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    Good day Sir,
    I wanted to lodge a complaint against the malpractices of Koovs, an online trading company. I ordered a 1 TB acer external hard drive online on 19/05/11, voucher no KV-46819630. I did not receive the product in its promised 7 days shipment time.
    On 27/05/11 I received email stating product delivery is delayed by 10 days due to “logistics problem in China”, and I can prefer to either wait or request refund. I waited.
    On 07/06/11 they sent another mail saying product is unavailable, and they want to give me a refund. When asked about it, I received a curt email saying I was the one who was willing to wait, while they offered refund. I waited only because they did not inform about non availability, they said logistic problems making it sound as the product left and it will take longer than usual to reach me.
    They did not properly inform me about the reason made me wait three times the usual delivery and in spite of giving bank details my refund is not completed. How can they withhold my money for 20 days, three times usual delivery time and still make it seem my fault and now delaying the refund too. I did not want my hard earned money to be kept by fraudsters, and that is reson I never shopped online. First time I did, I have this bitter experience. Please do the needful and instruct me what I have to do.
    Yours sincerely,
    Nava Tejaswee Moola
    Phone no. 09989400771
    Email tejasweemn@gmail.com
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    after 25 days of placing the order, I recieved the money back.. I wanted a product and in all fairness I am unsatisfied.. Or may be furious..

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    i am also a satisfies customer of Koovs.com, i have no regret for koovs

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    i am also a satisfied customer of koovs, they reimbursed my money after submitted complain properly
    after this matter i made several another transaction from them no complain yet

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