Dear Sir/Madame,

I live in Bangalore and recently had got some furniture delivered by
my Father from my Noida (UP) residence to Bangalore residence via Gati
Limited. They promised to deliver the 11 large packages but asked to
pack the goods ourselves.

My father spent Rs.5000 using professional movers and packers to pack
the furniture securely. Gati inspected the goods on collection and
said Ok to deliver the furniture.

My furniture was picked up from Noida on 9th of June 2009 and
delivered to my Bangalore residence on the 13th of June 2009. Docket
N0 Reference is 424523147

Gati charged me Rs.9,800 for their services which was paid at my
Bangalore residence on delivery.

But when I opened my furniture I was shocked to discover that almost
all packages had some damage on them. Please see my email below to
Gati detailing the damages done to my furniture.
Dear Susheet,

Ref: Docket Number – 424523147

As spoken to you yesterday I am very disappointed with the service
provided by Gati in regards to handling my cargo. I am writing a
detailed note on the damages done to my furniture during

I have had professional movers and packers pack my luggage and had
spent Rs.5000 for their services before giving my luggage to Gati. I
expected that Gati will be more considerate handling delicate cargo
which was clearly labeled “FRAGILE” on each of the 11 packages.

Out of the 11 packages following were damaged due to non-handling of the same –

1. Walnut Bar – This is a carved Kashmiri Bar costing Rs.20,000.
Damage done -
a. The package was torn in the front and has scraped the carving
and its polish.
b. The front panel is cracked and the inner panels are completely broken.
c. The bottom of the Bar is cracked.

2. Mandir – The cost of the Mandir is Rs.6,000 made of Rose wood.
Damage done -
a. The Mandir’s bottom panel is completely demolished and will
require new wood.

3. Centre Table – This costs Rs.15,000 and is made of entire Rose
wood. This came in two packages. Damage done -
a. The main support Panel is cracked.
b. The Frame was totally broken and will require major work to
be fixed right.

4. Storage Unit – The cost of the Storage Unit is Rs.5,000. Damage done –
a. The back of the Storage Unit had a hole and the package was
torn. This will require new wood.

Despite the fact after one of your employees came to inspect the
furniture before transportation and gave me a quote, it is surprising
now you (Susheet) mention that you do not handle furniture!!! Why was
I given a quote in the first place if Gati does not handle fragile
goods specially furniture? What was the insurance of Rs.40,000 done

I had called for a carpenter this morning and have got a quote of
Rs.10,000 for repairing the same. The very least I expect from Gati is
to pay for the repair.

Please consider this as my final email and treat this on “Priority”
and I expect you to take action immediately. Failure to do so will
leave me no option than to escalate this further.

A very disgruntled customer
Rohit Nischol

It has now been 15 days and they have been corresponding via email
without any action taken (I can share with you all the email
correspondence done with Gati if required).

Please suggest how could I get my claims for the broken furniture from Gati.

Rohit Nischol