high mode, but it was very low heat. They have given a fake Instyler. Customer care people are so irresponsive. Never ever buy in wonderbrand. Big cheat for the huge money they take. I wish i should ve seen this before, I wouldn't have purchased :-(

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    Unregistered Guest

    Smile Thanks for the feedback

    When I saw the advertisement for the first time on tv..i was so much influenced and wanted to buy that immediately...but just a thought to read the feedback on the net was really helpfull.....After reading the posted comments I dropped the idea. thanks so much to all for helping me out to take the correct decision of not purchasing a fake product and wasting my hard earned money....

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default hy guys....thnks for the comments above.

    hy guys....thnks for the comments above...even i dropped idea of buying same product.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default fakesim only

    i wont buy now by seeing all comments...i hate this fake sites and fake people of instyler

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    Unregistered Guest


    i also want to buy this priduct for my wedding.....but now i will not buy this....becaue its titlly fack....

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Thanks guys

    Thanks guys for commenting here.. I was abt to buy dis procuct.. Bt now, no ways..!! Yew all saved my money..!! Thanks a lot..

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    Unregistered Guest


    aftr seeing these comment regarding instyler...m nt buy this product .....omg!!!is this all fake....?
    thnx guys for ur suggestions....u saved me...thnx alot!!!

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    Unregistered Guest


    hy guys....thnks for the comments above...even i dropped idea of buying same product.

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    mansi joshi Guest

    Angry just Got Cheated

    I had ordered my instyler long ago, and was shocked to know that it didn't work the way it should. I complaint about the product and they got it changed twice. But again the new piece i received was one of the same kind ( it didn't work well)
    i realized that i've been cheated but didn't take any step. So now i want my money back since 3000 is quite a big amount and i ordered it out of my savings. I regret that i didn't listen to my mom and ordered it.
    But okay, now what's done is done. how can i get my money back?

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry importent info about wonderbrnds

    hey guys
    i worked for wondr brands for 3 months their office is at rajouri
    the change their places regularly
    earlier the were working at gurgaon they just fire because i protest
    about customer service they offer they just make fool of you guys
    the instyler product they offer is from palika bazaar at rs 130
    i worked their for 8 hours for 4 hours i attend calls and
    in remaining 4 hours we pack these local product like it was an
    international product u cant do anythiing about it
    once their was sdm(megistrate) who complained about them but
    she cant do anything because their owner is very rich and powerful person
    he paid the right guys to make his company run smoothly that's why
    company is nearly 2-3 months old and his started the same business
    so please dont buy anything from them

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