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I have taken airtel 3g dongle connection(datacard connection) on 21-april-2011 which is a rs.750 rental plan with data limit of 2gb.I received the following message as a confirmation from airtel which contains the details of my plan as well.

Message 1
number: 121
full itemization calling line identification presentation 3g gprs service (vol based) without video call 2 gb 3g gprs free thereafter 30p/20kb with rental rs 750 basic service has been activated on your airtel mobile with effect from 21-apr-11
time: 21-04-2011 16:06:59

just after using it for five days I received a message saying that my airtel 3g would be barred as I DID not submit my address proof.Below are the details of the message I had received.

Message 2
number: aa-service
your airtel mobile will be barred with in 2 days due to (billing address proof req). Pls visit the nearest airtel shop to submit the details
time: 26-04-2011 17:28:27
I later called the airtel customer care on 4th or 5th may from the number 8008999641 wherein they cited the reason that my usage is the reason why my airtel 3g was barred.It actually contradicted the message 2 I had received.They actually told me that I have been charged an amount of around rs.26,000 which is the reason why my connection was barred.I enquired about the data usage and it was around 1.6 gb which was well within my 2 gb limit.I then immediately asked the customer care to terminate my 3g contract as it was too huge amount for me to pay and I DID not wanted to continue further with such unfair services.But the customer care insisted on continuing the service saying that I would be getting a discount upto rs.31000 on may 9 the date on which the bill is generated for 3g wherein I would only need to pay the rental which is rs.750.And then he said that if I want to continue further immediately I had to pay an amount of rs.22000 to get the connection activated then itself which was in the barred state.I also questioned them why didn’t they cut-off my connection when my limit of rs.1200 was exceeded. For that I DID not get any reply.I was told that I was sent a message on my 3g but I have the software of 3g on my laptop,on which I never received any kind of warning message on usage limit.
Later on may 9 when the bill was generated I got an amount rs.20,142 for my data usage of 1.6 gb which was well within my 2gb limit.This again contradicted what the customer care told me that an amount of rs.31000 would be waived off from my bill.In a state of panic,I then immediately raised a complaint on 14 may 2011 with the floor officer in airtel office in begumpet with the reference number of 37409374 and I was given a number of nodal officer – 9959334865.I was then told that within 2 days I would be getting a call on my mobile number but I waited for eternity and then had to call up the nodal officer number myself which was answer by shilpa.I told her about my unfair billing of rs.20,142 and requested her to help me in this regard as it was too huge amount for a normal employee like me.I also requested her to cancel my 3g service for which she took down the request giving me the reference number 37473608.And I was told by the nodal officer shilpa that my request for cancellation would be processed by 26 may 2011.
I then received a call from 9550501012 on 21 may 2011 saying that they cant do much about unfairly charged huge bill of rs.20,142 for just internet and she insisted me to continue my airtel 3g services.Even though I declined saying that I don’t need such expensive and unfairly charging services from airtel I was forced to continue with the services.
I request to help me in this regard.
1.For waiving off my huge bill of rs.20,142 for just internet usage of 1.6 gb which is within my 2 gb plan and charge me fairly.Also it is too high for a normal employee like me.
2. I would like to know why my connection wasn’t not barred after it exceeded an amount of rs.1200.
3.I am being forced to continue with the airtel 3g services for which I have requested to cancel my services more than couple of times.I haven’t had peace of mind since may 1 when I learned about the bill amount and called up the customer care without any use.

I can send a screen shot of airtel software on which I receive the messages and I haven't been given a hint of any usage limit exceeding.