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Credit Card Greviences
Legal Assistance to Indian Citizens victims of bank /cyber frauds

Sub : Legal help provided in resolving banking disputes / frauds

Dear Indian Citizens,
Introduction: As you are all aware the Indian banking scenario has undergone several
improvements and changes for the better since early era of banking under imperial bank. Today
we have the facility of Internet Banking, plastic money, loans available at a fast track process.
In a way it has been this development showcases the economic progress of India
helpful with the benefits and also with scopes for few follies and missappropriations.
Iam interested in educating our fellow indian citizen understand the priciples of banking, share the
benefits of banking in India. At the same time Iam also educating the citizens about their rights,
claimants, discretianery powers of bankers and utilise the banking facilities for their benefits.
Banking in India - Being educated in the field of banking laws citizens can benefit the maximum
from the services of Reserve Bank of India and also understand investment banking and be in a position
to question and demand justice from the system if it fails to provide the citizens the facilities their entitled of.
Legalities of Banking ( Technicalities ) : Noted here are some of the Techno legal aspects of banking.
The System and the cardinal principle of banking in India states that the bankers are mere traders with
monies like any other trader of his product. The banks can make a valid profit on the money they lend to the
deserved borrower as recievables in the form of interest - the interests of which can be leived onto the
borrower who is now a valued customer of the bank - who has to acknowledge the importance of each
and every customer who is rightfully the revenue creator in the running the bank and also the profit creator
for the trader in money ie., the bank and thus the bank is in a position to rightfully collect a remuneration
of profit via interest regulatory act of the RBI.
The bank or any non banking financial institution (NBFC) thus cannot create wealth on the amount which
they have lent to the borrower who is here referred as the customer of the bank by imposing undue rate
of interests on their customers which is illegal and unlawfull.
Interest Regulations:The present interest regulations are systemised by the RBI not to exceed the limit of
interest to be leived :
18.50% - Karnataka , 16.50% - Maharashtra , 14.50 % - Tamilnadu - South India
13.55% - New Delhi ,15.50% - UP, 16.75% - MP - North India AND in EAST at 17% in Kolkata.
Need of Action : To safegaurd the indian citizen arises here at a time when the banks which are mostly the
privatised banks and credit card providers impose such high rate of interests as high as 33% flat
on credit card and 18% flat ie., 36% deminishing on their customers who are unaware of the banking rules
when they avail loans or credit cards and then start defaulting as they are unable to bear and fail on repayment
schedules and then these lending banks/credit card providers employ local goans as recovery agents which
is unlawfull as a person who is employed as a recovery agent the least education for a recovery agent is to be
an LLB graduate and has to be registered by the bank which employs him with the RBI.
Copy of Code of Conduct- Compliance on recovery of dues will be provided by a seperate attachment on
written email request by the client.
When such greived clients approach the local lawyers most of lawyers themselves are not aware and not
practising banking laws leaving the plight of such greived customers in jeapordy.The customers - borrowers
are treated as mere defaulters not understanding the differentiation between a willfull defaulter and a defaulter
due to unlawfully created circumstances and are harrassed by banks making them ginne pigs for all their
experiments as per their wins and fancies forgetting the value of borrowers that because of their remittances of
interest on loans availed the revenue generated by which the banking system works.
Thus came into existance M/s. Allied Law Incorporated , India a corporate legal firm dealing with banking laws.
Aim Of Allied Law : Providing legal assistance to loan defaulters of nationalised - private banks ,providing legal
remedies addressing / arbitrating, resolving problems of loan defaulters business restructuring programmes
Like online programmes to develop revenue by working on financial literacy - making citizens understand on
how money works for them, time management, addressing to credit card greviences, identifying and making
citizens aware by educating them of technicalities involved in cyber crime to combat such crimes.The victim
is educated on identity theft ,email theft, illegal transfers of cash from bank accounts to benami accounts or
a created suspense account through illegal decoding of passwords by cyber criminals within some trading
houses who deal with demat / online trading, defrauding investors by self - internal trading and phisying money
of investors who invest through broking houses to buy n sell equity - commodities misuse of the licensing of
NSE, BSE . Allied Law Inc educated the citizen to understand regulations of SEBI laws to avail legal remedies.
Educating the Indian Citizen on Recovery Norms - code compliance / nodal officer laws and capacity- basis
of recovering bank dues .
Bank dues can be recovered by bankers by impementing recovery measures referred under banking laws.
Banks cannot missapropriate the provisions and has to work in line with the procedures of recovery laid
down by the governing body The RBI.
Trading frauds committed online by individuals at trading houses which is classified as internal trading
are subject to arbitration and opportunity losses can be claimed by the victim from the accused or the
trading house under the regulations- laws of SEBI being the regulatory body.
Faculty : With able assistance of ex merchant banker Dr.B.N.Soans and his efficient team of lawyers
Allied Law Inc. India provides Legal assistance to the borrower who has been victim of lending
banks harrassment and online trading fraudsters.
Centrally controlled and physically - electronic medium of law under ITA 2001
Time Frame of the cases undertaken by Allied Law Inc, India:
1. A banking case to arbitrate and resolve a loan case will take a time period of 3 working days.
This is the most swift and efficient system where we work on speedy justice to the deprived
client. On admission of the case with Allied Law Inc. the Loan defaulter agrees to provide
Allied Law Inc, India its arbitrator with proper and valid information of his/her grievance
with the lending bank.Based on the information rightfully recieved from the borrower the
arbitrator at Allied Law Inc. will approach the lending bank alongwith written authorisation
Letter of Mandate given to the arbitrator by the Borrower to arbitrate and resolve the dispute
of payment by arbitration and mediation on behalf of the borrower with the bank.
2. A credit card grevience case takes an arbitration period of 2 weeks to a month.

3. Addressing CIBIL:
CIBIL ( credit information of india ltd, a private body which displays the credit worthiness
of an indian citizen on automated entries of lending bank . This has caused the
borrower classified as a defaulter with the private banks and thus he is unable to recieve
any loan from any banker.
CIBIL reports the CIR : credit information of the borrower on a onesided basis.
This action of CIBIL is legally wrong as law cannot be baised and onesided.
If the CIBIL updates the details of a borrower on a onesided automated basis of the
bankers updates it creates opportunity loss for the borrower who is also the
bankers client. Due to circumstances the borrower would have unable to pay in time.
The banks are entitled to help such a borrower who has been paying interest which was
the principle income to the bank. The Banks cannot blindly dame their client just becase
the borrower due to circumstances.
Thus Allied LAW Inc, India is interested to fight against this baised system and thus
On registration of the case by the borrower for arbitration between Lending Bank and Borrower
the arbitrator of Allied Law Inc, will inform by writ to CIBIL for and on behalf of the
borrower not to display any information during the period of arbitration thus stopping
wrongfull ,provocative or defaming display and facilitate a smooth arbitration between
the lending bank and the borrower.
The CIBIL clearance will be Presided by the borrower as per written suggestion of the arbitrator
after clearing of dues as per the settlement the borrower has arrived upon with the lending bank
through medium of arbitration.
4. Legal remedies for victim of online trading frauds is done through adjudication process under SEBI guidelines.
All cases undertaken by Allied Law Inc, India is with prior approval and via legal mandate of the indian citizen
who has been denied the privilages of banking in India - access to trading laws.
5. Please note : Civil proceedings will be handled seperately and is in under civil laws.
The banking arbiratory is a differant body under arbitratory counsel.
6. Allied Law Inc, India also handles cases pertaining to consumer greviance - consumer forum,
greviance pertaining to homeloans,mortgage, education loans.

Contact us : The indian citizen who is desirous of availing Arbitration assistance and facilities
can contact : Allied Law Inc, specialised legal services in banking, financial laws,
debt recovery cases, private greivances at :
Maharashtra : Mumbai , Pune Karnataka: Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli
Tamilnadu : chennai, coimbatore, coonoor,ooty Kerala: Trivandrum , Kochin.
We have our legal associate lawyers also in : NewDelhi, UP. and MP. in North India and Central India
who will ably assist Loan defaulters, grievances to the lending banks : help register and build up
the self confidence /morale of each grevied citizen.

Procedures and Consultation charges :
Registration of your case ( personal Loans- credit card grevience) nominal fees : Rs 2,000
for arbitration and adjudication. Mostly we make sure that the loan default matter is handled
and resolved to professional arbitration and does not exceed further.
Thus the principle cost involved in handling your case is just Rs.2,000.

The charges - payment to banking forum, cyber audit report costs and correspondance cost with CIBIL.
Cost for arbitration of Consumer forum cases, mortgage,homeloans,education loans is Rs.2,000.

Note: There are no additional / hidden charges / no commission of any sort.

Payment : The amount of registration can be paid to the legally authorised bank account of Allied law Inc
through NEFT Transfer to - Brian .Nathaniel.Soans, Bank: Bank Of Baroda,
Sb-Ac :10490100008315 , IFSC code: BARB0COONOO Branch: Coonoor.
This is an ALL INDIA Account and is dulyaudited account of Alliedlaw INC.India.
We accept payments by drafts and NEFT transfers , cash remittance directly to this legally audited account.
We donot accept cash payments in hand. All authorised outlets are mentioned here below. We have no agents.

A total legal panel with adequete knowlegde of Banking laws works on your case to relieve the grevied from
his / her problematic situations.
In the case of such as this hereby referred under banking :The client has to provide the arbitrator a letter of madate
to represent him/her in the arbitratory counsel on which the case proceedings are held in an arbitratory manner.
On completion of the case ( maximum period of 3 months) the client is provided with his / her case proceedings
fully endorsed document in total by the counsel of M/s. Allied Law Inc , india. When the case proceedings are on
the client recieves updates through email which is here classified as an electronic document under cyber contract
ITA laws 2000 - india.

Ho: Allied law has its offices at : Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai

Rest of Location cases are handled online under ITA LAWS 2000.
Benefit of e- contract- e-documentation and e- reciept is : all correspondance and case records are
recorded and handled online so that there is total accountability of each part of each case.
Notices sent online : is legally accepted from allied server to bankers server with acknowledgement of
server reciepts. This avoids any kind of cyber crime and the clients can get their documents recorded
online and can be availed by Yahoo INDIA anytime.

Dr. B .N. Soans

Ph: Arbitration : 0091+ 9245201687 Office Hours : 11 Am to 1 Pm 4 Pm to 6 Pm
Legal Consultancy : 9245809644 ( Please call during official hours Only )
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