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Thread: You Telecom Broadband Complaint

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    Default You Telecom Broadband Complaint

    the package that I have subscribed to is 192 kbps speed and the monthly bill that is raised is Rs.472/-(after discount for online payment). My Account No. is 198048, I am entitled to unlimited downloads on the said plan (Suvidha 192UL), my complaints are; since the past few months (2-3 months) the service is gone from bad to worse with my initial complaints being of intermittent connectivity, which were rectified and thereafter i faced the problem once or twice a week. In the last month I was gifted a Wi-fi router and with great difficulty obtained the settings for the same. The preliminary answer that was given was that sorry we are unable to help as wi-fi router is not purchased from us, on informing the executive from you telecom that the same was a restrictive trade practice and that since there are no extra charges for the said service I ought to be provided with the settings for the same and only after some persuasion and speaking to the floor manager was I provided with the settings for the same. The problem thereafter has escalated in as much as I am unable to download and if able to the available speed is maximum 7 Kb/s, which is much less than the assured speed of minimum 20 kb/s and after initiating the download a notification pops up saying connection lost. Kindly note the above situation is only with one PC connected to the wi-fi and if my laptop is connected then I am unable to download as well as browsing speed is greatly reduced. The wi-fi router/modem is fully functional and has been verified by the technician of You Telecom and I was informed that there is no hardware/ software issue from my end. I am unable to download updates for my software's like bombay cases reporter, Supreme Court Search, Windows update etc.Initially I was unable to download movies/songs from some P2p sites now I am unable to download totally. The browser that I am using now "bitcomet" states that "Your listen port is blocked"...Please check your Firewall and NAT Router confi
    On account of the said negligent and deficient service there is loss of valuable professional time, computed at Rs.1,000/- for an hour of work loss and Rs.25,000/- (Rupees twenty five thousand only) for mental stress, trauma and anguish at waiting at the computer endlessly to have the work done. I have to keep myself updated with latest judgments and therefore updates from Bombay cases reporter and accessing the site of bombay high court are indispensable.
    Restoration of full service, (which is doubtful) damages as quantified above.

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    Default net work connection problem

    my self tour consumer since last 3 year, my account no is 525236, i m facing a lot off problem while connectig internet, and your speed is also found very less.plz help 2 to clear my complain as possible as early...thanks. nayan solanki.prop'. des electrical services. cell no, 9825211311

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    Default erri puku service provider

    pichipuku nakodakkallara service provide cheyata rakapoothe intlo pellalato kapuram chesukondi janam opikalatho adukovaddu. mee amma.

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    Default Pathetic Service by You Tele(Broadband Internet Service in Baroda)

    I am using Youtele Broadband service from last 2 years. Till last few months i was not having any problems related internet services but from last three months i have seen worst of services from this company. Most pathetic customer service center and most unresponsive approach from its baroda nodal office so called Mr. Prajapati. Whenever i try calling him either he is in lunch or break. I am having speed issues which have not been solve till date. Please think twice before taking it services.

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