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Thread: Complaint against Tanishq for return of gold jewellery policy

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    Pradip Kothali Guest

    Default Complaint against Tanishq for return of gold jewellery policy

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    I want to complaint against -

    No. 623, Balaji Arcade, 80 Ft Road,
    next to Maharaja Restaurant,
    4th Block, Koramangala,
    560 034
    080 - 41504614/ 41313611

    for return of gold jewellery policy.
    In purchase receipt, for return of gold jewellery - only written that below
    20k theyll pay by
    cash and above 20k they will give Cheque.

    When I went to their shop to return the gold jewellery, they told me that as
    per their policy or cheque it'll take
    7 working days. but it was not written in purchase receipt. due to this I
    couldn't manage my urgent need and
    lost my stability of mind.

    Pls let me know what r the documents required / procedure to file complaint.

    Best regards,
    Pradip Kothali

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    laxmikatare Guest

    Default given order for something else, however received something else.

    I had placed order for the pendants of gold for my mangalsutra, however the same design was produced in smaller size. Also they did not inform this while placing order. Its been three months they havent delivered my order. Also they are not giving what i have ordered for. I am very dissapointed since already paid 80% of the amount and they are using my money. Also I have no option since they would not return entire money.
    Please Help since i want to file a complaint against them.
    Laxmi Katare

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Refusing to take their own silver coins

    Myself Poonam Singh have got nearly 700 gms of silver coin of tanishq which they used to give with hp products. When i went to tanishq store to exchange these silver coin and in return get another jwellery ,they openly refused to take themstating that they only sell gold and silver and they dont buy them.I also have all the certificate of authenticity.But all the tanishq store flatly refuse to accept them. Pls look into the matter and resolve the issue as soon as possible

    Contact no. 9717681599
    email id: voldemort00@gmail.com

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    crgirap@rediffmail.com Guest

    Default Tanishq gold

    I have purchased bangle from Tanishq by giving 24 carat gold coins (purity 23.9 and 23.8). They deducted 8% from my exchange coins saying that gold is not 24 carat. Is is okay to deduct so much. Kindly advice. Their making charges is also very high ie 484 rs per grams. They are checking purity on karatmeter. One side of coin was showing 23.5 and other side of coin 23.8

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Tanishq exchange policy is suspect

    Quote Originally Posted by crgirap@rediffmail.com View Post
    I have purchased bangle from Tanishq by giving 24 carat gold coins (purity 23.9 and 23.8). They deducted 8% from my exchange coins saying that gold is not 24 carat. Is is okay to deduct so much. Kindly advice. Their making charges is also very high ie 484 rs per grams. They are checking purity on karatmeter. One side of coin was showing 23.5 and other side of coin 23.8
    The karat meter used at Tanishq is flawed because they keep a tolerance which is very high. even if you give them a pure 24 karat gold coin it will always show a percentage less because that is the tolerance that they have kept in the machine to ensure they make some more money on old gold purchases.
    I have measured their own gold jewelery which was certified as 22 carat without telling them the make and it showed 21.2.

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    Default About making charges at tanishq


    This is regarding making charges of Tanishq Rajouri Garden main market Delhi they are charging 12% of making charges i don't no why they are charging so much and at the time of buy they don't tell you how much r they charging for the making and when you end up paying then you will realized that actually they are making you fool the their sugary talk.

    I want to complain against them i exchange my gold with them they were saying they will give me 100% return because my gold was from their store but they did not give me full price they said we are giving you less because when we clean the gold we get less that's we are giving you less it was less but when i went home and check the money was actually very less what they said.

    can someone help me to complain against them, where i can complain who will help me.


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    shuklavk08@rediffmail.com Guest

    Default Gold Bangles sold by Tanishq- Misfit under size

    I have ordered for a set of Gold Bangle at Tanishq show room , J.M. Road, and paid Rs 1,01,697 for 29.360 gms 0n 24.10.2012.The Bangles were not as per the size ordered and while wearing in hands the size was so small that my daughter got injured.This was reported to tanishq show room from where it was bought,I was told that , i will have to go as per their exchange policy and they will adjust only gold for gold value Rs 80940/-only against the purchase price of Rs. 1,01,697/-This Rs 1,01697 includes Rs 10,000 making charges also. So in exchange I will have to pay once again the making charges of Rs 10,000/- approx.

    I explained them , I have not come for exchange for the sake of pleasure but because they ( Tanishq) have delivered the wrong size. This is absolutely a wrong and unfair trade practice and there has been deficiency in services on the part of Tanishq.

    Request you to kindly intervene and resolve the issue.


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    Apr 2013

    Default resale of 10g tanishq gold coin

    I went to Allahabad tanishq showroom on 18 October 2013 at 11.15A.M .to sell back my 10g Tanisha gold coin.the rate of 24 k gold was Rs.3410/.the person at reception calculated the amount to be refund as 97%i.e Rs.33185/ that too to be given in cheque.he forced me to come after 2p.m for the same.for which there is no written condition. When I went to the showroom at 2.p.m he said that rate has dropped by Rs.2000/ per 10 g.Why should I suffer the loss.the showroom should be held responsible for the same.

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    CHANdra nair Guest

    Default sale of gold jewellery

    I sold 60gms of gold jewellery bought from Rakesh Jewellers, Ketan Apts, Phadke Rd, DOMBIVLI . I learnt that he pays atleast 5500 rupees less than prevailing market price of gold on KDM gold which is malpractice. While other jewellers deduct just 1 percent on the overall sale value. I sent two letters to him dated 10 and 18february 2014 besides an email also. He has not responded to any of these.I have lost nearly 8gms worth gold in entire transaction. I would like to caution buyers on this malpractice by this jeweller. He has been running this shop for over two decades now. Beware buyers!

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    svetlana mishra Guest

    Default tanishq neither returning our gold nor its equivalent cash value.

    I had placed an order for a set of gold bangles which without screws weighed around 45 gms. I wanted them in smaller size with screws and was told by tanishq that they will be made in 46-47 gms or max to max the bangles will be done in 50 gms.I told them clearly that dont make if exceeds 50 gms as i wont be able to afford them.they took our gold of 50 gms. a week later i received a call saying that its not possible in 50 gms and will need 56 gms.i cancelled my order and I initially thought i will select another pattern which wudnt need so much gold.but they did not have any good options.. i went and had an arguement with tanishq as my point was that they should have enquired first and then taken gold from us. But they gave us various reasons stating bangalore vendor refused to make in 50 gms etc etc.due to lack of options i asked them to return the gold.But they refused saying that returning gold is against their policy. after a little arguement the lady tasleem gave me 3 options.
    1> come after 3rd oct as new stock will arrive .
    2> take cash refund as much as mentioned in the receipt.
    3> she wud give a credit note and i cud place an order in any branch of tanishq.
    I said i will decide and get back to them.
    Today on 30th sept when i called them to know the procedure of cash refund as i already booked my bangles somewhere else based on her 2nd option, she started denying saying that cash refund is not in the policy.
    Tanishq has been doing this from very start..they say something and later deny.
    I have been under stress due to them. My marriage is approaching.. just 2 months left and such a financial stress from tanishq.
    I told them they are wrong and that i will file a police complaint but they are so ruthless .. they said " jo karna hai karlo.."
    I request you to please help us as they are neither giving us are gold back nor the cash. we are not interested in dealing with tanishq ever as its a fraud company.

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