I've opened the 1 Year FD in Mahindra Finance(FDR No : 606314) through ICICIDirect. I've changed the address, so before the 1 Month of FD maturity I've sent the address proof to the Chennai processing centre as per the customer care guideline. Even after that my new address not changed, every week whenever I call the chennai customer care, they'll tell that they're sending reminder mail to H.O. Even once again I've sent the Address proof. It happened 2 or 3 times. Finally my FD got matured now when I call the same customer care representative, she is mentioning that they already sent the cheque to my old address a month back. Im following up with them before a month, but at that time they didn't tell anything about it. I also forget the past and asked them to what to do next. They told they will check with Head office and will get back. It is almost more than 2 weeks they're not giving any proper response. Im totally fed-up. Even wrote the mail to their Buisness Head (Mr.B.S Amarnath ) mail Id, which they mentioned in their website. But that also useless.
Now Im not sure whom need to contact and How to get that money. It is a huge money (1 Lakh). Im personally need of money, I could not able to get it. Also Im loosing the interest also.

My Fixed Deposity Receipt No : (FDR No : 606314)