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Thread: BSNL broadband complaint

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    Default BSNL broadband complaint

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    BSNL Broadband

    I have been a serious customer of BSNL. But the kind of service I have been getting for the past 10 days for my complaints have left me in state of shock, to say the least. My landline and Broadband had gone Dead for the past 11 days and I don’t have a responsible reply from any authority for the frequent requests that I have been making. Here is the history: 1-Jun-2009: My phone line and broadband connection went dead and I lodged a complaint (Docket number 7656). 3-Jun-2009: I called the customer care number. They sent a reminder to the appropriate authorities. 5-Jun-2009: Since there was no action from BSNL for my complaint, I called Customer Care again. They raised another (Docket number 7750). 10-Jun-2009: There was no action on either of the other dockets, I found in the website that the Docket 7750 was closed; To my dismay, they CLOSED the old docket without any resolution and I was not informed about the closure of this docket. I was forced to raise another Docket (7838). I called the GM’s office many times during this period. I have been told that the GM’s office had sent instructions many times to the concerned authorities but there was absolute inaction. On a personal inspection, I found the wireline had physically snapped somewhere. I have informed this also to the GM’s office. I was given a personal mobile numbers of the concerned engineers (22931750 and 9449831750), but I didn’t get any proper response from this number also. This disconnection is putting me through a lot of difficulties, as I have gone without phone at home for over 10 days. And without Broadband, my office work is also getting unduly affected. I don’t understand why the Dockets get closed without any resolution and without informing me. In a span of 11 days I had to raise 3 different dockets for the same problem, which doesn’t speak high of the quality of Service that I have been getting. I request you to take appropriate action and direct the ri
    My work has been effect as the broadband connecetion was not available.
    My work has been effect as the broadband connecetion was not available.

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    Default Slow Broadband Speed

    I have a braoadband connection plan 500c. I am getting only 21Kbps download speed. I am suffuring very much for this slow connection. I complaint against this in the local BSNL office but no action is taken by the officials. So please hellp me.

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    Dear Sir,

    For your complaint you will have to send a written complaint to the nodal officer. Pls. provide us your complete residential address as soon as possible, to get the contact details of your Area Circle, Nodal officer.

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    Respected Sir,
    Presently i am using the broadband connection provided by BSNL.
    When i filled the form it was clearly mentioned in the form that if you want
    then you have to pay *RS 250/-* as installation fee and if not no fee.
    As i know how to install to it I checked the box corresponding to "Donot
    want installation".
    Now after a month i received the bill where there is a difference of *Rs
    540/-* between the total amount payable and the sum of all charges mentioned
    in the bill.
    For this I consulted the Account Officer of BSNL about the Bill and he
    that these extra charges were the installation charges.But i entertained no
    regarding this matter who made visit to my home for installation as i got ID
    and password
    through mobile call from SDO.
    So sir how could it possible that if you require installation you have to
    pay Rs. 250/- and
    if not you have to pay Rs. 540/-.Even a insane know what is right and what
    is not?
    They gave me a mere explanation that we are charging this amount not only
    from you
    but also from others.
    SO please guide me what to do?
    With Regards
    Anil Kumar Verma

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    Default complaint against BSNL broad band service

    My telephone number is 040-24033026. I am a customer of BSNL land line connection and Broad band connection. Since last three weeks, my broad band connection completely dead and there is no response from the respected BSNL staff in restoring my broad band connection, inspite of lodging complaint over phone, begging personally several times, by myself, mywife and my son to the staff at Saroornagar telephone exchange office, LB Nagar office, office located at Asthalaxmi temple to solve my problem. But till this moment my broad band connection is not restored. In addition, since last two days, even my land line connection is also dead and there is no action again from honorable and respectable BSNL staff to restore even my land line connection. Will some higher officials in BSNL, Hyderabad take necessary action in restoring my broad band connection, atleast after looking at this complaint. Last month also, for almost about 20days, the land line and broad connections were dead.

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    rajkumar saini Guest

    Default very slow speed

    My address is Mansarovar Colony, Tehsil Baraut, Dist. Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh.(PIN 250611). This comes under BSNL UP WEST zone, HQ is in Meerut and divisional office in Baraut.
    My no. is 01234- 251041. I am getting very slow speed i.e. 20-30kbps of broadband, ealier it used to be 230 kbps. The broadband also get disconnected several times. My complaint to the AM have gone unheard. Please help me. Thanks
    Rajkumar Saini

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    Dear Mr. Saini,

    For your complaint you will have to send a written complaint to the nodal officer of the Company. Wait for the response for at least 10 days because the Nodal officer will have to provide you any solution within 10 working days. Send a written complaint and kindly revert back soon after getting any reply from him. The Email address is:

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    Question bsnl complain

    respected sir, i m consumer bsnl broadband connection i was change ur plain from 250 to 750 plan at 12 sept 2009 and than conform from costmercare to change ur plan . when i call customer care on 7 oct 2009 . then he said that no change ur plan. .

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    Unhappy Poor Broadband service

    I am a bsnl broadband user with unlimited download tariff plan. My number is 01652-232739. Oftenly my phone remains dead. Whenever it is in working position but connection frequently disconnects. From 6-7 days the connectivity is absent. My work place is remote from city that why i feel myself unable to lodge a complaint on 198 as no bsnl phone is available nearby. Whenever i tried 01652-232199 (telephone exchane number) and 9417800599 (J.E. telecom) from my mobile they dont answer the phone. I got some broadband complaint number 12678, 0164-2221275, 0164-2221276, whenever I try to contact the above phone numbers there was busy tone but when incidently the ring passes they dont answer. Kindly direct the related officer to look into the matter.

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    sunita Guest


    We have got a Triband bill amounting to 22165, for one month. When MTNL has Rs.399 internet access for 700 mb how can the bill be so much. We do not have the unlimited access plan. To add to it we did not receive the original bill for the first months. By the time we realized that we had not received the bill for months our . Then we went and brought a duplicate bill. We have contacted all the people in our telephone exchange for the same problem in month of may - 2009 the amount was 6370 /- as the accounts section people but they claim that we need to first clear the amount and then reply us that the uses are correct .but in next month june bill amount- 5190 / -,in augest -2009 amount - 3462/- My point is if 1000 is the maximum internet charge how can MTNL charge us so much even if we have exceeded our triband plan. We should have received the original bill on time which would have alerted us in the first month itself. We are unable to pay such a huge amount.

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    Default heavy bill for broad band usage than expected

    Dear Sir,

    My phone #: (80)26795591. My Name is Bhaskar NA. I have been using broadband since 5 years. So far, I use to get around 500. But in the month of Sept 2009, I got the bill for Rs 3500 (2739 + 500 min + 382 tax).

    My broadband usage is shown as :

    Total usage: 6559MB

    Addl Usage: 2719.32MB

    I am 100% sure that I havenít used this much of upload/download. I looked in detail in the dataone.in and it shows the weird usage

    Could I get justification in terms of which all sites upload/download happened and that caused this much usage from BSNL ?

    Let me know what additional details i should provide to take it up further.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post SBBJ Bank Complaint

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    I have opened a Saving Account in SBBJ, Sojati gate Branch, Jodhpur in JUNE, 2009.

    In the application form I have clearly mentioned that I need Saving Account Without Cheque Book (Rs.500/- Min Balance). Just after 15 Days of opening my account I found that Bank has deducted Rs.300/- Penalty charge for Low Min. Balance whereas I have Rs.500/- in my saving account.

    While I contact to the Staff, they replied that my acccount is opened with Cheque Book (Rs.1000/- Min. Balance). They told me that I have filled Rs.1000/- Min. Balace in the application form and when I asked them to show me the application form I have filled for the Saving Account they told me that the Application Form is not in their Branch, it is send to the head office at Jaipur.

    I have not got the cheque book also till now (the Month of October,2009)

    Pls. Help me in this matter.

    What should I do Now? Can I got the Penalty Amount Back from the Bank ?

    My email ID is

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    Post about bsnl broad band problem

    I am using bsnl broadband for the past two years. My broad band plan is home500.
    According to this plan they assure that the speed may vary from 256 k bits/sec to a maximum of 2 m bits/sec.
    But the range i get is from 100 k bits/sec t0 a maximum of only 500 k bits/sec.and the other costumers who are under the same plan is getting the speed varying from 300 k bits to even 2 m bits/sec sometimes.
    And the normal speed they get most of the time is around

    1 mbits/sec which i have never seen any time in my computer.
    I have mentioned my problem many times before to my local bsnl telephone exchange(kalpadhur) but they are not responding properly.
    They just ignore my complaint as soon as i get out of the office,after some days they referred me to their head office,
    that is, vellore bsnl office.there they responded to me like they would solve the problem within one or two days
    but they told me that this is the speed i will get for my plan and they also asked me to
    change to some higher band width plans to get the speed.
    They even told me a story that the broad band speed range varies from place to place.
    Is that true?
    If it is, then why didn't bsnl provide any such information about speed variations from place to place in their plan scheme details?then provide me with appropriate technical details of why such variations happens from
    place to place.(dont bother that i wont be able to under stand the details you provide me).
    If ti is not,
    why should i spend some extra amount of money to get the speed
    of my present plan while others are getting the assured speed under the same plan ?
    If it is not possible for the bsnl to provide the assured bandwidth range, why they
    just give the word?

    I am not happy with bsnl customer service
    hope you will understand my complaint about less broad band speed and bad customer service of bsnl and take the appropriate actions to solve it.

    My land line no: 0416-2295882

    address: No.11, 6th north street,

    dr m.g.r nagar,

    tharapadavedu, katpadi,


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    Dear Sir,

    Pls. forward your complaint to the Nodal officer at following email address:

    Hope you will get any positive response for your complaint.

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    Subhash Andey Guest

    Default BSNL Broadband

    Dear sir,
    I have taken BSNL Broadband on my landline No. 0712-2562915. Since last 10 days it
    is not working. I booked the complained on 2542198 after 2-3 days my phone was
    working but internet was not working. I again tried to book complaint on 1957 and
    198 but on both the number i got the message that my complaint is already booked. So
    i could not book complaint for internet though 1957 is supposed to book the
    complaint for internet. when i tried to contact officer on 2557071/2561128 i always
    get busy tone. When I contacted Shankernagar office they says ypuou have to contact
    main ofiice only
    Now you tell me what I should do to get my broadband connction rapaire.
    S. P. andey
    Mob 9423681551

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