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Thread: PANASONIC LCD TV Complaint

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    Default PANASONIC LCD TV Complaint

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    I bought a PANASONIC LCD TV one and half years back after doing lots of research and comparison with other available brands in the market. But I am really surprise to see and know that the LCD panel is not functioning properly. Lodge a complaint on 04/06/2009 about the problem and the service engineer told me that the LCD TV is having problem with the panel. Even they did not responded on time and everyday I have to call them to know the status. After too many followups PANASONIC service centre told me an estimate of 55000/- first and then after 3 days they told me an estimate of 31000/- to repair an LCD TV of Rs 40000/-. My warranty is over after a year, but that doesn’t mean that a LCD TV worth Rs 40000/- will last only one and half year. If one has to invest 40000 rupees every year to watch TV due to bad quality of the product, you can imagine that how much frustrating experience it will be. If a brand like PANASONIC is having this kind of quality product then the customers will not have faith in other good brands also. To be very honest I am very disappointed with the quality of the product that I got after spending 40000/- rupees. I would like to request PANASONIC to exchange my existing LCD TV and give me a new one along with warranty, so that I should not have a bad impression with a global brand like PANASONIC. Providing my product detail with hope – Model No. – TX-32LE7C Serial No. – 751301155 Date of purchase – 18/11/2007 Dealer’s Name – Ezone, BanjaraHills, Hyderabad Complaint No. – S0906CSH0048. Complaint Date - 04/06/2009
    Economic damage - Invested Rs. 49990/- (Bundle offer with XBOX 360, where I got some discount). The LCD TV cost without discount was Rs. 40000/- I have the bill with me. No Physical damage. The panel is not functioning properly and displaying the Video is of very bad quality, which is almost not viewable.
    My expectation is that the PANASONIC should give me a brand new 32" LCD TV of that much cost as they sold me a very bad quality product. > If PANASONIC is selling this kind of bad quality product in the market with a huge price, then they should give minimum 5 years warranty. > Even I am expecting with "Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India" that they should apply rules & regulations so that such costly products give some more warranty so that people should not hesitate in buying such products in future. > Ministry should set some quality parameters to save consumers interests. > Put some penality on the PANASONIC so that these companies learn some lessons. They wasted my 10 days completely and frustated me completely.

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    Dear all,

    I am also one the victims of these television manufacturers.
    (32" LCD panel gone in 14 months).
    I have seen a lot of such complaints and I was about to post.
    Just wanted to know, what is the outcome?
    Did anyone get a free replacement (with new one)?
    Did anyone get free repair (replacement of panel)?
    Did anyone got the replacement done at very small price (if yes, how much)?
    Please share your experience, it will help many people like me.


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    Thumbs down Panasoic LCD TV Complaint as WELL

    I just bought a 42 inch Panasonic LCD tv at American Furniture Store in Clive, Iowa about 4 months ago and took it back to the store as the Customer Service guy said i DAMAGED the tv since the LCD was to me burned and crack INSIDE THE TV!!!!! The tv was left on overnight as i feel asleep and the next morning it would not turn on and it had this glass crack looking corner THAT I HAD NOT DAMAGED THIS EXPENSIVE TV OMG and now what......they advised this might not be covered with the 1 yr warranty from the manufacure!!!! All i know is i have had other tvs......RCA FOR OVER 15 YRS AND THIS TV DID NOT BURN OUT!!! I am one ticked off person right now and they took my tv through repairs FOR 2 WKS WITH NO REPLACEMENT!!!

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    Default Panasonic no business ethics

    I bought a Panasonic electric thermal pot. After a few months I realized that the stainless plate inside (under the lid) rusted. I sent Email to Panasonic and requested for a replacement. They called me and asked me to fax them the receipt. But they never responded since. The product description says stainless thermal pot. That means everything inside that contacts with water must be stainless steel. Now the plate rusts, that impose health hazard to my family.

    Panasonic called on June 1 saying that they concluded the rust was caused by corrosion. That implied I boiled tea with the pot. I said I never boiled tea with the pot and asked them if their engineers are certified and recognized by the government agent. The representative said she did not know. She refused to replace the lid. I said that way of doing business is not good. I filed further complain to the Attorney General of New Jersey and to the headquarter of Panasonic in Japan. The president of Panasonic did not even respond. No business ethics at all.

    I owned a few Panasonic camera. The one I bought recently has problem with the flash. It is not power enough to illuminate objects within 5 feet. Very bad, I just think quality of Panasonic items are no good. Because they are like Toyota, lower the quality to make more money and never admit they did.

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    Default Problem with one month old Panasonic LCD TV

    one month back I have got Panasonic LCD 32 " , last week suddenly TV got switched off and now its not turning on, we lodge complaint to dealer we he asked us to contact service centre , there we contacted then after one day one technician came and told that some chip is burnt due to high voltage, he ''ll rectify it and 'll com after one day, he didn't come then i called him up , now he is telling he'll come tomorrow, I doubt if this TV 'll work smoothly in future,
    can we get replacement with brand new as it's been only one month we'hv got this TV.
    Pl. help

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    Thumbs down LG Dealer Delivers Demo LCD TV in guise of a New TV

    Dear All,

    I placed an order for LG LH90 40inch LCD TV on Omega Electronics in Borivali (W) - Mumbai. Paid the necessary amount and was waiting to get my TV delivered. After receiving the TV I was shocked to realise that the dealer was infact trying to pass the TV which was used as a Demo/Display piece as a new piece.

    I refused to take the delivery and returned the consignment. The complaint is lodged with LG and waiting to get a brand new TV delivered at my place.


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    Angry panasonic TV set TH-L 26 X 10 D not working

    I have purchased a panasonic TV set TH-L 26 X 10 D from Hazrat vision (Laxmi Ngr East Delhi) in 27th December 2009.
    After 4 months its mother board was not working. My nearest service centre (Crystal service,A-14,Ganesh Nagar complex,Delhi-92) repaired it after 8 days .
    Now same problem occured and My TV set lying with same service centre from 17.9.2010.They always tell us that we have no any motherboard,Order already placed ,
    whenever it will repair,we will call you to picked it up.
    This is worst case for me that I trusted upon this company.
    Is this a wrong model ?
    Is they have not proper service facilities ?
    Or they are not playing football ?

    Where should I go ? Panasonic Head branch or Consumer forum or others ?

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    Default Panasonic LCD TV - Panel deffect

    I have purchased a Panasonic PX26 LE 8C TV in August 2009.
    I have now developed a problem and the service centre guy tells me the panel cost is 14500/- plus 1500/- for the service charge.
    The cost of the new Television of the same model is 22,000 /- (approx)
    I have seen several complaints of the same type here on this website. Please let me know what is the right process to go against the company. Whom can I approach for this?
    The warranty got over last month and the company now wants me to shell out the money.

    How fair is this for me as a consumer. While I know, its dificult to follow the process, atleast let me know the process to follow to complaint.

    97036 99669

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    Angry Panasonic complain

    I had bought a panasonic 26'' lcd tv on 15 august 2009 for about 20000 rs and after 1year and 10 days the screen gone white so our tv is close. The service man told me that your warranty is gone only 10 days had become
    he told that rs1375 will be service charges and part cost is different so approx cost will get above rs 7000
    this is not fair a 20thousand rs tv could not work for 2 to 3 years
    panasonic is third class brand
    my father monthly income is not more than 5000
    we live in sra building
    now i want justice !!!!!!!
    Now i want justice !!!!!!!
    Now i want justice !!!!!!!
    Now i want justice !!!!!!!
    Will i get justice

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    Default Poor service @ warronty time itself

    I purchased a 26" Panasonic Viera LCD TV on 23/12/09.It wasn't working from 10/11/10.
    The servicemen inspect the TV and said the board was damaged and need to replace, he noted the serial number and gone. he said the new board will get within 1 weak. After one weak he called me and told bring the TV to their service center with my own risk and cost. he said the compony need some photographs of TV. I obayed his 'order'.then he agreed to repair it within one weak. after 3 days they said the LCD panel was broken it is also need to replace and it will take one more weak.after some days they said the pannel is arrived at their head office it will reach here after 2 days. after 2 days they said it was not the pannel it was the board.and they stated that panel is not available in India it should come from Japan. then many days gone If i contact the service center they make any excuses and said they will cal back me and end the call and no response. Now One MONTH passed. then I went there and asked my TV. they said they mailed to the company to send new panel. At that time they said they realise the pannel was broken after they replaced the new board.First time they said the pannel was broken and they ordered for new board. 'What a contradiction!'.Days again passed and exeed the warronty time. Now when I call the service center they said "We don't know anything, call to the head office" if I call the head office they tell "We don't know anything, call to the technition" if i call fim he said " call to the company "

    What should I do? can I get my TV? for the last 2 months I hav no TV
    they said there is no provision to extend the warronty or replace the full TVset

    I want Justice. Either I want my TV get back repaired very soon with extended warronty or a new LCD TV of same brand otherwise I need my cash back as the price of the TV when I purchased ,that was around Rs.22000/-

    I want immediate action

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    Default Repair your lcd in delhi

    I repair LCD tv in delhi ncr if u still facing the same problem
    than u can call me: 9811440932
    No service charge without repaired

    Yogesh saini
    nidhi electronics
    south ex part 2
    new delhi

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    mr satpal Guest



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    Default Panasonic lcd 32" tv

    Dear Sir,


    We have purchased 25 No's Panasonic LCD - 32" in November'2010 from Delhi for our Hotel Guest rooms, This is to inform you that our One no LCD model -7H - L32C 20X, Sl No. MA 0320232 is not working.

    We request you to please arrange the repairing of our above mentioned out of order LCD as it is under warranty.


    Vijay Singh
    Chief Engineer
    Holiday Inn
    Amer Road Jaipur

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    Default 61 lcd projection green purple spots

    Have a 61" LCD projection with green patch mid screen. Panasonic has problems with this and had a extended warranty for the eprom reflash that repairs this. Had patch for few weeks and finally got a day To address problem and was told the program expired the night before and they would not cover this issue. This is an issue that when I called the local auth.service center they knew the problem as they do the reflash occationally. Called Panasonics customer service and they will not at all cover it even though it was preexsisting, I registered it when new and they never sent any type of notice to their customers with this series of potentional issues like this that they where covering. PANASONIC MEET MY NEW SONY!! YOUR IN THE TRASH

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    Default Panasonic Plasma Complaint

    I am being harassed by Panasonic.I bought a Panasonic Plasma model TH-P42C10D on March 17, 2010 & ever since the date of purchaser, I have lodged about 6/7 complaints.The TV has not worked for more than 2 months.Every time the Engineer comes after a delay of about 10 days & then I am told that the parts are not available.The parts arrive after about 2 weeks but even after the replacement of parts the TV has the same problems.The last complaint that I lodged was on February 22 but till today, my TV has not been repaired.I have been frantically calling up the Service Centre but no one seems to care.PLEASE HELP. I WANT THE SET TO BE REPLACED AS I HAVE SPENT 37000/- on the same.
    Lalit Mehra
    512, Sector 28,

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