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Thread: AXIS Bank RAC Bangalore

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    Default AXIS Bank RAC Bangalore

    Loan Ref: Home Loan Approval No AXIX BANK/(LNPHG)-227259-ASL/05/37/RAC -
    ( BANGALORE )/08-09

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to lodge a formal complain against AXIS Bank RAC Bangalore
    for their miserable customer service, my reputational damage and not
    refunding the processing fee.

    I applied for a housing loan more than one month back through the sales
    agent Mr. Sudhir ( 9880099166). I have submitted all the required
    documents as advised. On due course I received an official letter dated
    18th May from AXIS Bank RAC advising the sanction of the loan facility.

    But the disbursement not happened. On enquiry Mr. Sudhir ( 9880099166)
    told me that some paper needs to be signed. I got agreed and advised him
    to come to my office to get the paper work done.

    Till then almost every day I got different stories from him. In the
    later days whenever I used to call him, he assured me that he will give
    me a call in next 10 minutes. But nothing happened.

    On 15th Jun finally he informed me that due to some policy of the bank
    loan can not be approved.

    I sent a mail to the concerned authority. But no action taken. Kindly
    refer attached mail communication.

    I have lost more than one month time in this process, I have lost around
    INR 5,500 on account of processing fee, and it is a huge reputational
    damage to me which is the most important factor.

    Please help me to take some disciplinary action on them.


    Swaraj De

    Associate Manager. Bangalore Trade Payments Team

    ANZ, Bangalore

    Phone : +91 80 3952 4853

    Vocienet : 8791 24853

    Mobile: 9886542091

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    Ravindran Srinivasan Guest

    Default Customer service at Axis Bank RAC


    I am a power home loan customer of Axis Bank and my story is likely to be a clear case study in how Axis Bank treats its customers.
    First of all, i think Axis Bank's attitude towards borrowers is different - they do not treat us as customers, they treat us borrowers and therefore their lack of response is evident.
    From day one i have had issues and for every issue i have had to write atleast 10 emails, visit the RAC 3 times and call innumerable number of times before it gets the required attention and resolution.
    Even today i have called the RAC 5 times, the lines keep ringing and no one picks up the phone (so much for RAC and customer service!). Their executive has not responded to my calls to his mobile!!!
    Per the loan statement issued to me by Axis Bank they have disbursed money on the 18th of May...but yesterday their executive told me that the check is yet to be signed by one of the authorized signatories. So, for this period Axis is enjoying the money and earning interest on it as well. I will make them repay this to me, even if it means spending much more money than what the interest is.
    Is there anyway i can take Axis Bank to the consumer court or to the court itself?

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    Default Axis Bank Home Loan

    It has been more than two months since I applied for the home loan in Axis bank, Jayanagar, Bangalore. Every time I call the executive he will ask for some documents(Infact he never called me). Finally after struggling so much, I got the sanction letter two weeks back and loan has not disbursed so far. And for this they asked for some more documents. And now they are not attending my calls. I am so frustrated with this.

    Kindly let me know how do I proceed with this.

    Ph: +91-9686883883

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