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Thread: Blue Dart Express Complaint

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    Unregistered Guest

    Wink Blue Dart Express Complaint

    Sub : Complaint against Blue Dart Express Ltd.,
    Courier Company.

    With reference to the above cited subject, we wish to inform you that we have sent the Original documents of the students through BLUE DART Express Ltd., booked at 3rd Block Branch, Jayanagar, Bangalore on 7th June 2011 around 5.30 pm. to Mr. Kaptan Singh, C/o Pawan K. Sikarwar, Hotel Kiran Vila Palace, Near Bird Santuary Gate, Agra Road, Bharatpur, Rajasthan-321001. However, the same has not reached the destination till date. On enquiry we were told that the parcel had reached Delhi and from there it has been misplaced. We have come to know that there is no BLUE DART Courier service in Bharatpur. They are duping customers by carrying out the task through 3rd party. They have concealed the information that they do not have service in Bharatpur.

    The said parcel contains important Original documents of the students and their career and future depends on it. We are therefore lodging a complaint of cheating and negligence complaint against BLUE DART courier company who have played with the future of many students.

    The Shipment copy bearing No. 13140374435 dtd 7/6/2011 and Cash Bill No. 386831 dtd 7/6/2011 for your kind reference.

    We request you to treat this matter with top priority and take appropriate action against BLUE DART Courier Company as the future of the many students is at stake.

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,
    Mobile No.09845154236.

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    Jan 2012

    Default Blue dart very very very poor service

    hi all,

    this is the 4th time i am again facing the same very poor service by Blue dart..nobody will come at your place nobody will call you..but late night for sure you will receive a message that we tried to deliver the package for future communication contact cx service .. and whenever i am calling cx service and getting very rude response...and its on and on .. . blue dart is the reason i am afraid of asking for any help from any bank ... because for sure they will send all the documents via blue dart and again i have to face same issue ... i placed special request to my bank, for any future communication use any other courier service provider ... but still they are sending all the latter or statements via blue dart .. i am very much upset with this this courier service ..


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    Dear Sir,

    I would like to bring to you kind notice I am completely irritated with blue dart services . I had some urgent countries, dispatched on 8 feb 2012 and did not reach even after 7 days . While contacted to their concerned department I found they were not at all guilty about it. Instead I got the answer
    “house was closed , phone was switched off( Though 2 phone numbers were provided).”

    They were not ready to take up the responsibility . The kind of rude reply they gave me does not make me feel of doing further business with blue dart.

    It may be a threat to company survival if the things are not changed

    Details of the document

    Doc number => 40280954405
    Delivery => 8 feb 2012

    I would request you please look into this matter


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    I redeemed my credit card points of Barclay's Bank with the gift voucher of Westside(Rs 500).Sir,As information provided by my Barclay's Credit Card Bank,they had sent that voucher by Blue Dart Courier Service from Chennai by Shipment Number:42842608340,dated:23 Feb 2012 to Jabalpur,which was to be delivered to Mr.Amarjit Singh,Plot No:F-9,Swarn Bhumi,Chaggar Farm,Tilhari,Jabalpur,Madhya Pradesh-482020.But instead of delivering the parcel to the above mentioned address,the courier Boy of Blue Dart Courier Service had delivered the parcel to somebody else named Kailash.Sir,When I called to Blue Dart Courier Service,Jabalpur,Madhya Pradesh,no appreciable response received from them.Sir,They conversed in very rough language with me.

    Sir,Therefore I humbly request you to please register my complain and take immediate action towards this misconduct made by Blue Dart Courier Service and suggest them to give me my redemption voucher of Rs500.

    Early action is requested.Thanking you for anticipation.
    Yours faithfully
    Amarjit Singh,
    Plot No:F-9,
    Swarn Bhumi,
    Chaggar Farm,
    Madhya Pradesh-482020,

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    Unregistered Guest

    Question docit no-13494575183 not received at pathankot

    docit no-13494575183 not received.why we spending higer amount other coureer.

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    Tulasidharan Guest

    Default Blue Dart Service Delay!

    Every time I order an item and if thru blue dart, whilst tracking the parcel you always see the consignee address invalid/wrong status. I was called 3 days ago to confirm landmark for delivery 3 days later the parcel is still in the local office which is within my city, it takes more time to receive parcel from local office than flying in from origin.

    They also have the worst phone staff.............

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Mishandling of consignment number by Blue Dart

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have booked a consignment for delivery in kolkata from Bluedart Trivandrum office via surface mode on 30th April 2012. It is with utter disappointment and immense displeasure that i am writing this email to you. The chronological order of the incidents are detailed below

    1) I had booked the consignment on 30th April 2012 and the material was lifted from Horizon park Althara on 30th April 2012. The docket is a proof for the same. However your website says that the material was picked up on 03rd May 2012.
    2) I have paid approx. 5000 Rs for an actual weight of 40kgs. However you have charged for 100kgs considering the dimensional weight of the consignment which i presume is your standards. I stick to the services of Bluedart considering the brand name and trust that i had in the services of the Bluedart. You may note that for the same price i would have airlifted the cargo via Jetairways from trivandrum for a price lesser than what you have charged. However considering the nationwide network and the promises that your company offer in your advertisements i sticked to your services. You may also note that your website indicates a price of 2800 for a 108 kg consignment.

    3) On 07/05/12 I received a call from your Kolkata office saying that my shipment has not left Trivandrum on account of insufficient paperwork. All these while your trivandrum office didn't have neither the courtesy to inform the undersigned on the status nor did the lady(Zahira) had any knowledge of any insufficient paper work. All these while the shipment was lying idle in your go-down while the undersigned was bearing an expense of Rs 1000/day from 07/05/2012 due to the lack of the consignment under his custody.

    This kind of outrageous management is not expected from an organization like Bluedart. You may note that the undersigned had been directly dealing with Blue dart contracts in Baroda for ABB India Limited during his position as Technical Advisor with the latter. Your earliest intervention in speedy delivery of the consignment without damage is solicited. You may also provide sufficient compensation to the undersigned for the delay in delivery of consignment beyond 09th of May'12.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Courier delay

    I would like to know the reason for not receiving my courier till date.Airway bill no:46027012872.Dispatched by IT department to my residence in Indirapuram,Ghaziabad on 07/05/2012.

    Abhinav Dhar.

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    suja Guest

    Post Non delivery of items

    Dear Sir
    I am unable to trace the item send from orissa some 15 days back and the consignment number is 50152 855594 and it is old and used computers with no value on sale this is coming for charity purpose not for sale. i tried contacting many people and they are informing that it is lying in orissa office and they need a sales tax permit, sales tax office clearly informed that they can not give a letter as this is not for sale or no sale value, i contacted many and the message is passing on with no concrete result, can you check and confirm what is the status.i even put a request and i did not get any response

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post Regarding for dispatch to wrong person...

    My pan card is coming form blue dart and they dispatch to wrong person.......

    Its not send to correct person and address.....

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default service delay

    I order an item
    order no. is p20533349771 and
    awb 59015411980.....I called bluedart custmor service no. they did not receive the phone and not provide the inforamation releated to the item.............................................. .................................................. ...................................

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    Angry Bluedart Offers the Worst Courier Services

    I placed an order for newly released Karbonn A7 mobile available with a free 8 GB micro sdhc card from some online shopping site on 16 June 2012 and they promised shipment in 24 hrs. I was very happy to place this order online. But the worst was about to follow. When I checked my order status.
    It was mentioned that I will get my delivery ( AWB No 59013830923) will reach maximum by 21 June 2012 through Bluedart courier services. I made a call to customer care and they said that the delivery will reach on 20 June 2012 and maximum by 21 June 2012. I waited the whole day on 20th June 2012 for delivery, yet no sign of any courier. I thought the delivery will reach me on the 21st June 2012. I checked the Bluedart website on 21 June 2012 and to my astonishment it was mentioned :-
    "Status- Delivery Attempted-Consignee Premises Closed Contact Customer Service"
    I know I was at home for 24 hrs on 20 June 2012 but I don't remember anyone knocking my door or even gave me a call to the contact number I provided to them. I called the customer care at the shopping site and they assured me that the complaint has been forwarded and the delivery shall reach you by evening of 21st June 2012. Again I stayed at my home for 24 hrs leaving everything behind but no one showed up. I made many calls to Bluedart customer care mobile and landline numbers but nobody picked up my calls. I am still waiting for my delivery to reach to me while writing this review and Its 1600hrs in the evening already and no sign of any Bluedart courier anywhere.
    Its the fault of the Bluedart Courier services as well as the Online shopping site ( I am also going to write about them soon ) from where I ordered the item that I feel like cheated. But I feel contented when I see that the order was for Cash on delivery.
    Its my request to everyone to please stay away Bluedart Courier services if you don't want your time and money wasted and stay worry free.

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    wsatara Road Guest

    Unhappy Shortages Received at the time of delivery

    Dear Blue dart team,

    We have received stock from your courier ,,,We have received total 15 boxes & 2 Boxes are damage ,,,,& We have received some shortages in that ,,So please do the investigation in this matter & please returned us our shortages,,,

    please kindly look in to this matter

    For Communication - wsatarard.suncorp@gmail.com


    Store manager

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default i have no delivarry my doccument on right time

    dear sir
    my document bill no. is -> 46076304153
    i have no recived my document in proper time
    blue dart service timing is A at 4 july but any document i have no reciaved blue dart service is A very bad service in gwalior (m.p.)
    i hope my document is very early submited in document

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default delay Service


    I am facing the worst services from BLUE DART.
    my shipping no is 42593491662.
    They didn't deliver it.
    Whwn i went to their office then they said, it will be deliver by tomarrow.

    Even they have my mobile number.
    But they didn't deliver it.

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