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Thread: indiatimes shopping

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    Default indiatimes shopping

    ive ordered an mp3 player at indiatimesshopping one month back, the player which was delivered to me was totally crapped, broken and 2nd hand. ive returned to them on the next day personally by visiting to the office of the merchant (ojjas enterprize). they assured me to send me a good product or money back. but its now one month and they havent replied me, they nor replying my phone. plz help me. i m fedup of them. i tried to write a complain to indiatimes costomerservice but it failed to send.. plz help me..

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    Have you contacted to Indian Times Customer Care about this issue ? If so then kindly let us know their reply. Else send a email to the India Times and mention all the details in it and ask them for the proper solution, if still have a question then feel free to contact us again.

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    bhumi27@rediffmail.com Guest

    Question Order not process

    Dear Team

    I have orderd sonny cybershot ds930 and order no is - 111782670 for dated 8 aug 2009 on 2.58pm for the same my account no 037501504999 with ICICI Bank is dabited (Transcation id- sb3921108).

    For the same matter i have talk with India times customer care on 9867748888 and the officer say that we have not received the payment.

    I just want to confirm when will my order will take place.

    Thanks and Regards-

    Bhushan Patil

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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy Product not delivered !

    I ordered a gaming mouse pad of steel series on 19th of august, and still i am waiting for it.
    In the shipping details of my product they gave me a fake AWB no. .. This is really very bad . I am afraid that will they really send it or not.. They already deducted money from my account. This is first time i am doing internet shopping..this is really a very bad experience for me . Please someone tell me what to do now.

    channel :- shopping.indiatimes
    My order no was :- 111800140
    Thanks !

    Vivek Pandey

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    Default Indiatimes Shopping

    Dear Sirs,

    This is in regards to Order no.111838976 which i placed with indiatimes & my credit card was billed on 9-Sep-09 for mobile phone. Once i recieved the phone it wasnt upto the mark so i asked them for refund & got a mail regds
    to refund procedure. The product was picked up by TNT courier on 1-Oct-09 & delivered to Indiatimes as confirmed with them. Thereafter its been 3 weeks & I have been chasing them for refund. I was even advised to escalate the matter so I marked a mail to operations head a week back but no response. They have the product & the money is already billed to my credit card. Please advice what should i do?

    Rohit Gehani.

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    Dear All,

    Kindly forward your written complaints to the Head Office of the Co., to get any solution for your complaints.

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    ashok bahl. Guest

    Default indiatimes shopping

    Dear Sir,

    This is to bring to your kind notice that I had placed an order with
    Indiatimesshopping.com. on 19 August 2009 for a Page 3 Combo All Real Ruby Emerald
    Pearl and Precious Stone Used. The value of the product was Rs 2649. On receiving
    the delivery we found the packet had been tampered and few of the sets were not in
    good state viz. gems were missing and quality of pearls was not good etc.

    After repeated endeavors to either replace the order or obtain refund from the
    concerned authorities. The Indiatimes people seem to have turned a deaf ear on our
    pleas. I am sending you some excerpts from the plethora of mails I exchanged with

    Kindly guide us how we should proceed further and obtain a refund. I shall be
    immensely grateful to the Consumer Court Authorities if they can provide some means
    of breakthrough in this relentless struggle.

    Ashok kr. Bahl

    Excerpts from the mails:

    I received my order no.111801433 on 2 sep. After opening the envelope, i found that
    the box was broken.After inspecting the contents of the box, i found that

    1. A pair of AD TOPS were missing
    2. A string of precious stones set was missing
    3. A CZ PEARL PENDENT SET had one stone missing in the pendent
    4. Quality of PEARL CHOKER set compairing the BRACELET is not good.

    I have ordered the PEARL set twice before but never faced such problem.
    This time i am very disappointed.I request you to change the set at the
    earliest possible.

    reference number 117978119080906
    mrs jaishree bahl
    (W/O Ashok Kr. Bahl)

    karn.singh@indiatimes.co.in, escaltion@indiatimes.co.in,

    Dear Sir,

    As advised by you, the consignment of defective jewellery has been sent back to
    your location by TNT Courier vide AWB No.DO 108 245 982 WW on Sept. 14, 2009. Our
    enquiries with TNT Couriers reveal that the same has been received in your Office by
    one Mr.Ansari on Sept. 18 . Despite our repeated reminders, we have not received
    any communication from your side in this regard till date which is quite
    disappointing. You would agree that these items were required for immediate use for
    which the money was spent. Shall be grateful, if you could look into the delay in
    despatching the consignment back and do the needful to expedite the
    matter.Regards.Jaishree Bahl


    Dear Sir,

    While I am waiting for the refund of money on account of cancellation of my
    order(order no-111801433), I received incomplete consignment containing a pair of
    SIMPLE TOPS IN PLACE OF AD TOPS, string of precious stones set, A PRINCESS SET
    BRACELET . As advised by customer care, complete consignment of page 3 combo
    containing eleven sets was sent back to you with the hope to get the replacement
    quickly. Instead, I have neither received the complete consignment or the money.
    It is really disappointing to have embarked upon shopping with India Times
    Shopping. I have sent many mails to Karn Singh and customer service which have not
    been answered.So u can imagine my frustration .I hope u will take some urgent
    action.Shall be grateful if my money is refunded to me at the earliest.I want my
    money thru draft.
    Jaishree Bahl.

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    arun devadas Guest

    Default indiatimes fraud

    Sub: indiatimes shopping

    After several calls to indiatimes office to get my product i finally got my product
    delivered after 10 days but the order is as though that its out of a dustbin and the
    condition of the product is in such a way that its not even fit to throw.
    The 5 in 1 Air sofa which i received is full of patches and is completely damaged
    and is not fit for use.The new product is full of dirty patches and is unfit for use
    so im sending u a few pics of the patches pls see them and the condition in which i
    received it also was very bad it was wound in a old waste news paper and the box was
    in bits and it was all packed in a good indiatimes plastic cover as a false make up.
    And the contents of the kit is missing which had to include a carry travel bag and
    free gift worth Rs.999 was supposed to come with as per the order but forget about
    the free gift but the main order is also not in good condition so im here in sending
    the complete details of the product and i want to return back the product at the
    early as posssible and get back my refund or if ur sending me a new product in good
    condition will also be fine so mail me the details regarding this and no matter
    howmany ever times i contact the customer care it always gives me the same message
    that all our reps are busy and pls hold the line and suppose i get a person to speak
    also he will tell he will call back in 24 hrs and there will be no responce so pls
    do the needful at the earliest else i will keep the product and go to the consumer
    court for a very heafty compensatation from both indiatimes and teleshop.

    Normal Order : 112010771
    Sub Order: 2685345
    product code : TS28

    Unilever Limited.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Faulty Product delivered

    I made a order through indiatimes with order no 112020362 and a faulty product was delivered.
    I send a mail to them and they told me to ship the order back to them and they gave me a accout no

    I contacted TNT courier and they told that they dont service my location and they told me to call Indiatimes and ask for another courier company account no

    I mailed indiatimes and no one replied

    I call them and the line is getting disconnected
    I mail the operationhead@indiatimes.co.in and the mail is getting bounced back

    I dont know of what is happening with indiatimes.
    Are they planning to go out of business or what.

    No replies, mails getting bouced back , phone nos not answering.

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    SJagdish Guest

    Default Indiatimes Shopping not refuding my money

    Sir, I am seeking your help on the below mentioned issue, as i am yet to receive a response from indiatimes team to address my issue. I have attached the mail that I sent to them for your perusal.

    Mail Sent to the following parties

    cancellation@indiatmes.co.in, operationhead@indiatimes.co.in, escalations@indiatimes.co.in, customerservice@indiatimes.co.in, icare@indiatimes.co.in

    I write this mail with great regret and disappointment at your services. I ordered for a product from your esteemed organization ( Biggest mistake that I did), called dent king and my experience so far has been anything but pleasant. To cut a long story short, the product that I ordered for was not delivered to me and was cancelled at your end because of some courier service issue. Its been more than 3 months and I am waiting for my refund and nobody is willing to help me.

    I tried calling your customer service department, which BY FAR is the WORST customer service department I have ever dealt with. The first call to them was a nightmare, as when I asked for the money they said that they will send a gift certificate and when I wanted to speak to a manager they put me on hold for 45 mins and then disconnected the call ( I have my cell phone itemize bill to support that, as its shows your number with the time spent)

    My second call was made to them after a couple of days when I got my gift certificate in my mail and I was unable to view it. I called them to let them know that I do not want a gift certificate and want the money to be put back into my credit card account, to this someone confirmed that they will take care of this - WHICH NEVER happened.

    I then called them again on 20th Feb ( I think) to tell them that I am still waiting for someone to act on my request and spoke to someone who raised a compliant stating that my money will be reimbursed in 5 working days and gave me this compliant number 144038.

    I was not surprised when I didn't get my money back or didn't hear from anyone, so as usual I called them again. This time i spoke to a executive named Ajay who was extremely rude and would not listen to my concern, I however convinced him to raise another compliant for me and he promised me that in 5 days I will get the money back - compliant no: 171911. I then got a call after 3 days and someone stated that it will take another 3 days for them to process the request, so this time I was hoping that it would be done. But as usual it was not done.

    I called again and this time after talking to the Reps for 30 mins I was able to CONVINCE him that i need to speak to a manager and Mr AMIT came on-line. If this is the kind of leadership you have in your company, then I am really sorry to say but they need to hone their customer service skills BADLY. Anyway that's your internal problem, so now Amit convinces me that I will get my money by Tuesday, and he would also give me a GIFT Certificate of INR 38, as that is the interest that I had to pay on my credit card. I made him document the account as I now had NO FAITH in what anyone was saying. This time again I was not disappointed, as usual I did not get the money back.

    I then called again to find out what's goings on and this rep states that we have put the money back on your credit card on 23rd march and if its not credited then I need to send them a copy of my bank statement, so I asked to speak to Amit and he just wouldn't come on-line. I was forced to hang up and I now i am still trying to get this issue sorted out.

    Can SOMEONE please help me with the following:

    Credit my money back into my account ASAP.
    I would also want a reimbursement of the credit card interest/other charges, which is now Rs 53.

    I am a Customer Care Manager myself and know and understand the level of service that should be given. I understand that as a company we cannot always satisfy our customers as there are certain things that cannot be done. But the least we can do even to be in the vicinity of good customer service is to regularly follow up. I rate this as very poor customer service.

    Finally, please treat this mail as a feedback and my apologies if I have hurt anyone with my words. That is not my intention. But if seemed so, then it does only because I am very frustrated as of now. Looking for an early response and an immediate resolution else I understand and know the proper escalation channels.

    Details of my Order:

    Name: Jagdish S
    Order No: 112143535
    Date: 13th Jan 2010
    Mail- jagslogs@yahoo.com

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    Misguide by sales executive

    I was trying to buy Apple iTouch 64GB with wifi from your website but 2-3 times payments was refused. I was opting for 6emi option from citibank credit card.

    After 4 mins, one sales executive, named Rahul of your company called me from number +911204183500. He told me that online payment gateway is having problems right now and you guys are taking confirmations on phone via IVR payment mode. I asked him that I would like to opt for 6EMI from citibank credit card. He said, yes that can be done. Right now he will enter the amount of 18750 + 199(shipping charges) and after this I need to make a call to my bank and ask them to convert this amount into 6EMIs. They will charge a one time payment mode charges of Rs. 758 as decided between your company and citibank and then convert the amount 18750 into 6 EMI equivalent to Rs 3125 per month. No extra interest will be charged.

    However, when I called my bank to inform them the same, they say they cannot do it on air and this is only applicable for purchases made online. Now they will charge me 24% per annum.

    I am not ready to pay any interest charges. Why did the sales executive misguide me? If there is no such possibility, then why did he confirm this?

    I then called up your customer care and some Mr Divay picked up.. he listened to me and told me to be on hold and then disconnected the call.

    Then I called again. This time Mr. Ashwini Rajput picked and he said I will be updated on the same tomorrow evening.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Defective product.

    Hi All,

    I happened to purchase a Mobile phone on February 25 2011, through India times Shopping, which was defective on the very first day. I have still now not got the reverse pick up or refund of the same.
    Now IndiaTimes shopping executive is asking me to courier the product back to them by me and is shame less to offer me gift vouchers worth the expense or max upto 500 Rs.

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    b.venkataraman Guest

    Angry complaint about undelivery of earphone ,2 manual

    I am B.Venkataraman my order number is 3001083268.
    You have delivered my HTC surround with dolby digital surround worth rs.13,995 on 20.4.2012.
    You did not deliver my 3.2mm stereo headset,start hear guide, quick guide and safety regulator guide which is mentioned in the user manual.
    And an free watch which I verified two times in your call center .
    This is like a big forgery , Is this a second hand or first hand.
    Why are the accessory missing.
    send missing accessory 3.2mm stereo headset,start hear guide, quick guide , safety regulator guide ,free watch and quit my angry.
    Or else return my money and get your phone.
    The packets and user manual are like unfit to through in the dustbin.
    I thought to purchase other many things from you but your forgery does not allow to purchase your other products.
    There is no province of SD card in this mobile but you are giving an SD card as a free gift are you a fool.

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    sunil_1103 Guest

    Default non delivery of product by shopping.indiatimes.com

    I ordered for HP printer and paid for it to shopping.indiatimes.com vide order no-3001080068. they assured me to deliver it within 6-7 days, but not delivered. On booking complain no 202799 on 23.4.012 they again are telling me to wait for further 11 days.
    Can you do something in this regard ?

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Defective product send by indiatimes shopping

    I have purchased an SANSUI LCD TV 19" HD from Indiatimes Shopping on April 9, 2012
    So in response with that they send an SANSUI LCD TV but the TV received is not starting for a single time.The TV received is defective. It is not starting.
    Then i contacted but there is no positive response from them.They said that you have a warranty card and you can repair it.Please tell me that a new product which is not started for a single time need a repair it.It means that the indiatimes shopping sends the defective item and there is no response for that.

    Dont buy nothing from this site.
    All are frauds from indiatimes shopping.

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