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Thread: Complaint against BSNL

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint against BSNL


    Please suggest how to file a complain for BSNL.

    As, I given application to change my broadband plan on 29/7/2010 from 1/08/2010(Sure it would be applicable from next month).But it was applicable form the very next day I used it as unlimited(Old plan) and they billed me around Rs. 7,500.00for the same instead of Rs. 1,000.00.
    Next month onwards bill was ok according to my plan. I paid all the bills.

    How to get rid of that August bill. Bsnl given discount of Rs. 4,000.00 but giving for Rs. 2,500.00.

    Please help.

    Vipu Agarwal

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    Unregistered Guest

    Exclamation negligence of duty in duty hours

    badlapur(w) bsnl office during duty hours i went to get recharge of my bsnl mobile being duty hours there was no one available at recharge counter asked there superior they said there no staff it is always found that being duty 9-5,staff comes after 10 am and leaves before 4pm and customers have to suffer and also there is no proper response from staff

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    Pandian.A Guest

    Default BSNL Landline not working past 9 months

    Dear Sir,

    Past 9 months my landline is not working (without pick up the receiver the incoming call is attended). Already several complaint was made thro automatic complaint (No 60887999 dt 03.09.11 & 09.09.11). Moreover, personally informed to respective DE, AE and TA but he also takes care about rectification of fault.
    Kindly solve this problem as quick as possible. Payment also made without default for the respective months.

    My land line no. 044-27437060
    Name A Pandian

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    Jul 2012

    Lightbulb Negligence of Local BSNL Authority

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I have BSNL landline having no 255920. I have logged complaint for Line Noisy ( Disturbance, Cross- Talk ) on 19.07.2012 vide Docket No. 1007251775. After 10 days also problem is not solve but it become more vere now telephone is completely dead and BSNL Customer helping portal says you cannot log complaint when first one is pending. When i contacted to local office, But they said they have unable to solve the problem due to shortage of staff but they will do it in 1-2 days and after 10 days also still they are unable to solve it & reason is same. So what i can do ?

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    paul.simpa@gmail.com Guest

    Default Internet connection on land line

    I have land line connection with broad band 500 combo+. My land line 08023514081, and internet is not working, if it works very slow . It is possible to make it fast. Kindly do needful.

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    Dan Prince Guest

    Default Landline Shifting

    My landline shifting is not yet done since i gave my appl. on 29.05.2012, daily frustrating & much upset. My landline no. is 0452 2609254 (Madurai). Is there any feedback pls drop in my mail id garory@rediffmail.com

    I dont think the BSNL service will be this much ignorance, if they no to me i can go further options for my smooth communication. However if they dont resolve this issue sure i will quit BSNL service.

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    agrawal184 Guest

    Default landline phone is not working

    My landline phone no.-0512-2572033 is not working properly from the last 2 years(approx). BSNL is unable to repair the line. But I want to continue this connection and pay all bills with in time.

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    Anupam Ashok Guest

    Angry Reconnection

    Its been almost 20 years we are BSNL customer.Last 1 year the connection was kept under safe custody on our request as we were abroad.During these period,we were paying minimum charge to bsnl with out any fail.On 29 October 2012,we submitted a request in Mavelikkara branch for re connection and also in our local branch(cheriyanad),They asked for a 1 week time.After 1 week we made an enquiry in our branch regarding progress of our request.They informed us our connection was changed from safe custody and with in 2 days service will be available.Since then on a regular interval all of our family members are consulting branch responsible person.But until now there is no any progress.Consider our request.

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    spreevino89 Guest

    Angry phone dead, lineman no response, assaultive behaviour

    My BSNL number 0452-2641847. For past 4days our phone was dead...We have complained in bsnl office and they have informed the lineman but he didn't come to our home and gave disrespect and assaultive behaviour. So pls take action against the lineman and do the needful for us.

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    9421770499 Guest


    Respected sir/ma'am,
    I recharged my account balance.....but each time I try to send messages,they are not sent and whenever I call someone,a voice tells that my account balance is zero and if I don't refill it by 19th of January,my account will be deactivated

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    jsm Guest

    Angry service(mobile customer care)

    I have used so many telecome services but bsnl service very low level.6 months ago I port my number to bsnl.when i call to the customer care for complaint registration they didnot take my call even when take my call they are very busy to cut the call.my friends also said the same complaint. What can i do?

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry BSNL Services


    I have requested for a Plan change and raised a ticket for BB Slow on 4th Jan 2013 but the tickets were closed without any reason. When i reached Help Desk they said they havent received any authorization from BSNL. This is just increasing my frustration. Whenever i call BSNL helpdesk the call gets disconnected without any reason. This is second month im using bsnl, but this is worst experience with a service provider. If people dont know to satisfy the needs of customer then they should not run the business. I am residing in saidapet chennai.

    I have raised a complain regarding BB slowness. I left to office and then BSNL people called my \LL and my wife picked the phone call. As she told the slowness is there since we took the connection. Also she told "we requested for a plan change yesterday only". But the rep repeatedly saying Due to plan change only the internet is slow.... He keep telling the same thing. Just because he do not know technically anything or Hesitating to visit my home to rectify the problem. Eventhough we educated the rep as the connection plan requested raised yesterday only but the slowness is long lasting since we took connection, he just repeated the dialogue and hung up the phone.

    Just because of this i will change the Service Provider. Private concern would charge high but for sure the service would be excellent. Good Bye to BSNL...

    This is way the BSNL having tech rep's. Don't have logical thinking. Don't have enough knowledge for what they are appointed for. Please don't play with the money. Every thing is money. Please work to satisfy the customers and to develop the organization name...

    With Worries,

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default BSNL Land Line not working for 6months


    For the last 6 months the bsnl land line no 03612209994 has not been working and I have registered a complain on line lots of time... BSNL however has refused to do anything about it citing that there is construction going on in the area and the line has been cut.. They however are continuing to Bill me for there services which has not been given.. In there latest bill NO 99408372 the amount has gotten up to Rs3878...

    Kindly help in this regards

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    Jan 2013

    Default Phone Not Working last 25 days

    Hi, I Am JayaRaj,
    My number is 27565588. I am using this connection since last 1 and 1/2 years.My telephone wire was cut on last month 25/12/2012 so that i gave lot of complaints to your service man through mobile,but no use and no proper response.
    This is Wat you treating your customer and that guy is speaking in a rude way. So I don't want your connection and like to discontinue your service.

    If it continues like this means BSNL will become a beggar for the customer.

    +91. 9894457002
    Tamil Nadu, Kacheepuram DT.

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    I have been holding a BSNL landline number (dead for the past one year) for the past 23 years . I applied for a Broadband connection in the month of september 2012. Since the JE expressed his inability to arrange man power for Erecting the Telephone Post, I had to pay from my own pocket for installing the Post. After few weeks of struggle, I managed to get the connection and my joy was short lived. I registered a complaint at the local office, called the JE, met AE in person, tried to register a complaint with their hopeless online portal,literally I was running from pole to pillar to fix the problem, but nothing worked. Frustrated with their service, I wrote a letter to the AE requesting her to disconnect my connection, personally I handed it over to her. Being a Business person dependent on the internet and Phone, I was handicapped and was forced to look out for alternatives. After 3 weeks time, I received a Bill! With hardly 2 days of working connection, I was asked to pay the full amount. Infuriated with their attitude, I approached the AE, she had no clue about what my problem was and I had to brief her about the letter that I handed over to her. She insisted that I should wait till the officers from BSNL submit an INVESTIGATION report (for a dead connection) and till then they will be deducting from the deposit that I had made while taking the connection! I was cursing the gods for turning down the offers from other private players! Month after month they are only continuing to bill for a dead connection but not even a single responsible soul from BSNL office is paying any attention towards doing the final honors (Disconnection is all I wanted). My landline number is 0451- 2431879 and my account number is 9021184589.

    Kindly help me in this regards.

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