The request made to MRIU and various reminder sent by mail and by post now on having discussed the issue in person through a representative ,
it hs been refused to refund the fee hence a complaint for due relief please .
submitted for due justice
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
(Ramesh Nagpal)
Father of
Shri Abhishek nagpal
( ECE first shift fet/ece/060 ex student
6-B, Single Storey Ramesh Nagar, New Delhi-110015

The Vice chancellor
Manav Rachna International University
Faridabad Haryana
Sub: Application for the refund of the fee deposited for the remaining period of 3
Respected Sir,
In respect of the matter stated on the subject captioned above, I Ramesh nagpal, father
of shri Abhishek nagpal ,on his behalf , would like to submit that my son shri Abhishek
Nagpal remained previous year’s student and pursued his B.Tech ECE first shift course of
the esteemed university of yourhonour,. I hereby respectfully make the following
submissions for kind & sympathetic consideration and favorable decision.
(1) That in view of certain unavoidable circumstances , he preferred to seek migration.
(2) That NOC was issued but it was subject to deposit of the fee for the remaining period
of the course ,and having no option, in compliance the fee as directed was deposited..
However, it is submitted that at the time of admission in the esteemed university of
yours, in the prospectus issued, there was no mention and there was no such terms/clause as
to deposit of fee in case of leaving midstream the course.
In support ,in view of recent decision awarded by Hon’ble Consumer forum in the
case of Delhi Institute, as narrated below for the refund of the fee, and also recently in the
mail today newspaper dt 20-12-10 (page 30)the complete details as also mentioned
hereinafter has been published, I , take this opportunity to request yourhonour, for necessary
refund of the fee deposited for the remaining period of the course.
“In a relief to thousands of students studying in coaching institutes, a consumer forum
in Delhi has held that they can seek a refund of fees if they decide to leave an institute without
completing the course……
. Union human resource development minister Kapil Sibal had recently launched a
tirade against private coaching institutes that have flourished and this judgment can be a
The court directed the institute to pay a compensation of Rs5,000 for harassment to the
student and Rs2,000 as litigation cost.
In 2008, Kanishk had joined Brilliant for a two-year course, to prepare for competitive
exams, and had paid the fees. However, after two months, he had to discontinue the classes
:: 2 ::
He approached the institute for a refund of the remaining half of the period and was
assured it would be granted. However, when he didn’t get the money, he approached the
The institute told the forum that as per the terms of admission, fees once paid were not
refundable. However, the forum said, “We have taken a consistent view that fees are bound to
be refunded when such a service has not been availed.”
It also cited a judgment that said: “A student or a trainee may leave midstream if he
finds the service deficient, substandard and non-yielding, and to tell him that fees once paid
are not refundable was an unfair trade practice, as no service provider can take or charge the
consideration of the service which it has either not given or has not been availed.”
The court said, “We find that the institute’s stand that fees once paid shall not be
refundable was not tenable and they are liable to refund the fees on pro-rata basis for the
period the complainant has not attended their coaching services.” It directed the institute to
refund the fees and provide compensation within a month.
(3) That even if the terms stated on the web later on is taken into account by yourhonour ,
for ready reference the relevant extract of website of the MRIU , stated as under viz.
is made clear that if a student leaves the programme / course of study in between,
without completing the programme for whatsoever reasons, he / she will be liable to pay fees
for the balance duration of the programme as well, as per directions of Hon’ble Supreme
Court of India in Islamic Academy of Education case.’
(4) That even for this plea for ready reference, the relevant extract of the Islamic
Academy of Education case judgment is reproduced for reference viz.
Writ Petition (Civil) No. 350 of 1993 Islamic Academy of Education and
another...........Petitioners -versus- State of Karnataka and others...........Respondents
a) Brief background.
‘As the Bench was prima facie of the opinion that Article 30 did not clothe a minority
educational institution with the power to adopt its own method of selection…..was directed
that the questions that arose should be authoritatively answered by a larger Bench….After the
Judgment….institutions understood the majority judgment in ,different perspectives….led to
litigations in several Courts. Interim orders passed therein have been assailed before this
Court…….Most of the petitioners/applicants before us are unaided professional educational
institutions (both minority and non-minority…..By reading a line here and there from the
judgment, one cannot find out the entire ratio decidendi of the judgment ….’
b) Related facts as to the course of action if the student left the course in midstream
:: 3 ::
It was submitted that if the student left the course in midstream then for the remaining
years the seat would lie vacant and the institute would suffer. In our view an educational
institution can only charge prescribed fees for one semester/year. If an institution feels that
any particular student may leave in midstream then, at the highest, it may require that student
to give a bond/bank guarantee that the balance fees for the whole course would be received by
the institute even if the student left in midstream’
(5) That thus , prima facie, the matter is crystal clear that the only course available , even
if the basis of the directions of the Hon’ble Supreme court is cited /taken, is to have a bond/
bank guarantee and if, the student leaves in between ,only then the bond/ bank guarantee as
already obtained, if any (at the time of initial entry)can be enforced ,( ie not otherwise at all),
as any other course clearly will tantamount to a deviation from the directions of the Hon’ble
Supreme Court of India in Islamic Academy of Education case.’
(6) That since clearly no bond/ bank guarantee as referred supra by the Hon’ble
Supreme court, WAS INVOLVED and de facto nothing as to deposit of fee for balance
period was mentioned in the prospectus at our entry time, therefore, prima facie, for leaving ,
in between, there is no other ground/option available for charging fee for the remaining
period ..
(7) That whatsoever policy or instructions declared or issued, as a natural justice , the
same was/ stands applicable for/ from the prospective date or to prospective student and not
otherwise .
(8) Further it is submitted that Govt asks schools to refund fees if admission cancelled
New Delhi, Feb 11 (PTI) Parents seeking their wards' nursery admission can heave a sigh of
relief as the Government today issued a circular directing all schools in the capital to refund
fees paid to them in case if parents wish to withdraw or cancel the admission.
The circular issued by the Directorate of Education (DoE), Delhi, said there have been several
complaints by parents regarding non-refund of fees and other charges by unaided recognised
schools in the event of cancellation of admission.
"If any fee is collected from the parents or guardians of a child, whose admission is cancelled
..., the entire free except registration fee charges shall be refunded," said the DoE order.
Source: PTI
(9) That considering true, genuine and factual reasonable bona fide cause as explained , it
is requested to please consider the same favourably.
(10) That further details, documents etc. if any, required will be provided as and when
asked for..
:: 4 ::
(a) That it is humbly submitted that request as aforesaid be admitted and prayed that the
claim may please be allowed as per the foregoing paragraphs.
(b) That it is further prayed that any other ground/point(s) that is not specifically
covered/stated in the foregoing paras the same may also please be allowed.
(c) Accordingly, in view of facts state above, it is humbly prayed before yourhonour to
kindly refund the fee taken at the time of issue of NOC ,as requested please.
A favorable decision in the matter will be highly appreciated please.
I would request for your kind co-operation.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully
(Ramesh Nagpal)
Father of
Shri Abhishek nagpal
( ECE first shift fet/ece/060 ex student
6-B, Single Storey Ramesh Nagar, New Delhi-110015
e-mail ID
I, Abhishek Nagpal S/o Shri Ramesh Nagpal hereby authorized my father Shri Ramesh
Nagpal to represent my case of refund of fee from MRIU Faridabad and further to do and
perform all such acts deed and things as may be considered necessary in this behalf.
Abhishek Nagpal