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Thread: Cheated from the website www.visionjobcare.com

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    Default Cheated from the website www.visionjobcare.com

    Dear sir/ madam,
    I am Manoharan from Kerala. I see a website named visionjobcare in google search. I contact the person Mr. Rakesh Sharma at the time of my registration. My registration was done in February 2010, is taken by the franchisee I paid 15000/- for franchisee fee after I register 10 customer for various jobs. They send a franchisee certicicate, Identity card, and commision chart. After they send work at the time when work submitted their side no replay nobody was attend my call. They send work slot is same as all of the customer get. Here time gone no replay from their side all of the customers are came to my office at last I give all of the customer registration money. Then I send a complaint to Cyber Crime Police Station Thiruvanathapuram after 2months they send a report of their inquiry then I take the report and went to my nearest Police Station but no scope from them. Now the site was still working with new model because their website validity closed in 30/12/2010 the they renew it some little change 1st they change their registration and 2nd change their first payment mode: Bank details is- Globel Job Help, ICICI Bank A/c. No:018905008386 but now the Bank is Bank of India someting. and the 3rd One is the main the MD name Mr Rahul Sharm changed their name to Mr. Kunal Sharma. I have all the details about them Please help me sir I want my all registration money back. And I want to block the sites those are cheating poor people.
    Thanking You
    Manoharan. CP
    Palakkad, Kerala.
    Mob: 9605725229
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    Dear Manoharan,

    I am Karthick, just following this thread, i visited the site that you mentioned, lot of spelling mistakes in the website itself, some places even in the name of the company, their contact details etc., Ok, I just got some ambiguty in your complaint, which i want to get clarified..

    You stated that you have paid 15000 INR to VisionJobCare, but the name of the company that you mentioned in the Bank Challan is Globel Job Help.. why is this change?

    Did you received any receipt for your payment made to Globel Job Help, if no why you didnt insisted the company to provide you the receipt.

    what kind of job that your clients registered with you, as you are a franchise of Vision Job Care, as there is a list of jobs provided in the site menu..

    when was the job issuied to your clients and when you submitted the finished job back, and through which channel.. ie. whether through E-Mail or postal..

    Do you have a copy of the job & its details issued to you / your client..?

    and what the report says that you got from Cyber Crime Police Station Thiruvanathapuram..

    Regards - Kark

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    No.1 Fraud website cheating Indians.
    This website wwwDOTonline-home-jobsDOTcom/ is 1000% fraud. They are not sending any forms. They want to promte their products. This guy also copied the content from another website. Shame on him. We guys are closely watching this website wwwDOTonline-home-jobsDOTcom/ day and night. We are going to file a case against him. We got all the server, domain registration details. He own several
    We have noted all his bank account details in the payment option.

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    NIVAS Guest

    Default Vision job care- a fradulent site

    Customer ID No. 30/3/40534
    Activation Date 30/3/2010
    JOB PLAN Ad Posting Executive Plan

    I have registered with fraudulent company by paying Rs.5000 for this job. The person Rahul Sharma spoke to me for the first time when I need to pay the money into their ICICI Account. After than I received a word file with the list of classified sites and some instructions. I have posted 1200 ads and sent the work file. Thats it. No calls after that no payments made. Whenever I call once they know that it is existing client they hung up the phone. SURPRISING WHEN I JUST SEARCHED FOR VISION JOB CARE THIS SITE IS STILL ACTIVE AND ACCEPTING DEPOSITS??? WHO WILL TAKE ACTION ON SUCH SITES??

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    Thumbs up Cheated from the website www.itechbposolution.com

    Respected Sir, I am Biji Harikrishnan from Kerala,according to them I am pays their registration fees on airtel form filling home based work,but after registration they do not give any reply and do not give me the further instructions and do not attend my call,no reply to my e mail,so kindly help me

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Cheated by Website Vision Job Care

    I had registered with them around 2 months back for form filling job. I did online form filling work for one month and subsequently when I tried to reach them nobody attended the calls nor did they bother to reply to my emails.

    C.V. Narayanan

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default v.n. multipath services

    V.n. multipath services is also a fraud company guy pls dont loose your hard earned money im from chennai i was cheated by them once u paid u will not get back ur money

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    Default Tesco Outsource & Vision job care - both are the same fradulent websites

    This is a fraud company which cheats people. This is the website www(dot)onlinehomejobsus(dot)com for TESCO OUTSOURCE from Vadodara. My name is Raj Abraham and I am from Mumbai. I called up on the phone number "8140407756" enrolled for "Copy Paste Jobs" through a person name Mr. Ravi Sharma. He asked me to do a bank transfer to the below mentioned A/c
    A/C Holder Name : VISION JOB CARE
    CURRENT A/C NO.: 204120110000244
    IFSC/RTGS/NEFT : BKID0002041
    So i did a bank transfer for Rs. 5,500/- on 12/08/2014 through my wife's account. He said my i will receive an id and password after 24 hours.
    This did not happen. So I called this CON MAN RAVI SHARMA and told him about this, he said that the server is having some issues and will be resolved with 2 or 3 days. On the 19/08/2014 he sends an email with the details below:
    Customer ID No. cp9283 Activation Date
    Job Plan COPY PASTE JOBS 19/08/2014
    However, he sends offline "Ad-Posting Jobs". He thought that I am fool and do not know the difference between both the jobs. So i send an email saying that I had opted for online "COPY PASTE JOBS" and even called him to tell him this. He says that still the server is down. So I told him to refund my money. So he told me that it will take 15 days to refund the amount and i need to send an email. So I send him a email requesting the refund.
    So after 15 days I called him for the refund he does not answer the phone, so i send messages and email, but there is not response. So, I called the other phone number "7359461279" A person name "Vicky" receives the phone, so I tell him what happened, so he said that he will resolve my issue. But when i call him and he picks up but when he hears my name, he disconnects the phone. Now nobody pick up the phone when i call. I did not understand why did RAVI SHARMA ask me to transfer amount to other company called "Vision Job Care" bank account. So I think both are same fraud companies.
    Please be beware of both these websites

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default cheater compny itechbPo solutins

    Me too hav lost my mny with ths fraud onlin company. itecbposolutions..
    Prob s thr s no way ...security fr the peopl who paid them

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default V.N Multipath Services

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    V.n. multipath services is also a fraud company guy pls dont loose your hard earned money im from chennai i was cheated by them once u paid u will not get back ur money
    Dear Mr. Rafi, we know that you have not completed your work on time and thats why your id was terminated and we know you are spoiling our name since last 3 months. Though we do not have any effect because we know what we are and we have enough of satisfied customers. So please go away as it is your mistake only not ours. We are providing work and giving payment too.

    Customer Service

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Cheater and Fraud company VNMultipath Surat

    VNMultipath Surat -UG-48 , Ascon Plaza Near Bhulka Bhavan School, Anand Mahal Road,Surat Surat, Gujarat 395009, India, Surat, Gujarat is a fraud. They are cheater company. Total scam. They will show you check paid. But their cheque bounces. 100% cheaters. Don't trust them. Total Fraud. Total Cheaters. Nimesh Patel and Umesh are total cheater. They will give you work that you won't be able to complete. If you complete the work then they will find your mistakes so that they don't have to pay for your work. VNMultipath is a fraud company. Do not trust them

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    yash_p Guest

    Default VNMultipath Surat is a fraud company. VNMultipath surat is a cheater company.

    Hello Friends,

    I had taken work from VNMultipath surat from their office address:UG -48, Ascon Plaza
    Anand Mahal Road, Behind Bhulka Bhavan School, Adajan, Surat, Gujarat

    My registration number with them was 5692. VNMultipath surat said that once you complete your work we will generate your payments.
    After working for 10 days and completing their project. I submitted their project. After 3 days of submitting the project they said that your work have too many errors. They didn't pay me any money for my work. They are total fraud company. Umesh and Nishant Patel are both cheaters.

    They will try to defend their company by saying that my work was wrong or didn't match with their terms and conditions. But they hide all the information from you. In the agreement all the terms and conditions are practically not possible. After you submit your work they will not pay you.

    VNMultipath is Cheater company. If anyone has doubt give me call on my number-07048606470

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