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Thread: Complaint against IDBI Bank

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    Unhappy Complaint against IDBI Bank

    Dear Team,

    I am a resident of mumbai and want to launch a complaint against IDBI bank (Andheri,Mumbai) who have cheated while taking home loan.We were looking for a home loan to finance a flat
    which we registered around April-2009.In regard to the same the builder gave our contact info to an IDBI executive who did contact us for the loan.
    All the required documents were submitted along with the processing fee of Rs.11,030/- The rate of interest claimed was 9.50%. We were OK with same.
    Howevar after submission of documents,I re-confirmed for the rate of interest and the executive said its 9.75%.This came as a total surprise to us and we immediately stopped further processing of aloan.
    When asked for justification,the executive says,they had a scheme of 9.50% which has been closed now and the rate of interest been 9.75% now onwards.
    Till the date we were unaware of any such scheme and hence the last date of the scheme too.The executive said we had delayed in document submission due to which we missed the scheme.This gave a feeling of being cheated and we asked immediately to stop the loan processing.

    I will also like to bring to your notice that the executive was on leave for a weeks time and that has caused to delay in document submission.

    In such circumstances we demanded refund of processing fee as the loan is not even sanctioned and stopped immediately.
    The IDBI executive said they will deduct a marginal amount and return the remainder back.Howevar after several follow-ups and telephonic calls we have no response from IDBI.
    The executive is making excuses.Howevar when I turned up to their Andheri office they said they wont refund a single penny stating they have not declined my loan.Its me who is withdrawing it.Also they said thsy cant decline my file as everything is very clean and no point to decline.
    In such cases we wont refund the processing fee.

    Loss of Rs.11,030/- is very high for a common man.But these executives take it very lightly and harass the people considering the money as their own property.

    Sanket Mayekar

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default IDBI Home Finance

    You are not alone dear we also face the same problem with this pathetic bank, I do not know how the people still go to these bank, Our Govt should close these banks, I have applied for a Home Loan through IDBI Bank site and Mr Debabrata Ghosh an employee of IDBI Home Finance contacted me on 10 November 2008. In my discussion with him I have clearly informed him the salary I get and also told that the registration will be done during last week of April 2009. As per my salary he told that a amount of Rs850000 will be given at present but as my salary increase he will make sure that sanctioned amount will also increase to cover my requirement of Rs1080000 as IDBI gives 90% of the property price and 90% of the registration cost. Based on his promised I moved ahead with the process. He made me meet Mr Dipak with whom I had discussion regarding my Loan. He informed that a Loan of Rs 730000 will be sanctioned at the rate of 12% pa. I confirmed from him if this amount can be increased later and he also said that as salary increase the amount will also increase. He also informed that a Gurantor will be required but Mr Debabrata Ghosh told me he will remove this condition after speaking to his sales manage and Mr Dipak made me signed a white paper which was not official where this condition was mentioned. After taking the processing fees of Rs 8203 I was given conditions that I need to provide guarantor to process my application which was given in official bank letter head. I have clearly informed Mr Ghosh that I am not ready to provide any guarantor and I did not signed the acceptance of that official Santioned Letter,then he promised that he will remove this condition. Now it was time to do the legal formalities and Mr Ghsoh provided me bank lawyer Mr Amitava Chakraborty who has prepared my Sales Agreement and searching report. In that sales agreement it was clearly mentioned that if the registration is not done before 1st May 2009 then I will be bound to pay Rs 50000 to the landlord and the agreement will be cancelled. Based on Mr Ghosh promise I accepted the condition and paid Rs 100000 to the landlord. After the agreeme

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    Ganesh Puthran Guest

    Default floating rates remains unchanged for present customer

    I am the present customer of IDBI Bank, Loan Department. I have taken the Housing loan in the year 2007 in the floating rate. In the year 2008, when the home loan interest rate had gone up, my interest rate was revised to 11%. But now when the interest rate is reduced below 9%, then this benefit is not passed to the present customer.
    I feel I am cheated by IDBI bank since they have been very partial in giving the credits to the present customer. Kindly explain why there is the difference of 1.75% in floating rates between the existing customer and new customers. And after continous mailing and calling, they had never responded fairly. They never explain under what policy they are charging such high interest rates from existing customers.

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    Jan 2010


    consumer case(CC) No. CC/06/74

    Ajoy Kumar Mallick


    IDBI Home Finance Ltd.






    In the Court of the

    Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, Unit -I, Kolkata,

    8B, Nelie Sengupta Sarani, Kolkata-700087.

    CDF/Unit-I/Case No. 74 / 2006

    1) Sri Ajoy Kumar Mallick,

    31/1B, Pathak Para Road,

    Kolkata-700060. ---------- Complainant


    1) IDBI Home Finance Ltd.,

    IDBI House, 44, Shakespeare Sarani,

    Kolkata-700017. ---------- Opposite Party

    Present : Sri S. K. Majumdar, President.

    Sri T.K. Bhattacharya, Member.

    Order No. 9 Dated 0 4 / 1 1 / 2 0 0 9 .

    The instant case arises out of the petition of complaint of Sri Ajoy Kumar Mallick u/s 12 of C.P. Act, 1986 filed on 17.3.06 against IDBI House Finance Ltd., IDBI House, 44, Shakespeare Sarani, 6th floor, Kolkata-17 with a prayer to issue order for (a) refund of processing fees amounting to Rs.8265/- and (b) interest on the aforesaid amount from the date of clearing of the complainant’s cheque worth Rs.8265/- paid to the o.p. towards the processing fees of the housing loan applied for, (c) damages for harassment and mental agony assessed at Rs.70,000/-, (d) cost of the present proceeding and (e) further relief and other reliefs as the complainant is entitled to.

    Specific case is that the complainant applied to the o.p. noted above for housing loan to purchase one plot of land measuring one kathah and ten chhatak more or less situated at 1, Banamali Naskar Road, P.S. Behala, Kolkata-60 in Mouza-Behala, C.S/R.S. Dag no.4082 & 4075 under C.S/R.S. Khatian no.2016, ward no.131, Kolkata Municipal Corporation (S.S. Unit) in the month of August,2005 (said document is in the custody of the o.p).

    At the end of August,2005 after receiving the application of the complainant, the o.p. inspected the office, residence, P.F. office and bank account of the complainant. After accomplishment of all lawful formalities, the o.p. issued a letter dt.30.9.05 agreeing to sanction the loan of Rs.7,50,000/- only in favour of the complainant. Relying on the assurance of o.p, the complainant made an agreement of sale deed with the land owner and paid Rs.50,000/- only as advance to the land owner out of total consideration money Rs.7,50,000/- with the assurance that the balance amount would be paid within a period of three months at the time of sale deed (annex-A).

    Accordingly, the complainant paid a sum of Rs.8265/- only by an A/C payee cheque no.453233 dt.6.10.05 to be drawn on Allahabad Bank, Behala Branch, Kolkata towards the processing fees at the behest of the o.p. with the expectation of release of the said loan (annex-A-1).

    The complainant submitted all the required documents, and reports to the o.p. as per requirements, replied the queries made by the o.p. Advocate concerned on behalf of the o.p. duly inspected all the papers but in spite of fulfilling each and every norms set by the o.p, the o.p. did not release the sanctioned housing loan which was to be paid to the vendor within a specified period as per agreement of sale, i.e. three months (annex-C-2).

    Sri Biswajit Bhattacharjee, complainant advocate duly explained vide his letter dt.21.1.06 sent by registered post with acknowledgement due and which was received on 30.1.06, but the o.p. neither sanctioned the housing loan nor replied to the complainant (annex-B & B-1).

    Being only heir of Lt. Krishna Gopal Halder, Smt. Santasree Mullick (nee Halder) has obtains the right of ownership of the property left by her father as per provision laid down in Hindu Succession Act and as such, the question of registered title deed of ownership of the complainant’s vendor is irrelevant in this regard.

    The complainant submitted the partition decree, copy of mutation certificate, searching report, porcha, sale agreement, etc. to the o.p. in order to release of the sanctioned housing loan amounting to Rs.7,50,000/-, but the o.p. did not pay any attention to the above documents and due to their lackadaisical attitude, the complainant could not purchase the land in question within the stipulated period for which the vendor forfeited the advance money of Rs.50,000/- paid by the complainant.

    The o.p. did not release the loan amount to the complainant on the pretext that he did not submit the required documents, though the complainant supplied all the papers required for getting the loan. Hence the case.

    Decision with reasons :

    On perusal of the pleading, affidavit of evidence of the complainant, written argument of both the parties and documents on record, it is evident that the complainant applied for housing loan to IDBI Home Finance Ltd. to purchase a plot of land measuring 1 kathah 10 chhatak from Smt. Santosree Mullick (nee Halder), owner of the land (annex-A of written argument of o.p).

    On receipt of the application form duly filled in by the complainant, the o.p. inspected the office of the complainant, his residence, P.F. Office and Bank Account. After doing all the lawful formalities the o.p. issued a letter dt.30.9.05 to the complainant intimating that they were agreeable in principle to grant a housing loan on the broad terms and conditions. The loan (Rs.7,50,000/-) would be disbursed upon compliance of the conditions and completion of legal and technical formalities (annex-A).

    As per application form, the complainant and his wife Smt. Nabamita Mallick, co-applicant gave a declaration duly signed by them on 16.9.05 that “I/we understand and agree that the processing fees and administrative fees are non-refundable and my/our application being rejected by the company for any reason whatsoever, or the same being withdrawn by me, I/we shall not be entitled for refund of the same either in part or in full” (annex-A of written argument of o.p.). As such, the refund of processing fees does not arise.

    Though the o.p. was agreeable to grant of housing loan of Rs.7,50,000/- in principle to the complainant to purchase plot of land (annex-A), they did not disburse the loan amount to the complainant on one pretext or another in spite of the documents required were supplied to them by the complainant. The complainant supplied the copy of the mutation certificate (annex-C-4) and the copy of the Tax Receipt (annex-C-5) issued to Smt. Santasree Mallick, the present owner of the land in question. It is presumed reasonably that Kolkata Municipal Corporation issued the mutation certificate in favour of Smt. Santasree Mullick on 20.9.05 being satisfied with the records. Acquirement of the land in question by Smt. Santasree Mullick as its owner after the demise of her father has been explain ed in details by Sri Biswajit Bhattacharjee, Advocate on behalf of the complainant through his letter dt.21.1.06 addressed to the Senior Executive (Customer Relation), IDBI Home Finance Ltd., IDBI House, 44, Shakespeare Sarani, 6th floor, Kolkata-17 (annex-C-6). Since 20.9.05 nobody raised any objection to the ownership of Smt. Santasree Mullick being this only issue of Late Krishna Gopal Halder, in respect of the said land.

    Though the complainant submitted the copy of partition decree, copy of mutation certificate, searching report, porcha, sale agreement, tax receipt, etc. to the o.p. to get the release of the sanctioned housing loan of Rs.7,50,000/- only, the advocate engaged by the o.p. has been insisting on the title deed of the vendor Smt. Santasree Mullick who inherited the said property from her father being the only heir. On one pretext or another the o.p. harassed the complainant almost for one year without disbursing the loan amount. In fact, the o.ps. used the provisional sanction of loan in principle as the Tantalus cup before the complainant.

    Because of such lackadaisical and unsympathetic attitude and dilatory tactics of the o.p, complainant’s payment of Rs.50,000/- as advance to this land owner (vendor) was forfeited resulting in unwarranted financial loss to the complainant.

    Being disgusted with such behavior of the o.p. the complainant took back all the papers submitted by him to o.p. for getting the housing loan (annex-B of written argument of o.p).

    The o.p. in its written statement states that the present case is beyond the jurisdiction of this Forum which does not hold any water. Though the complainant resides in Behala, the office of the o.p. where the complainant applied for housing loan is situated at Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata-17 which is very much within the jurisdiction of this Forum.

    The o.p. further states that the case is not maintainable in present form. Mere stating that the case not maintainable is not enough, it should be backed by fact and reasons, which the o.p. fails to do.

    Regarding disbursement of loan, the o.p. states that unless the property was properly identified, the loan could not be disbursed. Now if the property was not property identified, Kolkata Municipal Corporation did not issue mutation certificate in favour of Smt. Santosee Mullick (vendor). Thus, the contention that the property was not properly identified, does not stand on its own feet. And the present owner of the property is the natural heir of her father’s property who died intestate.

    In case of granting loan to the complainant the registered deed made between owner of he property and the complainant is sufficient to grant loan provided the purchased land is hypothecated to the bank and the registered deed is deposited to the bank till the full recovery of the loan. In addition, the partition decree of the father of the owner of land is to be submitted.

    But due to the lackadaisical and unsympathetic attitude of the o.p, the complainant did not get the loan even after a lapse of one year and by that time, the complainant was forfeited of Rs.50,000/- paid as advance by the complainant to the owner of the land due to non payment of loan by the o.p. on frivolous reasons.

    Hence, ordered

    that the o.p. is directed to pay Rs.60,000/- (Rupees sixty thousand) only towards the compensation in order to alleviate the agonies and harassment of the complainant due to non payment of loan even after one year within thirty days from the date of communication of this order. In default, the said amount will carry an interest @ 10% p.a. till this payment is made. The complainant is awarded a litigation cost of Rs.5000/- (Rupees five thousand) only which is to be paid within thirty days from the date of communication of this order, in default the o.p. will pay interest @ 10% p.a. on the litigation cost till the full recovery of the said amount.

    Thus, the complainant succeeds the case.

    The case is disposed of from this Forum. Fees paid are correct.

    Supply certified copy of this order to the parties on receipt of prescribed fees.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Lightbulb i want my salary from the company plz help

    respected sir ,
    me and my 2 friendz had done a promotional job for a company name Occasions situated in Mira road,they had made us work for a week the pay was rs333/day so the total amount of me and my frndz are rs 6993 out of which they paid only rs3035 and frm thn they started to tell they will pay next week like ths now more than 7 months hav become but they havnt payed anything and now when we ask them for payment they say they r not going to pay anything more and stop calling them again and again this is our hard earned money whihc they r not giving we cannot let this money go like this sir we need them for our exams and if we done get ths money till next month we will hav to loose one year in studies i request u to plz help us out in ths matter as we r week in influence they r strong we cant go to police station and ask help .i humbly request u to take some serious action agianst them and get our hard earned money ths is not the first time ths company has not given employs money they r many incidents that they hav not given money if u could help us in ths matter it would be great fom ur part

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry complain against IDBI Bank Noida Branch

    I have applied a home loan from IDBI bank. There is some bank issue bank has rejected my application and the same processing fees of Rs 2500/- debited from my account after that I requested several time in their noida branch to refund my process fees. But no body going to listen.

    Please let me know the is that a right process to take a fees of Rs. 2500/- from individual and after one month they are saying your loan has not been approved. bofore that there is no reference number and even I don't no whether my loan has been processed or not but the processing fees has been written off by the bank. when I ask the bank to retund my processing fees, Mr. Dixit from Noida branch given a single line mail that your fees are not refundable.....

    Naveen singh

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Delay in cheque clearing

    I am a customer of HDFC bank . I received a cheque of IDBI bank in my name for Rs.5 lac from one of the customer of IDBI. The cheque was banked on Monday around 9 am . This cheque was reflecting in my ledger balance on Monday evening . However till 5.30 pm on Tuesday the cheque was not cleared by IDBI bank. I wrote a mail to customer care regarding this matter on the same day . Surprisingly, within 10 mins the cheque was bounced by IDBI bank with the reason INSUFFICIENT FUNDS. This cheque was kept on hold by a manager of IDBI Dwarka branch on the instructions of the drawer of the cheque. The customer care of IDBI bank has confirmed me this fact that the cheque was kept on HOLD based on the instructions of the customer to the manager . I think this is not fair at the end of the IDBI bank.

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    sunilkaul Guest

    Default idbi bank regd the loan complaint

    Dear sir,
    i applied for a two bed room with the reputed builder supertech ltd noida,as supertech eco village,
    as we hv been reffered to idbibank to submit the all documents for availing loan immedetely,accordingly
    i submit the all documents to the idbi executive mr harshit bhardwaj 9818692744 including processing
    fees,after a certain tme i communacted to him,he told file has been misplaced u hv to give again all papers
    along with the processing fees,so i submit again same,to avail loan as soon as possible & to pay my builder
    in time to save penelty.sir i am working in east africa kampal u@@@@a in a very professional co,& it took me
    lot in international calls to contact mr harshid as well at my home for the same,after so many mails to harsid
    about my loan i did nt receive any offical mail regd loan yet,after a couple of months he called me to send the
    salary certificate,proof of resirence i submit the same,after then he dint revert back.sir my file is pending in ur
    office kindly hv a look if u can help me to avail loan from ur bank,i will be honoured for ur kind reply& to save
    pently from my builder.

    warm regards sunil kaul


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    Default Money disputes through idbi bank.

    Dear sir

    my self akhilesh kumar an employee bhel.my salary account in idbi bank branch saltlake city kolkata. I had withdrawn the money rs 10,000/- on dated 05/01/2011 at sbi atm darbhanga but money deducted from my account rs 20,000/ .regarding this disputes i have informed the banks by mail several times also submited money disputes form at their idbi dhanbad branch as per their instruction on dated 07/01/2011. But now money refunded in a/c is only 1000/-.

    So sir, you are requested to pls justify the matter.

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    james_fer Guest

    Angry Unfair Practice by IDBI homefinance on Interest rates

    Dear Sir
    I have taken loan from IDBI home finance at 9.75 % floating. The floating in terms of IDBI is only upward movement in interest. When RBI had announced decrease in interest rates IDBI did not decreased the rates but is very promot the moment RBI increase interest rates. IDBI home finance is big fraud . They should be punished for doing so, I dont understand why nobody looks into the matter weather banks are following the guidelines set by RBI.

    James Fernandes

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint against IDBI Homefinance

    Dear Sir,

    I have taken a home loan from IDBI Homefinance in 2007. For last 3 years my track record has been good and all EMIs has been paid on time. Now I want to sell that flat for which I have taken homeloan. I found a buyer also to buy that flat. That buyer want to transfer loan on his name with my consent. When we have contacted IDBI Homefinance regarding this issue then they have told that due to their proposed amalgamation with IDBI Bank , they cant transfer the loan to other person and IDBI Bank will take decision in this regard. where as when we have contacted IDBI Bank then they have told that as per their policies (which are different from IDBI Homefinance) they cant transfer the loan amount on other person's name.
    I have lodge complaint in IDBI Homefinance customer care also but there is no reply.
    Pls help me out.

    Shashank Mishra

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    Mahesh Agrawal Guest

    Thumbs down Complaint for branch head idbi bhatapara (c.g) branch

    Respected sir
    I have complaint against branch head of IDBI bank Bhatapara Disst: Raipur (CG).
    Today first time my son went to the bank to submit Rs.11400 but the branch manager refused to take the cash and gave a reason that they have excess (extra) cash and can't transfer the amount to another branch of Raigarh. Today I self went to the bank at 12 noon during hot temperature although I m a BP patience. After a discussion of half hour the branch manager took the cash after that the guard told something to the branch manager and than the branch manager blamed me that by he had given the cash back to me and he checked my pocket.I asked him to check the Bank cash and also see the CCTV recording and after that check my pocket. He asked me to wait in the bank and he checked the bank cash and finally he found that the bank cash was correct thereafter he didn't said me sorry for that. I m a respectful businessmen, generally I use to have Rs.10000 to Rs.20000 in my pocket.My reputation was blamed and I want u that u take strict action against the Branch Manager of IDBI Bank Bhatapara, Disst: Raipur (CG).

    Yours very truly
    Mahesh Agrawal
    Cell No. + 91 98261 80160
    Phone No. +91 7726 221139
    Mahesh Trading Company
    Nehru Ward
    Mahasati Road
    Post - Bhatapara
    Dist. - Raipur (C.G.) 493118

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    Default Complaint against IDBI Bank


    Myself Sumith Sukumaran from B-11 Sneh roop Milan Co. Op Hsg Soc Ltd, applied for a home loan of 12 lacs from IDBI bank for the purchase of a flat, A-302 Amber Thirth Co. Op Hsg Soc ltd in Nandivli Road.

    For the above purpose, I met Mr. Vishal Shinde and Mr. Yogesh at Dombivli Ramnagar Branch. I got full support from them regarding this and I submitted a cheque of Rs 11030/- as processing fee.

    The day when the processing amount got debited from my account I got the first call from IDBI bank and they informed me that I am not eligible for 12 lacs and I will get only Rs 9,70,000/- as home loan.

    My query is that if I am not eligible for the required amount I have applied for then why the bank didnít inform me this before debiting the processing fee from my account? I think the bank felt that as the processing fee got debited then I will agree for Rs 970000/- but it is completely wrong. Anyways, I have canceled the application on that day itself when I got the first call from the Bank.

    I didnít expect such service from the IDBI Bank and frankly saying I didnít get any support from your system part. When I went to Thane IDBI centre for collecting the documents that I have submitted and also the processing fees, they made me wait for 2 hours and after waiting for 2 hours they informed me that I will have to give an application and they will give me a call in two days. They should have informed me this when I had been to the branch? Why they made me wait for two hours for giving this information?

    Before debiting the processing fee the bank should have called me and asked me whether I am ready for 9,70,000/- and then they should have debited the processing fees from my account and gone forward with the application.

    Now, I would request you to refund the processing fees as well as my documents as soon as possible. I expect at least this time you would help me with the same from your side.

    Sumith Sukumaran

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    Post Payment of mvat challan

    Dear sir , we requist i go to the idbi bank satara city br. For cash deposited mvat challan , there is not accepted the challan officer said please go our naka branch, then i go naka branch there again not accepted my challan officer said please yo go our karanje branch then i go to the karanje brance there officer said heare not opene mvat site so we not accept your challan the please you go to our city branch or our m.i.d.c. ( godoli ) branch . We requist that please yo told the idbi bank in all satara branch accept cash mvat challan all custmor no back any delar without deposit vat challan all challan collect. Other wise this facilities give to all co.op. Bank the give better service begause they was co operativ. But idbi bank 's clerk was not co oprative any custmer he was senior citision. Karanje brance all staff seating in relife no working at 3.45 pm. Please order to all branch in satara any challan accept .

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down IDBI is Pathetic and Worst Bank

    I lost my debit card, so asked customer care to block the card. Later customer care executive said that I can submit my request to any branch.

    So I tried to submit my request in Mu@@@@ (W.) Branch. IDBI employee refused to accept the request as my account is of Khar branch. I was surprise how centralized is this bank.

    I checked with branch manager, he shameless person said 'boss this IDBI bank, we dont work like HDFC and ICICI who provide centralized facilty'

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